See a Warri church marchmaking women with men (video)

The Founder and General Overseer of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, in Warri, Delta State, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, shocked his congregation when his prophecy took a different turn as he called out single men and women in his church and asked them to select their partners from among themselves.

During the selection, long queues emerged behind the men who came out as single ladies, scrambling for their hands in marriage.

In a video already gone viral, the man of God summoned a lady and asked if she was married and when she replied in the negative, the pastor ordered her to choose any man she likes in the auditorium.

The woman is then seen searching through the congregation to see a man of her choice.

When the lady could not find any man, the man of God concluded that there was a demonic mark upon her preventing her prospective husband from locating her, and demanded from her how many men have slept with her.

He said, “Chop and go. How many men don chop you?”

The pastor eventually summoned all single men to file out and spinsters to line up behind the men of their choice.

Saying, “If anybody wants to marry anyone here come and touch the person – any person you like.

“We cannot allow women to be like this forever. I want to marry for these people.
“Look at your back. I give you people from now till month end to screen your wives. Nobody should go and meet for nightooo.”

He promised to sponsor the mass wedding of the would-be couples.


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