9 Things To Do When Involved In A Road Accident – LRU 

We all pray not to involve in a road accident, but sometimes there are some safety tips we need to know peradventure we got involved in a road accident.
Lagos Response Unit (LRU) tells us the rightly steps to take when we are involved in a road accident.
First check yourself for any injuries.
Check other person(s) for injuries: Perform a quick assessment of the situation & see who needs the most help.
Look for signs of breathing: check if the person is breathing and if he/she has a pulse.
Call for help: Immediately dial 112 (Lagos State Emergency helpline) for an ambulance
Check 4 obstructions in the person’s mouth and throat: If u do not hear any breath sounds, check for any obstructions & clear the airway.
Put the patient in recovery position: If there is bleeding from the mouth or vomiting, turn the person to his side.
Deal with open wounds: apply pressure to the area using a cloth with your palms.
Always suspect spinal injuries: If the person’s neck is in an awkward position, do not move the patient. Get help immediately.
Avoid feeding the person: Do not give the person any fluids or food through the mouth to avoid choking.


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