EFFC & Magu Lied, Whistleblower of Ikoyi Flat Yet to Be Paid, Lawyer Insists


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A lawyer to the whistle-blower that helped in the recovery of $43.5 million, £27,800 and N23.2 million at No. 16 Osborne Road, Flat 7B Osborne Towers in Ikoyi, Lagos, has said his client is yet to be paid his due reward five months after a court ordered a final forfeiture of the money.Reacting to a claim by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission that his client is now a millionaire, the lawyer, Yakubu Galadima, told PREMIUM TIMES on Friday that several efforts to get the money have been unsuccessful.

“The truth is that this guy has not been paid a penny,” Mr. Galadima said.

“In fact, from April till date, the guy has been living under my meagre resources, his security was just zero. I’ve had to relocate this guy from one place to another so nobody knows his whereabouts.”

The Nigerian government in December 2016 adopted a policy on whistleblowing to encourage citizens to report financial and other related crimes to relevant authorities.

According to the policy, whistleblowers whose revelations lead to the recovery of money are entitled to as much as five percent of the recovered sum.

Since the introduction of the policy, the government has recovered about N17 billion, according to the EFCC.

Some of those monies had been recovered from LEGICO Plaza in Victoria Island, Lagos; the luxury apartment in Ikoyi; a building in Kaduna belonging to Andrew Yakubu, a former Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation; among others.

Last June, the Nigerian government announced it had released about N375.8 million for payment of 20 whistleblowers who provided information for the recovery of over N11.6 billion.

On Wednesday, while speaking at the 7th session of the Conference of State Parties to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, Ibrahim Magu, the EFCC acting chairman, said the individual who helped uncover the Ikoyi apartment money had become a millionaire.

“We are currently working on the young man because this is just a man who has not seen one million Naira of his own before.

 Ibrahim Magu

“So he is under counseling on how to make use of the money and also the security implication. We don’t want anything bad to happen to him after taking delivery of his entitlement. He is a national pride.”

‘The true position’

Mr. Galadima said the EFCC boss’s “position is not correct.”

According to the lawyer, the Ikoyi whistle-blower accompanied by friends had approached him in early April this year to inform him about their suspicion of a huge amount of money stashed away in one of the apartments at the Osborne Towers.

“In fact, what came to their mind was to go and burgle the place since they know the security network of the house,” said Mr. Galadima.

“I was the one that advised them that, you don’t do that because that will amount to crime. That since there is a policy of the federal government, let us exploit that avenue.

“I took them, we went to the Commission, discussed with them, they said they were going to give the boy a form to fill and that if the story turns out to be false that the guy will go to jail. We said no problem, we undertook and we signed.

“The next day, we went to the house, all of us were all shivering thinking there was nothing inside. And then we started to discover all sorts of money in different denominations, pounds, dollars, naira. These monies were all recovered and taken to the Commission. It was counted. They brought a staff of CBN and he came and counted the money.”

In April, the EFCC headed to a federal court in Lagos seeking for the forfeiture of the money to the Nigerian government and, in June, Justice Muslim Hassan ordered a permanent forfeiture of the money to the government.

The judge had earlier granted an interim forfeiture giving 14 days for anyone interested in the funds to appear before it and show reason why the money should not be permanently forfeited to the federal government.

Nobody appeared before the court to claim the money.

“The moment the final forfeiture was made, I wrote a comprehensive letter to Magu, attaching the judgement, and said court has made a final forfeiture, where is the reward and commission of the whistleblowers?” Mr. Galadima continued.

“In fact, the letter was addressed to the Acting President then through the Office of the Acting Chairman since the money was recovered by the EFCC. That was the first letter.

“A month later, I wrote a reminder. It was after that reminder that they said we should bring the boy to Abuja. We took the boy to Abuja, he had one on one interface for the first time with the acting president. We went together with the acting chairman.

“The acting president congratulated him for a job well done and that with the money they’ll pay him, he’s now a millionaire. We all laughed.”

Mad whistle-blower

Mr. Galadima said while he was out of country on vacation, his client contacted him on the phone and told him about receiving threats to his life.

“The day we went to the office of the acting president, they gave him a number that he can reach them at any time. So he has been communicating with the acting president. Following the threats, they detailed some SSS to be working around him,” the lawyer said.

The whistle-blower was later taken to the SSS facility at Shangisha, Lagos, and given an apartment.

“Because the guy had always been looking forward to see(ing) this money and it wasn’t forthcoming, he started shouting. When he started shouting, they said he’s mad, that he’s having a mental problem.

“The SSS people called me and said I should come and carry my luggage. They brought him to the EFCC and abandoned him there. The EFCC people called me that I should come and carry my client.”

On getting to the Commission’s office, Mr. Galadima said he was informed of his client’s mental illness and plans to take him to the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital in Yaba.

“I said he’s not mad, that it’s because you people are holding his money that’s why he’s reacting this way. They insisted the guy is mad, that they have to take him to a psychiatric hospital, they bundled this man. I said ok, if that’s how to prove that he’s not mad, no problem, we went to the psychiatric hospital in Yaba.

“They injected him and said they have to monitor him for a month. They monitored him for a month. The day they were going to release him, the EFCC called me again to come and carry my “critical asset.” This was a boy I never knew from Adam….. I said ok, I went to the EFCC the guy said he’s ok there’s no problem anymore, they handed him over to me three weeks ago. Ever since then, I pay money into his account on a weekly basis for his upkeep.”

Phone calls and text messages to Wilson Uwujaren, the EFCC spokesperson, were not answered.

The phone lines of Laolu Akande, the Senior Special Assistant to the vice president, Yemi Osinbajo, did not go through.

On October 12, Mr. Galadima wrote to President Muhammadu Buhari seeking the prompt payment of the commission due to his client.

“I have written twice while you are away receiving treatment to the Acting President through the office of the Acting Chairman of the EFCC on 7th June 2017 and 24th July 2017 respectively,” Mr. Galadima stated in a copy of the letter he made available to PREMIUM TIMES.

“Please note that the discovery (of the money) was a result of my client’s efforts and consequently, I respectfully urge Your Excellency to use your good offices to facilitate the prompt payment of the reward/commission due to my clients.”

Mr. Galadima said that contrary to media reports that his client’s commission is N350 million, the correct figure is N850 million.

“Because the money discovered was about N17 billion and not N13 billion that is being declared. It was calculated as at the time the money was recovered.”


Ikoyi Money Whistle Blower Now A Millionaire, EFCC

Some of the recovered money

Do you remember the amount of money recovered by EFCC at the Ikoyi Osborne Flat in Lagos? I need to refresh your memory ($43 million, £27,000, N23 million). The whistle blower will be swimming in money if  at least, he’s given 1% of the value of money recovered by going by the revelation of EFCC.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) says the “young man” who blew the whistle on the massive stash of money recovered from an apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos, is now a millionaire.The acting chairman of the commission, Ibrahim Magu, stated this in Vienna, Austria, on Thursday, the spokesman of the EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren, said in a statement.

Mr. Uwujaren said Mr. Magu spoke at the ongoing 7th Session of the Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.

On April 7, EFCC operatives broke into a four-bedroom apartment on Osborne Towers, Ikoyi, and pulled out $43 million, £27,800 and N23 million stashed in a wardrobe.

The commission said the discovery followed an operation triggered by a whistle blower’s alert received by its Lagos office.

Mr. Uwujaren quoted Mr. Magu as saying that the whistle blower was already a millionaire by virtue of the percentage he was officially entitled to.

“We are currently working on the young man because this is just a man who has not seen one million Naira of his own before.

“So, he is under counseling on how to make good use of the money and also the security implication.

“We don’t want anything bad to happen to him after taking delivery of his entitlement. He is a national pride,” he said.

The EFCC boss called on Nigerians who want a positive change in the country to take advantage of the whistle blowing policy announced by the government early this year.

He noted that aside from contributing to the eradication of corruption, potential whistle blowers also stood to “benefit from the illicit acquisition by the looters”.

“So, we encourage more whistle blowers to come forward with genuine information that will lead to recoveries from looters of public treasuries.

“That is part of the ways we can put an end to the looting madness in the public sector.

“When they know that they have no place to keep the loot, as all eyes are on them, they will find looting of public treasuries unattractive, ” Magu said.

On June 7, a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos ordered the final forfeiture of the money to the Federal Government.

Do the arithmetic now and you will surely be amazed the staggering figure you will get. Man I need this kind of money at this recession period. How about you too?

Nigerians, Beware of Fraudulent Car Dealers!

……………. The suspect is a cousin to a (DPO) Divisional Police Officer

A 31-year-old radio presenter, Muyide Samuel, has lamented the loss of his Toyota Camry 2003 model to a car dealer, Odofin Olatunji, who claimed to be an in-law to a Lagos Divisional Police Officer.
The Ibadan, Oyo State-based presenter said the car, which he bought from Olatunji, developed mechanical faults a few days after he paid for it.
He explained that the car dealer asked him to return the Camry to Igando, Lagos State, for repair.

The victim said since he returned the car on September 8, he had been receiving threats from Olatunji, who claimed to be connected to a powerful DPO in the state.
Samuel, who fought back tears while speaking with PUNCH Metro, said despite reporting the case at the Okota, Adeniji Adele and Igando police divisions, the suspect had been intractable.
He said, “I saw the advert post for the Toyota Camry on a social marketing website, Olx, and I got in touch with the car dealer. We negotiated and agreed for N760,000. I travelled down to Igando and paid for the car. I had to spend additional N170,000 to change the shock absorbers, tyres, and other things.
“Within a few days, I observed that it had some mechanical faults. I contacted the man and he said I should return it for repairs. He said if the problem persisted, he would give me a new car, for which I may have to add N70,000. I bought the car on September 4 and he took it back on September 8.”
The victim said since he returned to Ibadan, he had only been having telephone conversations with the dealer, who kept promising to return the car.
Samuel said he later discovered that the suspect had resold the car to a co-dealer, adding that when he confronted Olatunji, the dealer ignored him.
“He was telling me the DPO in the area was his in-law and if I reported him to the police, he would not spend more than 10 minutes at the station. He said at best, he would be asked to refund my money and he would be paying me N5,000 till he completed it.
“I came down to Lagos to report at the Okota Police Station. When he was invited, he didn’t honour the invitation. The policemen went to his two houses without finding him. Later, somebody told me that the man had a case at the Adeniji Adele Police Station. But by the time I got there, he had been released. I was asked to pay N40,000 for the police to open a file on him. After I did that, they demanded additional N50,000 for mobilisation to arrest him. I didn’t go back there.

The police invitation letter

“I went to Igando and someone introduced me to a policeman called officer Yusuf. When the officer called him, he refused to answer until the DPO called him. After taking his statement, the DPO said the offence was bailable. He was about to release him when I protested. I told the DPO that the man had already said he would not spend up to 10 minutes at the station because he was his in-law,” Samuel added.
The DPO was said to have ordered the Investigating Police Officer to follow Samuel and the suspect to the co-dealer’s place to reclaim the car the following day.
PUNCH Metro learnt that when they got to the co-dealer’s office, he had travelled.
When the group returned to the station, Samuel said the suspect promised to get him a Toyota Camry 2001 model as replacement if he could add N100,000, an offer he said he rejected because he didn’t have the money.
He said Olatunji later agreed to get him another car before Sunday.
“I have been on this issue for about three months now. I am tired of life. This is all my investment in 2017. He knew I had put the car in good shape and that was why he took it from me to resell. I am begging Nigerians, the police and the government to help me retrieve my car,” he added.
Olatunji told PUNCH Metro that he was making efforts to get the victim another car.
“By the grace of God, before the end of this week, you will receive good news. Some people are already mediating in the case. We found another Toyota Camry, which we intend to use to replace it; we are about buying it from someone. We have been on this matter since Monday and I have also not rested. There is no lie in what he told you. We are the ones that need to make amends,” he added.
The spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, Olarinde Famous-Cole, said the police were investigating the matter.
He said, “The complainant came to report that he bought a car from the dealer and after a couple of months he had some problems with it. He then returned the vehicle without saying anything, maybe due to some disagreements.
“After some months, the car dealer resold the car and used the money for other things. The man then started demanding his car and reported to the police. We arrested the suspect. It was agreed that within a certain time he would get back the vehicle for him or replace it. They are supposed to meet on Sunday. Since it’s a bailable offence, the suspect has been put on bail and advised to act according to his undertaking. Hopefully, he will redeem his pledge.”

Pakistani Wife Kills 17 Relatives in Failed Bid To Kill Husband With Poisoned Milk

A newly married Pakistani woman has been arrested on murder charges after she allegedly poisoned her husband’s milk and it inadvertently killed 17 relatives, a senior police officer says.
Key points:
The woman says she got the poisonous substance from her boyfriend, who she kept seeing after her marriage

She mixed the substance in her husband’s milk but he did not drink it

The mother-in-law spotted the milk and made it into a yogurt-based drink she served to 27 people

Aasia Bibi, 21, was married against her will to a relative in September in a village in the eastern Punjab province.
District Police Chief Sohail Habib Tajak said the woman obtained a poisonous substance from her boyfriend, Shahid Lashari, last week and mixed it in milk for her husband, who refused to drink it.
But Ms Bibi’s mother-in-law later used the tainted milk to make a traditional yogurt-based drink and served it to 27 members of her extended family, who fell unconscious and were hospitalised.
Seventeen people died and 10 were being treated in a hospital, he said.
Chief Tajak said a judge allowed police to question Ms Bibi for two weeks over the deaths to determine whether it was Ms Bibi’s decision to kill her husband by poisoning him, or if her boyfriend had incited her to do it.
“This incident took place last week and our officers have made progress by arresting a woman and her lover in connection with this murder case, which was complicated and challenging for us,” he said.
The Police Chief said Ms Bibi was not happy with her husband and wanted to return to her parents’ home.
Ms Bibi appeared before a judge in the city of Muzaffargarh on Tuesday (local time), where she told reporters that she was angered over her parents’ decision to marry her to a man against her will.
“I repeatedly asked my parents not to marry me against my will as my religion, Islam, also allows me to choose the man of my choice for marriage but my parents rejected all of my pleas and they married me to a relative,” she said.

Ms Bibi said her love affair with her boyfriend continued after she got married.
She said she had warned her parents that she could go to any extent to get out of her marriage, but they refused to allow her to get a divorce.
Ms Bibi said her boyfriend gave her a poisonous substance, which she mixed in her husband’s milk, but he did not drink it.
Her mother-in-law spotted the glass of milk and she mixed it in the traditional yogurt-based drink and served it to 27 people.
Ms Bibi expressed remorse over the deaths, saying her target was only her husband.
Chief Tajak said police were trying to trace and arrest all those who were aware of the woman’s plot aimed at killing her husband.
He said Mr Lashari had also confessed to supplying a poisonous substance to the woman.
Many parents in Pakistan arrange marriages for their daughters against their will, but such incidents are rare.

Maina Swindled Abacha Family, Unveiled Plans To Contest Governorship Election in 2019

Late Gen Sanni Abacha

Fugitive former Chairman of the Pension Reform Task Force Alhaji Abdulrashid Maina, who is accused of embezzling billions of naira in pension funds, once swindled the family of the late Head of State General Sani Abacha of tens of millions of naira, an informed retired security officer told Daily Trust on Sunday in Kano yesterday.
The source said Maina, who had then just returned to Nigeria after a failed school sojourn in the United States, convinced the head of state’s sons to award him a contract to furnish Arewa Suites, which they had just acquired. He convinced the Abachas that he knew a lot about furnishing and interior decoration during his stay in America.
According to the source, the Abachas gave Maina tens of millions of naira to furnish the hotel and he left Nigeria for the US where he converted the money to his personal use. He never furnished the hotel despite collecting down payment, the source said.
When Maina sneaked into Nigeria nearly a year later, then Chief Security Officer to Abacha Major Hamza Al-Mustapha had him arrested at the airport. Maina was kept in a military detention facility for many months, the security source said.
Daily Trust on Sunday also learnt from informed sources that Abdulrashid Maina’s father, the late Alhaji Aliyu Biu was a member of the Biu royal family. He spent many years in Sokoto as the Chief Passport Officer at the Nigeria Immigration Service office before he transferred to the foreign service in the early 1990s. He subsequently became Nigeria’s ambassador to Mauritania and later to Chad. In between the two postings, he was also a protocol officer at the State House in Abuja.
The late former envoy died in a car accident in 1998, Daily Trust on Sunday learnt. The sources also said Abdulrashid’s surname, Maina, is another name for Alhaji Aliyu Biu. The former pension boss is believed to have relocated his mother to one of his Kaduna houses which were sealed last week by the Economic and Financial crimes Commission (EFCC).
The Unknown life of Abdurrasheed Maina

On September 24, 2017, four Prado jeeps and a Camry cruised into the town of Potiskum in Yobe accompanied by eight armed police escorts.
The leader of the convoy was Abdurrashid Maina, one of the most talked about figure in Nigeria today, who at that point was declared a wanted man for reported N24 billion pension fund fraud.
Despite being a wanted man, the former boss of the Pension Reform Task Team drove into Potiskium in comfort and under full police protection to pay a condolence visit to the family of the late Dallatun Fika, Alhaji Idrissa Madaki, who had passed on September 18th.
Dr Maina has not been living like a wanted man and findings by Daily Trust on Sunday shows that the man has been enjoying the protection of law enforcement officers who were supposed to effect his arrest.
Beyond nursing plans to contest the governorship elections in Borno in 2019, three months ago, Maina was in line to be turbaned as an heir apparent to the Emir of Biu throne and there was supposed to be a huge ceremony to celebrate it but for strong opposition between other princes who feared Maina would beat them to the throne.
Our correspondent, who visited Biu, Maina’s hometown reported that there are clear orders to residents of the town not to engage with journalists as everyone he approached for an interview was reluctant to do so on account of this order. He was even treated with belligerence in some instances.
However, our correspondent was able to gather that the letter appointing Maina heir apparent to the Biu throne was sent to Abuja and Maina thereafter visited Biu to prepare grounds for his turbaning.
In Biu, evidence of Maina’s ambition are everywhere for all to see. Posters announcing his intention to run for governor with the tag: ‘The Clarion Call, Hope 2019, MAINA Abdurrasheed, (Yariman Biu) Governor, Borno State, are pasted all over the town, including a one-storey building said to belong to him at Dugja Ward along the road to Damboa, which is lavishly pasted showing him in kaftan.
The poster bearing ‘The Clarion Call’ inscription shows him contesting on the ruling APC platform. The other main poster showing him in kaftan does not indicate the party on whose platform he is running on.
While his political ambition might be threatened by the massive corruption allegations against him, his ambitions of taking the Biu throne faces a different kind of threat, the opposition of other members of the ruling house.
Maina is said to the grandson of Mai Madu, who was dethroned as the Emir of Biu and banished to Bauchi. Mai Madu was replaced with his brother, the grandfather of the current emir, whose descendants want to keep the stool in their side of the family and hence the opposition to Maina’s turbaning.
“The dispute, I understand, is in the process of being resolved now at the Emirate level; and as soon as it is finally resolved he will be turbaned accordingly,” a source in Biu told our correspondent.
Another source however thinks that might not be the case in view of Maina’s current ordeal.
“The Emir may either have received orders from above against turbaning him or the Biu Emirate Council may have resolved wisely to put that ceremony on hold until he is cleared of this mess or, at least, the current tension over him is doused,” he said.
But on the political front, Daily Trust on Sunday gathered that Maina had already set machinery in motion and had held meetings with politicians in the state to in both Biu, Maiduguri and Kaduna.
Maina’s interest in politics is not new as he was said to have contested for but failed to win the chairmanship of Biu Local Government in the 1980s.
Being from the South of Borno, which is yet to provide a governor of the state, Maina is thought to enjoy the support of people in his locality.
“Biu people want him among the main contestants of the governorship, in fact the preferred one because, we believe, he possesses the reverence and wherewithal to shift the seat from the Northern to Southern Borno,” a resident of Biu said.
Another resident who spoke to Daily Trust said Maina was a regular visitor to Biu but couldn’t now say in which of his houses he stays when he visits.
“I cannot say in which of his houses he stays; but let me even show you their family house by the Emir’s palace,” he said.
Our correspondent in Kaduna reports that it was easy for Maina to hide in the city at the peak of the manhunt for him as he owns many properties there.
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has been able to identify six properties which include a two-storey shopping plaza at number 2C Ibrahim Taiwo Road, and a one-storey duplex at Katuru Road and four other houses on Kano Road, Kawo extension.
But it is obvious that Maina does not live in any other properties so far sealed by the EFCC.
An orange seller near the gate of the Katuru Road residence, which has been sealed by EFCC, told our correspondent who visited the place that Maina hardly comes there as it is one of his sisters that lives there.
Kaduna has played a major role in Maina political ambitions.
Late in September, some elders and youths from Borno State converged in Kaduna to persuade Dr. Abdulrasheed Maina to contest for the Governorship seat of Borno State in 2019 and met with his cousin, Aliyu Maina at a guest house. Maina was said to be well aware of what was going on.
Led by Alhaji Abubakar Ali Biu, the delegation said they are of the opinion that Maina’s courage in fighting corruption as the chairman, Presidential Pension Reform Taskforce Team, where he was able to recover N1.6trn both in cash and asset for the Federal government has earned him a reputation among his people.
Leader of Northern Borno Youths Movement Mamman Isa alongside his counterpart in Central Borno Sulaiman Mohammed said Maina who also spoke on the occasion said Maina has a passion to take Borno to the promised land.
Alhaji Aliyu Maina, a cousin to Abdulrasheed Maina, wh0 received them thanked the people and said, “We as a family will consult among ourselves alongside out brother, Dr Abdulrasheed Maina and get back to you.
Though it is not yet time for political activities, we shall give you feedback after our family consultation.”
A political associate of Maina who does not want to be named, said the controversial civil servant did part of his graduate programme abroad but could not say in which particular country.
He said though the patriarch of the Main family who was an ambassador is late and had lived in Kaduna, most of the family members have remained in Kaduna.

Today is Fela’s Posthumous 79th Birthday (pic)

Today 15th Ocober is the African music legend and a maestro, Fela Anikulapo. He would have been 79 if he had been alive. Fela is not your normal or run off the mill guy. Today he was a controversial figure and it was not out of place, that Fela is a living legend even after 20 years of his death.

Felabration is the celebration of Fela, it is a week long programme of musical rendition of his some of songs and an assembly of notable stars from Africa and beyond. It is a musical jamboree and a festival. The road leading to his Gbemisola residence in Ikeja, Nigeria, has been a pot pouri of activities.

For those who did not know much about this great son of Africa, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 27 things you probably didn’t know about him:

Fela was born Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti on 15 October 1938 in Abeokuta, Ogun State,

His mother, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, was a feminist activist in the anti-colonial movement
His father, Reverend Israel Oludotun Ransome-Kuti, an Anglican minister, and school principal was the first president of the Nigeria Union of Teachers.
Fela is a first cousin to the Nigerian writer and Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, the first African to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

He attended the Abeokuta Grammar School in Abeokuta and later he was sent to London in 1958 to study medicine but decided to study music instead at the Trinity College of Music.

The trumpet was his preferred instrument
Fela married his first wife, Remilekun Taylor, with whom he had three children (Femi, Yeni, and Sola).
In 1963, Fela moved back to Nigeria and trained as a radio producer for the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation.
In 1967, he went to Ghana to think up a new musical direction
He first called his music Afrobeat In 1969.
He then formed the Kalakuta Republic, a commune, a recording studio, and a home for the many people connected to the band that he later declared independent from the Nigerian state.
Fela set up a nightclub in the Empire Hotel, first named the Afro-Spot and then the Afrika Shrine, where he both performed regularly and officiated at personalized Yoruba traditional ceremonies in honour of his nation’s ancestral faith.
He changed his middle name to Anikulapo (meaning “He who carries death in his pouch”, with the interpretation: “I will be the master of my own destiny and will decide when it is time for death to take me”).
He said that his original middle name of Ransome was a slave name.
He made the decision to sing in Pidgin English so that his music could be enjoyed by individuals all over Africa, where the local languages were spoken are very diverse and numerous.
In 1977, Fela and the Afrika ’70 released the album Zombie, a scathing attack on Nigerian soldiers using the zombie metaphor to describe the methods of the Nigerian military. The album was a smash hit and infuriated the government, setting off a vicious attack against the Kalakuta Republic, during which one thousand soldiers attacked the commune. Fela was severely beaten, and his elderly mother (whose house was located opposite the commune) was thrown from a window, causing fatal injuries.
Fela’s response to the attack was to deliver his mother’s coffin to the Dodan Barracks in Lagos, General Olusegun Obasanjo’s residence, and to write two songs, “Coffin for Head of State” and “Unknown Soldier”,
Fela and his band then took residence in Crossroads Hotel, as the Shrine had been destroyed along with his commune.
In 1978, Fela married 27 women, many of whom were his dancers, composers, and singers to mark the anniversary of the attack on the Kalakuta Republic.
Fela did not perform songs again after he had already recorded them
In 1979, he put himself forward for President in Nigeria’s first elections for more than a decade, but his candidature was refused.
In 1984, Muhammadu Buhari’s government, of which Kuti was a vocal opponent, jailed him on a charge of currency smuggling which Amnesty International and others denounced as politically motivated
Amnesty International designated him a ‘prisoner of conscience’and his case was also taken up by other human rights groups.
He was released from prison by General Ibrahim Babangida after 20 months,
On his release he divorced his 12 remaining wives, saying that “marriage brings jealousy and selfishness”
In 1989, Fela and Egypt ’80 released the anti-apartheid Beasts of No Nation that depicts on its cover U.S. President Ronald Reagan, UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and South African State President Pieter Willem Botha.

He was arrested 200 times and endured numerous beatings, but continued to write political lyrics, producing albums before he died on August 2, 1997, in Lagos.

Rest in Peace, the legend lives on!

Lagos State Police Commissioner speaks on Tagbo, Dj Olu & Chime’s death (video); Davido reacted

The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command, “Imohimi Edgar” addressed journalists and shared new details about the deaths of Mr Tagbo Umeike, Oluwagbemiga Abiodun a.k.a DJ Olu and Chime Amaechi.

The commissioner revealed that he had a meeting with Tagbo’s family, Davido and Caroline Danjuma. Davido has been invited back to shed more lights as new revelation showed up
He also spoke on DJ Olu and Chime Amaechina’s death,
“Substances suspected to be hard drugs were recovered from DJ Olu’s car. Investigation are still going on and the substances discovered in the car have been taken for analysis to determine what exactly they are. He says.

Watch Video Below:

Davido who just got back from Police invitation, second time, alongside his friends, over Tagbo’s death, reacted on his Instagram:

 “Lies everywhere……due to respect for Tagbo and his family I haven’t spoken about this issue since. Soon a statement and footage will be released. Enough is enough. God bless you guys!! Everyone be safe please!!

Tagbo’s autopsy revealed that he died of asphyxiation, according to police report, contrary to excessive intake of alcohol

I was dating Tagbo and I’m  not happy how Davido handled Tagbo’s matter, Caroline Danjuma

“I was dating Tagbo but he is not the father of my daughter” – Caroline Danjuma debunks rumours as she narrates how he died

Actress Caroline Danjuma has reacted to reports that late Tagbo is the father of her third child, Elizabeth. She also gave more details about Tagbo’s death, how she sent Davido messages before she called him out and more.
In an interview with SDK, Caroline said:
“I really cant believe that I am talking about Tagbo like this because he was not one who liked publicity.
Firstly I would like to address this whole razzmatazz about David killing Tagbo and that i said so,i never said but yes,i did call out Davido to know the whereabouts of Tagbo but i never said he killed him,i never used that word”Killed Tagbo”.

The last time i heard from Tagbo was on Monday when i just got back from MFM Church praise and worship which took about 7-8 hours Around part 8pm to ask me where I was::I had invited him for the programme but he didnt show up..he called and asked where i was and when i said i was home,he said he was coming over.

I was tired but didnt want to sleep off because if Tagbo comes he would ring the bell.so i went upstairs to watch CNN to keep myself awake until he comes and for some reason i slept off and woke up by part 1am or 2am and as you know the normal ritual was to call your friends the next day when they are celebrating their birthday.

I felt bad that i had not called Tagbo because Tuesday was his birthday.I tried calling him but his number was switched off but i thought it was network and continued trying but it was switched off and i concluded that maybe his battery was down.

I sent him a text message to wish him Happy Birthday and i went to bed.

I woke up at5-6am to do my normal routine and looked at my phone and there was no missed call or reply to my SMS:They day went on and I kept trying his number but until 3pm his number was switched off..

I was out at the Bank when Tagbos childhood friend called me and said that he wanted to talk about tagbo,he was just asking random questions.
I told him i would call him back.I am aware that Tagbo was trying to do his Schengen visa so i called the guy helping him out to ask if she had heard from him but she said Tagbo was supposed to deliver some documents but had not.

I got home and called Kola back around 4pm and this was when Kola revealed to me that Tagbo was dead…I thought it was a joke because Tagbo does not drive carelessly,he doesn’t fight,he is not one to be seen in a place where people are fighting..if he is angry he walks away.

I was confused.
I decided to call the mum to find out if he went to Anambra to see his mum like he said he would to collect some documents…So i called the mum and she said she had not seen Tagbo.

I sent the sister a message that i heard Tagbo was dead and she should help me find out if it was true.The sister replied asking ”how when and where” and then i knew that she was unaware.

So i decided to call my neighbour who was also Tagbos friend and my neighbour who was holidaying in Lebanon called me back and said that there was a bet of 200k and that Tagbo drank about 50 shots of tequila and i said that cannot be true.Tagbo cannot drink even a glass of hennessey because he has a light brain like me .

So a guy who cannot drink this much cannot finish 50 shots of tequila..Tagbo does not need 200k to do that.

He comes from a very wealthy background so he does not need that kind of bet,he is not hungry for that.I was shattered to hear such a news,I went into my office and sat down.

I tried to find out where Tagbo was and Kola said he had been trying his best to find out but that each time he calls the people would drop the phone on him or tell him they would call back.

So for one hour and despite trying severally,we had not gotten any info to where Tagbos body was or what hospital he was taken to…

Tagbos friend chucks made some calls and found out that Tagbo was taken to Lagos island.

Meanwhile someone who rented my bar told me he was with Davido at Shisha bar on Monday and then i asked him randomly ”oh then you must know tagbo” cos Davido and tagbo are close friends and the only reason tagbo would be there is if Davido was there…that is on that birthday eve

The guy confirmed he met Tagbo and that was when he knew they were birthday mate and he also said they had fun and went from there to DNA to party..this was all before i heard Tagbo had died…so my impression then was oh Tagbo was having fun and that was why he hadn’t gotten back to me..

I called the same guy when i heard tagbo had died and asked him to find out what happened and he said he was trying to but every time he called Davidos team and mentioned tagbos name they would drop the phone on him and this was what they had also done to anyone who calls and mentions his name.

Davido knew and his crew knew Tagbo was dead at as 3a.m in the morning and they did not contact anyone,Davidos PA Lati knows where Tagbo stay but did not go to the house to inform anyone.
*Breaks down crying so interview had to wait*
After we had that Tagbos body was in Lagos island Davidos crew refused to give any info and this was about past 7pm.

I contacted someone who remembers seeing davido and tagbo and DNA and remembers there was a fight.

This person also told me there was a bet and said the same thing my neighbour said but said 30 shots and not 50.

According to what was said,Tagbo drank the tequila and got intoxicated and wanted to drive his car but Davido refused and said tagbo should drive with him..that was what i heard and that they drove to G12 beach and got out leaving Tagbo in the car all locked up and that one of the crew members came back saw tagbo gasping for air…this was the info they spread out there from a supposed eye witness.

He was taken to general hospital where he was confirmed dead and they left him there…..

We went there with Nabila and Mary who can confirm what was said…We were told that he was dumped and those who brought him ran away.

The doctor told us that when the nurse were trying to fix the card,the two people that brought him ran away and their footage could not identify those who brought him and ran cos they hid their faces with caps.

They refused to tell us anything,the medical director told us that because they ran away it was now a police matter and that we should go to the police station.
I posted online asking Davido why they abandoned Tagbo on my way to the police station because i was so angry and needed answers.

I sent Davido personal messages but he didnt reply until i called him out on the social media and he told me to take down the post and he would tell me what happened.I took down the post and told him to come to the police station but he never showed up..Tagbos family members came from far but davido and his manager did not show up.
Tagbos phone and shoes are missing and someone went on tagbos instagram and deleted all the videos he posted of being with davido on that day and eventually deleted the account.we quickly munched all the videos on snap chat…tagbo was with Dammy Krane,Davido and Asha asika.

Davido knew that tagbo was dead but kept quiet.He told the Police later that he would have spoken out if i didnt call him out on the social media..can you imagine.
Tagbo meant everything to a lot of people…his widowed mum who is recovering from an ailment ..I am pleading with anybody who has info on who drive tagbos dead body to the hospital to come forward…

We want to know what happened and how tagbo died.Davido we are not calling you a killer but we need to know hat happened to Tagbo,you owe him this because he loved you like a brother,he took you like a brother,do it for him and call out the people you assigned to drive him…Please.
*Breaks down crying again*
They alleged that the late Tagbo is your last child’s baby daddy, can you confirm or deny?

I have woken up t see all sorts of allegations and it is really laughable because the whole idea is to divert the attention form the questions i am asking about what happened to Tagbo. I will address this once and for all.Number one,i met Tagbo when i was legally divorced and out of My ex’ house to start a new life…….
Yes we were dating.
My daughter is three years old and I only met Tagbo last year,so its not possible that tagbo is the father of Elizabeth.

The person who posted that info claims to have Tagbos phone and claims he went to DNA with Baba,who is baba?

Let us leave sentiments aside,trying to blackmail me to keep quiet will not work or change anything.we need justice for Tagbo..

No one is accusing anyone of being a murderer but we need to know what happened and why everyone is quiet…My anger is that he was abandoned by those supposed to be his friends and brothers.Davido and Tagbo were very close and I am angry with Davido for keeping quiet.

Those who drink tequila should come out and confirm if 30 shots of tequila is strong enough to kill..

Stop protecting whoever is guilty,someone is dead,please!”

Police begins investigation of the death of Davido’s friend, Tagbo


The Lagos State Police Command has commenced investigations to unravel the circumstances surrounding the death of Tagbo, a friend of the hip hop musician, David Adeleke, popularly called Davido.
The command said it was awaiting the result of an autopsy conducted on the deceased to ascertain the cause of death, which would guide its investigations.
The Acting Commissioner of Police in the state, Edgar Imohimi, said on Thursday that he had and met with Davido and other parties involved in the case.

Tagbo reportedly died on the eve of his birthday on Tuesday at a bar in the Lekki area of the state.

A Nigerian actress, Caroline Danjuma, had, through a post on Instagram, accused Davido of dumping Tagbo’s corpse at the General Hospital, Lagos, after he allegedly died in his (Davido’s) car.
The actress alleged in the post, which she later deleted, that Davido and his crew fled after depositing the corpse.
Danjuma wrote, “Davido where is Tagbo? He was with you and your crew last night. You all wore fez caps to hide your identities after he died in your car. You dumped him at the general hospital and ran away…the law must play its role this time…you all better provide Tagbo alive.@davidoofficial.
“After you all abandoned him at the general hospital, you continued your stupid grooving at DNA and had the nerves to promote your show. This is not an ordinary boy that you can intimidate his family…we need you to tell us how he died in your car and why you ran away. The police and the hospital confirmed that you all ran away. If you think your money can save you, you just met your match.”

She also dismissed insinuations that Tagbo died from drunkenness, saying he was not a drunkard.
“Even in death, lies are being told of you. Those who knew you knew you never drank to an extent of getting drunk…the wicked shall never go unpunished. RIP. The truth is already out. Today (Wednesday) is your birthday. Happy super birthday,” Danjuma added.
Davido had also responded to Danjuma’s post via Snapchat, absolving himself from Tagbo’s death.
The celebrity musician described the allegation as “false” and vowed not make further comments on the incident.
Davido wrote, “People are just wicked and this is what I get for treating everyone like a brother. I was deeply saddened to hear the sudden death of my friend, Tagbo. First and foremost, my sincere condolences and prayers are with the family at this time. I’ve been in the same position before, multiple times and of recent.
“But it is disappointing that false information and complete lies have been put out there, using my name as usual. Out of total respect for Tagbo and his family, I will not discuss this matter further for now. Rest in peace, Tagbo.”
But the Commissioner of Police, Imohimi, said on Thursday that the command had commenced investigations into the incident.
He said all the parties involved had met with the police and had been advised to embrace peace while investigations continued.
The CP, who spoke with our correspondent on the telephone, said no foul play was suspected so far.
He, however, noted that the autopsy report would give proper directions to the case.
He said, “The Lion Building Police Division is investigating a case of sudden and unnatural death. The person concerned, who was Davido’s friend, was brought in dead to a general hospital on Lagos Island and the doctor notified the police.
“The autopsy report will be out tomorrow (Friday) or Monday and that would determine the cause of death. The deceased’s girlfriend insinuated that Davido had a hand in the friend’s death because they (Tagbo and Davido) were seen together in a bar somewhere in Lekki, having a nice time.
“I called all the parties concerned because there is always the need for the police to ensure that there is no breakdown of law and order. The police are already investigating the circumstances surrounding the death and we are ensuring that all possible angles are touched. We will issue a statement after investigations. Meanwhile, there is no need for speculations.”

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See Diezanni Madueke and Gen Abdulsalami’s house in London (video)

Russian anti-corruption activist Roman Borisovich led a tour of street of London to showcase properties owned by prominent Nigerians through fraudulent deals

Properties owned by  Diezani Alison-Madueke, Abdulsalami Abubakar, and other prominent Nigerians have been featured on “kleptocracy tours” of London.
The tours, organized by anti-corruption activists, highlight properties owned by corrupt foreign politicians.

On an Al-Jazeera report of the kleptocracy tour, property owned by a former military head of state Abdulsalami Abubakar was highlighted.
‘Kleptocracy tour’ highlights London money-laundering

Rachel Davis-Teka of Transparency International UK said there are over 40,000 homes in London that are owned by individuals unknown to London authorities, making it easy for corrupt politicians to hide their loot in the city.

Some of the tours are hosted by Russian anti-corruption activist Roman Borisovich. While his tours had generally featured prominent Russian and Middle Eastern politicians and business leaders, he has recently begun featuring properties owned by Nigerians.
“Our goal is to stop the avalanche of dirty money that is pouring into the real estate in the UK and particularly into central London,” he told Al-Jazeera.
It would be recalled that Mrs. Alison-Madueke is under investigation in UK and USA
See the video