Nigerian Man Comments On Empire Star, Taraji P Henson’s Bosoms And Her Response Is Epic

Have you watched the American Fox Television series “Empire”. I stumbled on the film by accident, the series is addictive and interesting.

A successful Television series that started in 2015 is about what goes on in entertainment world, particularly in American music world.

It is about a family of five: a father and head of the family Lucious Lyon, his enstrange wife Cookie Lyon, and their three sons Andre, Jamal and Hakeem. Cookie played by Taraji P Henson is the street wise lady that made the film so interesting owing to her street credibility and her deep ghetto American slangs. She’s witty, crafty and smart.

If you have not watched this series, you are missing a lot!

A Nigerian guy got more than what he bargained for when he tries to diss Cookie on social media. Cookie who suffers no fool gladly replied him in an epic response!

Cookie (left) & the Nigerian guy

This happened after the Nigerian called out her saggy br**sts. Nigerians should learn not to mess with Cookie.

See post below.


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