I just want to make people happy with my music —Olamide

Olamide Adedeji popularly known as Baddo is not slowing down at the moment despite the success of his music career. The father of one spoke with SEGUN ADEBAYO in this interview as he shed light on his hunger for more success.

You have been able to pioneer your brand for some years now and everything seems to be working in your favour. What’s the secret?

God is the secret. It has been the grace of God. It is not that I am perfect.

How has the journey been so far?

The journey has been good. The work is not stopping and I have come to realise that success means more work. Even though it has not been easy keeping up the pace, we can’t complain. God has been kind to me and I won’t stop making people happy through the only means I know- music.

At your age, you seem to have seen it all. What could still be motivating you?

I always smile when people ask me this question. What motivates me? Waking up every day and seeing the break of a new day is a big motivation for me. I am constantly motivated by the many things that I want to achieve that seem to be far-fetched. It is one thing to be on top of your game, it is another thing to remain relevant. I just want to keep motivating my fans. I want to keep them entertained. They are the reason I am here today. So, not letting them down is enough motivation for me. At this point of my career, I am doing everything possible to keep the heat on. In K1’s voice, let the music role…

Some people say your songs don’t have values that could be imbibed, how does that make you feel?

For me, music has many languages and connotes different meanings. You can’t satisfy everybody. Any attempt to do that is a recipe for monumental failure. As long as some people feel comfortable with my songs and I feel contented with the responses that I am getting, whether positive or negative. People will always talk. I appreciate the comments. I love my fans and they love me.

How would you describe the feeling at the Glo Music Fest weeks back?

You were at the event, and I am sure you saw how the people turned up. The feeling was great. Ibadan people love good music. They simply can’t get enough of Olamide. It was not my doing. I don’t even know why they love that much. The turn-out was indescribable. That, for me, is value. When people love you and appreciate what you do, they must have derived value from it. All over the world, the love and support I get from my fans is not something I can describe. I am grateful.

Your career appears to be on a different level now. Many people were surprised you performed after PSquare at the event. How did you feel closing the show?

The organisers of the show should know better. I don’t even think about that. Once it is time to do my thing, I hit the stage and I give my fans what they have been waiting for. I almost betrayed my emotion when I saw how people were chorusing my songs. I felt like, could this be real? I mean I have performed on different stages over the years, Ibadan was one of those beautiful moments I won’t forget.

What would you define as good music?

Music, for me, is the combination of good sounds and melodies, healing to the bones and appealing to the soul. My music means life. It preaches hope. It preaches perseverance and love. I went through a lot before I got to this level, so I won’t forget how it all started for me. I am too passionate about music and my love for it is great. Music has become a big art of me that I can’t do without.

What about those slangs…

I have always said it that I listen to a lot of messages from the people around me. The street made me. In one of my recent interviews, I said I belong to the street. Some of the things you hear in my songs were picked from the people around me. My music preaches originality. Look at my story from the zero days, you would discover that the only thing that has sustained me till now is my originality and of course, my relationship with my fans. I am a product of the street. I am inspired by always bringing out something from the ordinary because that’s what makes me who I am.

With the success you have recorded in music and private life, how big are you still willing to go?

I have not even started. What have you seen? Where is the success? I am still working twice harder than before. My case is just like somebody who is aiming to reach 150 per cent of success, but he’s still struggling to attain just 10 per cent. I am still pursuing my dream. I have not achieved my aim. Once that is done, maybe I can start to think of slowing down. This year, expect something special from me. This year’s Olamide Live In Concert (OLIC) will be bigger and stronger. The confidence level is high and we are sure of its success.

What’s that aim?

I want to be more popular than Coca-Cola. I want to keep recording. I want to keep performing at shows. I have zero tolerance for laziness and negative vibes.

How are you coping with the pressure of being a responsible father?

I don’t see it as pressure. It is one of the things man must do in life. We all crave for good things, having a boy that looks up to me is one of those things. Being successful is beautiful but being a responsible and successful person is another thing. It takes one to remain focus on the bigger picture. As long as one can manage his success, nothing is strong enough to distract or derail you. I have been focusing on the right things.

How do you keep yourself in check?

I am a very positive person. I am sure you know. You knew the story from the beginning. So, it should not be strange to you. If I don’t connect with something, I don’t do it. If my spirit connects with something, then I know it is the right thing and I will give it my best to see it come to reality.

Many young and talented acts spring up every day, how are you sure the competition will not consume you?

I always tell people that there is nothing to catch up with in the industry. I have never seen any competition in the industry. The only competition I have is myself.

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