See The 5 Ways To Nail 69 Sex Position Like A Pro

When it comes to s3x positions, the 69 s3x position is a hot and favourite style of many people but it can be as much fun as it can be it can also be as challenging, 69 can get very challenging because you have to position yourself in the right way and make it interesting.

Below are tips that will help you step up your 69 position game.

Keep it relaxed and sensual: “The secret to acing the 69 sex position is just to relax and enjoy, do not get tensed and keep it as sensual as possible have your man lie on the bed, stand on the floor over him and as you kiss him and massage his body crawl your way down over him until you both are in the position to pleasure each other”.

Lie on your side: “If you like to be in the 69 s3x position for a long time, the most comfortable way to do it would be with both of you lying on the sides, you do not have to worry about your limbs landing in odd places and muscle strain and you can also use each other’s thighs as pillows to keep the pressure on the neck minimum”.

Get into spooning: “One of the smoothest ways to get into 69 positions is to begin in the spooning position and once your partner is all hot, have him lie on his back, sit up and turn to his feet pass your leg over his body so that your pelvis is facing his mouth and slowly lower yourself back and down”.

Use your hands: “When you go down on each other, pleasure the other spots surrounding the main region such as the testicles or the inner thighs, you can put your hands to good use when your mouth needs a breather”.

Change your pace: “Don’t get too monotonous in your BJ skills, go fast, then go slow, go in long strokes and then change up the suction and the pressure, try to create a unique experience for your partner every single time”.



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