France decides as Emmanuel Macron and Le Pen head to a run off (pics)

L-R Macron and Le Pen

It comes down to the populist versus the globalist.

Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen and center-left candidate Emmanuel Macron have come out on top in the first round of the French presidential elections and will be moving ahead to the final round on May 7.

According to the French polling firm Ipsos, exit polls show Macronwith 23.7 percent followed by Le Pen with 21.7 percent of the vote. Far-left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon and conservative candidate François Fillon tied for third place with about 19.5 percent each.

That Le Pen and Macron are the two frontrunners moving into round two of the elections represents a remarkable turning point for France.

In a stunning rejection of the status quo in French politics, neither of the two mainstream parties — the Socialists on the left nor the Republicans on the right — made it to the final round, a first in France’s history.

The results also reveal an electorate starkly divided over the future of France and its place in Europe, as the two victors in this round have polar opposite visions of the future. Quite simply: One vision is closed, one is open. One is nativist, one is worldly.

Le Pen heads the far-right National Front party, which in the past was known largely for its xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and what scholars have called “soft-core” Holocaust denialism.

Le Pen has tried hard to reform the party’s image, instead presenting a modern populist vision of France that is avowedly anti-globalization, anti-EU, and anti-immigrant.

Macron, a political neophyte who has never held elected office, represents En Marche, a brand new center-left party. His vision for the future is of a more open, more tolerant, and more inclusive France at the center of a strong European Union.

So in a very real sense, the future of Europe, globalization, and the identity of France itself will be decided in the next round of elections on May 7.


See this modern and minimalist Stuttgart City Library in Germany (pics)


This photograph may look like some kind of computer-generated artist rendering of a futuristic space, but it’s actually a high-key architectural photograph of the beautiful public library of the city of Stuttgart, Germany. Called the Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart, the library’s new building features a simple cube-like design and a minimalist white interior, and it opened its doors in 2011.


The 9-story library, designed by the Cologne, Germany-based Yi Architects, features a large foyer at the bottom (the “heart” of the building), a wide-open multi-floor reading space, and a glass ceiling that lets sunlight in during the day.


It’s a design that doubles as a gold mine for beautiful architectural photographs:





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Read the reason why this man of God is getting married the 3rd time (pic)

Apostle Agortey with his new bride

The founder of Alabaster House Assembly in Rumuomoi, Port Harcourt, Apostle Ernest Agortey is a hot topic at the moment after marrying a third wife from Edo state.

According to Tracynither Nicolas who shared this, the Apostle narrated the reason for his failed marriages during an interview with City People magazine.

She wrote; “The flamboyant Apostle who loves to make a statement with his Lifestyle, especially his dressing and cars, revealed in that interview that his first wife, the woman who reportedly started the hustle with him, was caught sleeping with his mentor.”

After his first marriage failed, Apostle Agortey then married a second wife, who is of Igbo descent and they have a daughter together. The second wife carted away with all the Apostle’s valuables without his knowledge when she was leaving him”.

Drama at the burial of Adeleke as a lady commisioner was nearly attacked (pics)

By Muyiwa Olayinka

ADELEKE Support Volu. '18 20170423_111300

It was widely reported that political supporters and followers of late Senator Adeleke believed he was poisoned to death. The late senator attended a political meeting and another function, came back later on Saturday’s night and complained of stomach ache. As he was being rushed to the hospital he gave up the ghost.

They beleived the late senator was hale and hearty when he left home in the morning. He was one of the contestants of Osun state governorship slated for 2018. His supporters beleived his chances are bright.

The youths of the town who are sympathetic to the late senator had been protesting since yesterday. According to Islamic rites, the remains of the late senator ought to have been buried on Sunday

This suspicion necessitated the junior brother of the late senator, Deji Adeleke, father of Davido to order autopsy before being buried.

As the burial rites were being observed, today, the commisioner nominee from the state chapter attended the burial proceedings. The youths were infuriated and protested her presence at the burial. They suspected all state members in the death of the senator.

The angry supporters of Adeleke collapsed canopy in order to show their anger with Idiat Babalola, who is a Commissioner nominee of Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

Babalola who was seated among the dignitaries including the younger brother of the deceased, Deji Adeleke, was allegedly chased out by the youths who alleged that the former Governor was poisoned by some APC leaders.

The problem started when Babalola was sighted by the mourners who demanded that she should be sent out. Despite pleas from family members of the deceased, the youths insisted and started shouting and raining curses.

The youths started shaking the canopy which later collapsed.

The collapsed canopy

Governor of Ogun state, Ibikunle Amosun saved the female politician from getting attacked at the burial of late senator Isiaka Adeleke. Amosun, who was among dignitaries that attended the burial, was seen pushing a thug who was visibly unhappy about the presence of the yet-to-be identified woman at the funeral ceremony.

The lady being ferried out of safety as Gov Amosu is seen pacifying on of the thugs

The lady was quickly hurried to safety.

Mobile CCTV arrests pick pocket in Oshodi (pics)

The newly deployed mobile CCTV camera procured by the Lagos State Government for the operatives of the Lagos Rapid Response Squad has recorded its first surveillance arrest.


The suspect was arrested in Oshodi while the Mobile CCTV was being deployed at Oshodi to monitor the area. The suspect, Emmanuel Alowonle, an 18-year old, a native of Ondo State, disclosed during interrogation that he came to Lagos about two years ago and work as a bus conductor in the area.

Alowonle being led away by police

Politics Nigeria learned that Alowonle was arrested after stealing from another commuter’s handbag on the pedestrian walkway. RRS officers spotted Emmanuel in the crowd picking from a passer-by handbag through the mobile CCTV camera.

The CCTV camera was jointly managed and put into use by both RRS operatives and technical assistance officers of the Lagos State Response Unit, (LRU). LRU handled the technicalities of the camera while RRS officers took charge of the security aspect of the newly deployed mechanism.

The surveillance patrol team monitored Ilasa, mile 2, and Airport road in the same manner of test running and putting into use the mobile surveillance technology.The mobile CCTV is geared towards helping security operatives in close monitoring and wider view of crime-prone areas in Lagos.

It will be recalled that the Lagos State government in its effort to combat crime in the state gave out the surveillance mobile CCTV to further help in the tracking down criminals and identifying crime scenes in the State.

Confirming the development, the Police Public Relations Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police, ASP Olarinde Famous Cole, said that there would be no hiding place for those who come to Lagos to perpetrate crimes, adding that the police would fish them out.

The suspect has been detained and would be charged to court soon.

Credit politics ngr

Tinubu Did Not Assist Me Into Becoming APC National Chairman 

L-R: Tinubu, Buhari & John Oyegun

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, John Oyegun has said a National Leader of the party, Bola Tinubu was not responsible for his emergence as the ruling party’s National Chairman.

Oyegun made the remark in an interview with Vanguard while responding to a question that some people are alleging that he has not been fair to those who assisted him to emerge National Chairman of the party, especially, Bola Tinubu.

The APC Chairman insisted that everybody in the party and not a particular individual aided his emergence.

According to Oyegun, “Everybody assisted me to this position and I am grateful to all of them. The only thing is my personality and integrity; I don’t joke with these two things because they are the only currency that I have and I will defend them at any time.

“I don’t believe one particular person solely assisted me to this position, everybody assisted me and someday, the story of how I became chairman of APC will be told.

“You will then see that everybody did assist me to become National Chairman. This means that I am there for everybody. I don’t belong to any camp in the APC. I belong to all members of APC high and below.”

Should a woman tells her husband if she had been raped?

We all know that marriage is between man and woman. This is the type of marriage that was established by the two holy books of Christianity and Islamic religion.

We are in a  changing world today, we hear about gayism and lesbianism.

In both cases, openess is the key; marriage is based on trust. It is meant to be sacrificial. In marriage one is expected to share the high and low moments of partners.

Be that as it may, a thought crossed my mind. What if the wife was gang raped by armed robbers in absence of the husband.

Should she go ahead and tell her husband in the spirit of being open?