Open letter to Governor Aregbesola

By Oni Gbolabo

Dear Booda Aregbesola,
How are you and your immediate family sir.

I mean Kabiru, Mama Kabiru and others in the family. I need not to ask how is Osun state doing because am a citizen of Osun state, Ilesha west and a victim of your administration that started well like Saul in the Bible but ended in the coven of witch of Endor.

Saul started by speaking directly to God but ended with witches.

Not to waste time, here is my profile:

Oni Gbolabo, Ilesha west, a progressive, a fanatical supporter of APC with anger for what PDP did in Osun and in Nigeria.

Sir, bros never see my letter as insult but from Egbon to Aburo.  I’m boling with anger similar to what I used against PDP.

Party will go party will come I will remain an Ijesha.

Booda, your political expedition into Osun politics started when some “boys” saw that Ijesha must emerge as a governor.

Not because Ijesha was marginalized, no, we have gotten our fair share of governorship with Bola Ige, Erelu, Suyi Hastrup either as governor or deputy. Some boys came to you, few among them are Femi Omoniyi and Niyi Aluko Niyi  and others I don’t want to mention due to what they did later.

In order to propel the bid, the concept of iconic and symbolic Oranmiyan was initiated and popularised by these boys,  and some AD members who had suffered poverty and oppression in Ilesha. It took blood and agony for these people to sell you to the people. Why they so much doubted you as a bonafide and a descendant of Ijesha progenitor.

However, he who obsessed sees no fault “, meaning “eni ti a fe kii ni abuku”. I wrote as if I was paid just to be sure that we remove PDP which was just then a cancer of governance. Booda, I want to ask you few questions on that::

1. With your hostile stance against Ijesha which shown in your attempt to annihilate the pride of Ijesha land ( Ilesha Grammar School) by renaming it otherwise as anything you care to, what have we done to deserve this?

Is that what we will pay to have Roundabout/Imo – Breweries dualised?

Is it even possible you dualise anything with your stand now?. The best school that has produced great men of valour. Elders like Jakande and others cried yet you remain adamant with obdurate arrogance, Booda too bad sir.

2. Among those who brought you was Femi Omoniyi who left the fold with anger for some reasons which were personal but let me ask you this : what happened to those who remain faithful with unquestionable loyalty?

The highest was P.A without office, eating crumbles from those who emerged later when it was rosy not when court cases made you slim with fasting. Ask doctor Awopetu from University of Lagos how Night Vigil were done at Iyana-Ipaja for you then, all gone you are now above prayers?

May God forgive you, you need to pray hard for forgiveness.
3. Of all the five (5) officials in all LDAs (Local Development Areas) how many Oranmiyan Movement members made it?

How many groups did you consult? Just to pacify some hungry party jackals who still collected your money and campaign for Adeleke to caution your ‘I Know it all”.

I detest how PDP managed the state and turned it to beer joints without development or infrastructure which we wanted to prevent. You came with over 10km of roads in all local governments, a welcome development. But let’s analyze it. You have no executive chairmen therefore easily all allocations belong to you to spend therefore you cut cost but to wpreve10km

is good but we won’t be blind to the intricacies. Local government could be wasteful but using their money prudently should not be a tragedy for others.

Why do you still go further to owe salaries while some projects are going on? We all know you tried but salries should come up after work, if not all some.

Civil servants could be lazy people but pay them before you lay them off, at least there is agreement before employing them.

The most annoying thing is when you paid salaries a day before Osun west election. I almost wept because I almost cursed your advisers as the most senseless dullards ever assembled.

Why? Who advised you to disgrace yourself. Oh! Sorry you think loyalty is same thing as stupidity, Booda you are wrong. It means that you have this money but wanted them to know that you are the Alfa and Omega.  Same way you will go to Mecca with lists of appointees for weeks while people wait endlessly, ki lo de?.

Ask prominent people in APC in Osun including Amitolu The Rauf, ask PDP men like Wale Iyaniwura & co how much we bear to uphold your government yet we are boxed into your box of ego.

I was physically attacked, here you are as the Lord of the Ring.

Bros, may l know your landmark achievements in Ilesha?

Don’t mention Ilesha Grammar school sir, the Empire Building was built in 1934 with World War 1 specification, no mortal can penetrate the wall yet you want to demolish it after attempt to kill the name, awon alale Ijesha will prevail sir.

If you leave next year we Ijesha will change it back to IleGram its a matter of paint. I wrote you severally no response, anyway more important men did but your charm still dey catch us, it will expire next year constitutionally.
Again, why do you prefer to appoint men from Ogun and Ondo state? Is it because we are illiterates in Ilesha or other parts of Osun state?

Booda you annoyed me sir. What has hijab go to do with education and merging of Christians with Muslims?

Workers voted for your second term not because they are crazy but they believed that it will be better, the party men have no appointment, no cogent plan and even your Senators and Reps are spirits, although I wont blame them because I know they remit money to Osun purse.

Yes they too are very poor in information dissemination by cutting off from the constituency. I am stii a member of APC till anything happens but my constituency is HUMANITY and my SLOGAN is “UPHOLD THE TRUTH as an existential philosopher.
What to do Booda
1. Write letter of apology to all workers and ijeshas for your error.
2. Call all political groups and beg them, then compensate them from your security votes for the hunger they all suffered.
3. Return my personal money which is around N200,000 that I spent to come to Ilesha, lodge, buy trophy for people in the name of party because people called us party elebi.
4. Tell all aliens to go back: Sam & Sarah, alien contractors and appointees that are not indigenes. If not your descendants will found it hard to hold posts anymore.

***Above all do seven days fasting to beg God for disappointing your people.

Oro mi ko ju bayi lo,

Gbolabo Alaigboran Aburo.


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