See the most streamed song of all time of 4.6 billion plays (pic)

It’s no secret nor surprise that “Despacito” has taken over the world, but what is shocking is just how much the song has been played on streaming platforms.

Between the original version and the remixed cut that features Justin Bieber, which is the one millions of people are familiar with and which has topped the charts in many English-speaking countries, “Despacito” has now racked up an incredible 4.6 billion plays.

What is perhaps most surprising about the amazing rise to the top that the Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee-fronted track is how quickly it has been able to earn that many streams. The original version of “Despacito” was released in mid-January, and the remixed version with Bieber stepping in to add his two cents on the Spanish tune was shared just three months later. In just over six months, “Despacito” has been streamed well over four and a half billion times, which speaks to its insane popularity and the true potential of a great song (regardless of what language it is sung in).

Today’s announcement, revealed by Universal Music, also underlines how many people have adopted streaming platforms as their go-to way to listen to music. The label hasn’t yet commented on which platforms are included in the count being touted, but a quick look at just a few of the larger players proves that the 4.6 billion number is highly plausible.

“Despacito” has been an incredible success in every way and on every platform available, making it an ideal candidate to become the most-played song of all time. On Spotify alone, two different versions of the single (the original and the Bieber take) have a combined 1.183 billion streams, and the official video just recently became the clip with the fastest climb to two billion plays on YouTube.

According to Universal Music’s revelation, “Despacito” has now blown past Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” which previously held the record for the most streamed track of all time. That means that the Canadian heartthrob can now claim to own the two most streamed songs in history, something any artist dreams of.

Justin Bieber


The song, which was originally entirely in Spanish, but which became a bilingual smash once pop star Bieber hopped on, has been ruling the Hot 100 in the United States for 10weeks in a row, and it will likely tack on at least a few more frames onto that already impressive count. It has hit No. 1 in almost every country on the planet, and it has made history by doing so, proving that the world truly is ready for music that doesn’t need lyrics to convey a message. With the song still ruling tallies all around the world and reaching new ears all the time, it won’t be long before that 4.6 billion figure becomes five, and there is no telling how many millions of plays it will earn before its ride finally slows down.

Credit Forbes


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