Federalism in Nigeria now or never 

By Muyiwa Olayinka.

There is no doubt that Nigerians has not been finding it easy to survive this excruciating recession. With this stark reality of surviving in Nigeria, it has brought to the fore the divisive and slanted political arrangements that tends to benefit some regions over others.

The strident cries of marginalisation has reached its feverish peak among the geo political regions that make up Nigeria.

A cantankerous young man from the south east of Nigeria, Nnamdi Kanu, brought to the consciousness of Nigerians to the obvious failings of  the system’s inability take care of divergent interests. He revived the agitation of Biafra that plunged Nigeria into a carnage of 20 months of civil war that claimed more than 2 million lives.

Nigeria has not been at ease. Initially the authority clamped down on the young man by detaining him for almost two years in detention along with his associates. This singular act of the government made him more popular. Today he commands a large follower ship in his region,after he was given bail conditions that was initially refused by the central government.

The rest of the nation are clamouring for restructuring of the Nigerian state. Though the government has pooh poohed the call for it, but events of a period of time has forced it listen to the adherents of restructuring.

In a bid to listen to the agitations, the Federal government of Nigeria half heatedly inaugurated a committee to douse the tension. 

A committee setup by the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) held its first meeting on Thursday In Kaduna. The meeting was chaired by the governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai.
The committee agreed to focus its work in the following areas:

i) Devolution of Power

ii) Review of Revenue Allocation Formula

iii) Citizenship

iv) Review of the 2005 and 2014 Conferences

My response:
Endless committee that will not see the light of day. It is a ploy to buy time and delay with no tangible results. Imagine some few individuals sitting in the cosy of their offices drafting another strange document, just like Auwwal Yadudu drafted our 1999 constitution. El Rufai who had lampooned and called many Nigerians jobless, looking for cheap popularity and political appointments is to head the committee. Of what good can come out of this exercise?

Fellow Nigerians, we have seen through the deceits and political chicanery of this government.  We cannot be fooled any longer. I have become wiser by the delay tactics of this government and the one before it

Former President Goodluck Jonathan  organized his dubious national conference and made no attempt to implement it. He organised it to douse the agitations of those that were calling for restructuring, most especially the south western part of Nigeria.

President Buhari has repeatedly said he had no intention of restructuring despite the fact that his party manifesto enshrined it in its constitution. 

But the pressure from Nigerians forced the hands of this government to do a turn around despite the fact that  it is a ploy to buy time and manipulate it.

Nigerians let us keep on putting the pressure. Collectively, we can force our political leaders and pretenders to do the needful.

Let us engage ourselves, belong to like minded movements that will promote federalism and restructuring. This is a noble part. This is what other great nations have done to promote and have  an egalitarian society.

Do not sit on the fence and say wetin concern me (in Nigerian parlance), I’m insulated.

The society you abuse today, will take its toil on you and your generations yet unborn in the nearest future.


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