Shocker: Shameless Couple Caught Having S*x in a Busy Car Park in Broad Daylight (Photos)

A shameless couple has been caught in the act having s*x in the middle of a busy car park without a care in the world.

The couple had s*x in public

This is the moment a randy fully clothed Russian man is filmed brazenly having s*x in a public car park with his girlfriend while still wearing his backpack.

According to The Sun UK, the incident was filmed in the city of Ufa, in south central Russia. The romantic duo are pictured thrusting on the roof of a multi-storey lot during a sun-drenched summer’s day.

In the saucy clip, the man, wearing a rucksack, remains fully clothing unlike his female partner who has her trousers pulled down.

The onlookers filming can be heard shouting obscenities at the frisky couple.

The lady is seen holding on to a railing on top of the rooftop car park to steady herself during the passionate tryst.

And despite being shouted at by the filmmakers the pair carry on regardless either ignoring or not hearing the vulgar insults.

The fascinating footage has become a viral sensation in Russia.

Many social media users have pointed out that it is unfair the man remains clothed while the woman’s nether-regions were exposed.

One wrote: “It is not fair, everyone saw her ass, and the man did not show anything.”

Police are not believed to be investigating the incident, according to local reports.



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