Firm produces CCTV camera for local markets

An indigenous high-tech company which specialises in the marketing of closed-circuit television products, Eagle-i, says it has introduced an alternative “high definition’’ camera into the Nigerian market.
 The firm said its activities had contributed to the solving some of security challenges facing the country.
The Managing Director, Eagle-I, Mr. Abayomi Olagunjoye, said, “Eagle-i is a strategic company that is focused on supporting the security and surveillance industry with high-tech products that will create additional value for global security business and provide support for companies to grow faster and better.
“Gone are the days when CCTV’s and surveillance solutions were perceived as luxury and only for the rich. Today, Eagle-i is providing top quality end-to-end solution at an unbelievably affordable rate to the average Nigerian.”


 He added that the company was committed to providing the highest quality product with the latest technology to enable customers perform their business successfully.
 “Our company has continued to invest about 10 per cent of its annual sales revenue in research and development since 2010. Our engineers work on cutting-edge technologies in camera lens, image sensor, video encoding and transmission, graphic processing, video analytics, software reliability and network security technology,” Abayomi added.

Credit Punch


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