Etisalat Nigeria changes brand name to 9Mobile

Etisalat Nigeria has changed its brand name to 9Mobile.

The name change follows the pullout of Mubadala Group, Etisalat’s major investor from the United Arab Emirates, over a $1.4bn (N541bn) debt.

This change in name has proved pundit right after the indications emerged that Etisalat Nigeria has not foreclosed the threat surrendering its existence as the Company as it faces risk shut down of its Internet presence by Arab shareholders pulling out of the phone Company by Monday July 31, this year if the talks in progress is aborted.

However, the change of name is contrary to Ibrahim Dikko, Vice President (Regulatory and Corporate) who was quoted recently in a statement made available to Daily Times which read in part that” EMTS has a valid and subsisting agreement with the Etisalat Group which entitles EMTS to use the Etisalat brand, notwithstanding the recent changes within the company. Indeed discussions are ongoing between EMTS and Etisalat Group pertaining to the continued use of the brand, and EMTS will issue a formal statement once discussions are concluded. The final outcome on the use of the brand in no way affects the operation of the business as our range of services remains available to our consumers.”

Nigeria has assures its customers and other stakeholders that Etisalat Group’s reported withdrawal of the right to the continued use of the Etisalat brand in Nigeria by EMTS does not in any way imply discontinuation of our business as Nigeria’s fourth largest mobile service provider.

However, the Company said in a statement made available to The Daily Times earlier before the change of name stated that contrary to certain misleading statements about its experience centres and outlets being closed, that all its offices, Experience Centres and outlets across Nigeria are in full operation and are providing services including customer care services on 24/7 basis.

The Company also reiterates its unwavering commitment to delivery of quality services and commitment to continuously empowering all segments of Nigeria through the development and roll-out of innovative products, services and solutions that help individuals, businesses and organisations solve their everyday problems.

“Whilst we are intensifying efforts aimed at reaching full closure on ongoing discussions with regards the transition phase, we want to assure that our customers and stakeholders will be duly informed as soon as these are concluded, including details of a rebranding should that become necessary .

“We thank all our customers, stakeholders and the media for their unalloyed support to the company,” the statement read.

Now the Company has fully changed it brand identity to 9mobile.


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