Watch The First Restaurant Where All The Chefs Are HIV positive (video)

Gone are those days when HIV patients were stigmatized. They are coming out bolder, healthy and living longer years. Thanks to many scientific discoveries and anti retro viral drugs (ARV). They are becoming more assertive and doing great stuffs. Do you know that there exists a restaurant in Toronto, Canada where all the chefs are HIV positive.

It is the first Restaurant That Has Only HIV-positive Chefs In The Kitchen

Toronto is now home to a new, first-of-its-kind pop-up — the world’s only restaurant where every piece of food is made by someone with HIV. Organizers say the impetus was a recent poll that found that the thought of dining with somebody who’s HIV-positive still paralyzes them with fear.
The survey by Casey House, Canada’s only hospital dedicated to people living with HIV/AIDS, found that nearly half of Canadians wouldn’t eat a meal prepared by someone with the disease, even though health experts say the infection can’t be transmitted that way. To combat the stigma around food prep, Casey House decided it was time to pull a bold stunt.

watch the video below

The pop-up, called June’s Eatery after Casey House’s co-founder June Callwood, launched this week. It advertised two four-course dinners made by 14 HIV-positive chefs for $125 — one yesterday, the other today. Both of them sold out.
Organizers told The Guardian that they even welcome “negative coverage,” though, as the “entire point of the pop-up” is “exposing the ignorance and blame around HIV and AIDS.” They did their best to test people, too — organizers say they mailed jars of soup prepared by the HIV-positive team to newsrooms “across Canada.” It seems they didn’t really care what became of that soup in a box, as long as it challenged media to “examine their own beliefs” before writing about the event.


Watch The World’s Most Expensive Car: $12.8 Million Rolls Royce Sweptail (video)

When it comes to exclusivity, a Rolls Royce preaches  and breathes it.

They are vintage cars on the roads and are always in limited edition. It comes with class and panache. They’re also some of the most expensive cars in the world.But Rolls Royce has outdone itself this time around and the rest of the car makers with this.

Have you heard of Rolls Royce Sweptail?

It is an exclusive luxurious car made specially for a unique customer

The car is the only one of its kind in the world and costs a princely sum of  $12.8million! The company says the customer, who is a collector of expensive one-off items like super-yachts and private jets, came to the manufacturer asking for a one-off car.
So they made him one.

The car features custom coach-work like the Maharajas used to order back in early last century. The car, probably based on the Wraith, is a two-seater with a full panoramic sunroof. The roof tapers down sharply in a shape similar to that of racing yachts that the customer desired.
The interiors have been handcrafted and we’re guessing many acres of rainforest would have had to be chopped down and many a bovine killed for the wood and leather. The thing we like best, however, is the hidden attaché cases that hold laptops behind the doors on either side.

Can you beat that?

Watch the video of this “one in town”luxury car

My New Butt Cost Me N1.5 million, Cossy Orjiakor

Nollywood’s queen of boobs, Cossy Ojiakor, recently checked to an hospital on Lagos island to have butt enlargement. She made a video of it and how the cosmetic doctors were prepping her for the operation.

In a private chat, she said that having a new big bum to replace her relatively small one is a done deal and that, it actually set her back some millions of naira.

When asked if she had actually done the butt job she said she would do, the actress replied in the affirmative.
“That’s old news. I have big butt now,” she replied briefly with a chuckle of mischief in her voice.

“So, you expect me to give out my new massive butt pictures just like that? After spending N1.5 million? Please chill. I ‘m not giving it out yet. You will see it from my new musical video,”
Cossy caught everyone by surprise when she announced she was going under the knives to make her bum as massive as her legendary humongous boobs.  She has made money by flaunting her big boobs rather than exhibiting any rare talent.

She may as well make millions by flaunting her big behind by the time she revealed it to the public. So fellas, when next you see her with a new look, it’s the N1.5 million that did the magic.

Man Flees Home Over Wife’s High Sexual Urge 

A 39 year old man identified as Daniel (surname withheld) resident in Ejigbo, Lagos has abandoned his wife, Ihuoma, 34, their eight children and vowed never to return to the house until his wife can effectively control her high libido.
The couple resided at Omoguwa Street off Omiyale Road in Ejigbo area before Daniel aka Dan was forced to relocate alone to an undisclosed location in Ogun State without informing his family.
P.M.EXPRESS gathered that the couple got married nine years ago and already had eight children and lived in a room and parlour apartment from where the man fled.
However, trouble started after Dan who was a scrap dealer, began to feel the pains of having many children with little income and was said to be finding it extremely difficult to take care of them. According to one of their neighbours, Dan was angry and decided to leave the family because he claimed that his wife kept disturbing him for sex and he was afraid of having more children.
He reportedly claimed that hardly a night passed without his wife crying and begging him for sex, and he usually succumbed to such demands which resulted in frequent pregnancies. The neighbours said it was such demands that made Ihuoma to get pregnant again in 2016 and put to bed a set of twins which increased the number to eight children.
P.M.EXPRESS gathered that when Dan fled, he informed Ihuoma through the phone but was still sending money to her for the upkeep of the family through their neighbour. The whole thing got into public glare when the neighbours asked Ihuoma about her husband and she claimed that he had travelled out. She later declared him missing but did not report to the police.
P.M.EXPRESS gathered that one of their neighbours tried Dan’s phone number and got him. The neighbour then told him that his wife said he was missing. It was then Dan told him that he was not missing but he fled the home because his wife kept disturbing him every night and he might be forced to have more children if her pressure continued. And so he had to leave the home for her.
When our correspondent contacted Ihuoma over her husband’s allegation, she replied that Dan was her husband and she had children for him. She declined to make further comment on the matter and went inside her apartment.
P.M.EXPRESS asked the neighbours to know if there were other reasons that made him leave the house as Dan could still use sex protective materials. One of the neighbours replied that Ihuoma could be one of such women that do not like such.
“Besides they were not educated to the extent to know much about family planning.” another neighbour said.
As at the time of filing this report, Dan was yet to return to his home after several weeks despite persuasions by neighbours and relations who knew about the escape and the predicament.

Smelling Your Partner’s Farts Could Be Good For You

A few years (or even months) into a new relationship and it seems as though all rules and boundaries disappear. Yes, we’re talking about your partner’s farts.
Whether your other half considers the age-old ‘Dutch Oven’ a hilarious prank or they have grown so comfortable around you that they no longer bother holding in a trump or two – we’ve all sadly been on the receiving end of a bottom burp of two.
And unfortunately, a new study may give partners everywhere the excuse they’ve been hoping for.
Researchers at the University of Exeter, have revealed that inhaling your other half’s farts could actually provide countless health benefits.
Research indicated that hydrogen sulfide, one of the egg-like gases prevalent in wind, can reduce the risk of various life threatening diseases. Yes, we’re afraid so.
According to the report, the microbial byproduct can lower the chances of heart attacks, strokes, dementia and cancer.

One of the researchers responsible for the study, Dr. Mark Wood, said: “Although hydrogen sulfide is well known as a pungent, foul-smelling gas in rotten eggs and flatulence, it is naturally produced in the body and could in fact be a healthcare hero with significant implications for future therapies for a variety of diseases.”
Fellow researcher Professor Matt Whiteman added, “When cells become stressed by disease, they draw in enzymes to generate minute quantities of hydrogen sulfide. This keeps the mitochondria ticking over and allows cells to live. If this doesn’t happen, the cells die and lose the ability to regulate survival and control inflammation.”
He continued: “We have exploited this natural process by making a compound, called AP39, which slowly delivers very small amounts of this gas specifically to the mitochondria.”Our results indicate that if stressed cells are treated with AP39, mitochondria are protected and cells stay alive.”
We don’t know about you but we’ll certainly be keeping this newfound information a secret…

Source UK style

9 Lies Married Men Use To Deceive Women

Married men are all over, roaming and deceiving ladies everywhere.
No, don’t get me wrong, I am a married man but I tell you this for free; we are the most devious and malicious creatures to ever walk this earth. A married man will lie to you without batling a lid to hit on you and eventually win your heart.
Here are 9 lies married men use to hit on you:
1. I am not happy in my marriage.
This is the topmost lie that men lie to woo naive girls into dating them. If he is not happy he should leave, not bringing a sob story to make you swallow the line and hook up. My sister, if he is unhappy you are not his happiness either – abort mission.

2. I will leave her.
You have heard this statement a thousand times from married men. He says he is fed up with his wife and will leave her for you. It’s a lie!

3. I am with her for the sake of the kids.
You’ve already heard this comment gazillion time. He will lie that he is with the wife for the sake of the kids while in the real sense, they are very happily married. Visit his social media accounts and you’ll be met by pictures of a perfect family.

4. I don’t love her.
This is a line that most married men are fond of using. If he doesn’t love her what makes you think he will love you? Wake up girl, he just wants to slide you to the sack!

5. I will marry you.
What makes you believe that he will leave his wife for you? Married men use this lie to lure you into accepting his demands knowing very well that he will never leave his wife for you. The only way to avoid this is to avoid him.

6. We separated just recently.
He will lie to you that he just separated with his wife and they are just co-parenting. He will continue lying to you that he may even consider you the second mother of his kids. Really? Do you buy such crap? I don’t think so.

7. She is not as beautiful as you.
No one hates to be told that they are beautiful, but using this lie to get you is just lame. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways. Sweetie he is just making you feel good so that you fall into his trap head first.

8. We don’t even sleep in the same bed.
This is a lie married men will tell you to make you believe that they are not even sleeping with their wives. He will lie to you that the last time they slept together was before the new millennium. He is lying. Stay woke.

9. I will move out.
He will lie to you that he will find a place for you and leave his matrimonial home. Men use this lie to make you feel that he is more interested in making a future with you. It’s a lie, be wise.

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My Pretty Neighbour Infected Me With Staph

I need your advice on this one, I don’t know how to go about it. Read this story to understand my plight.

I just packed into a new house last month and things have been moving really fast for me. So much stress and I had spent a lot of money furnishing my apartment and moving stuffs. So, two weeks ago my neighbour came to my house to greet me(as new neigbour things) I was very excited because she was beautiful and around my age bracket. I told her to come in, this was around 11:00 am i offered her a drink and we were talking about so many things.
I found out she was just my type of girl quiet and intelligent. We talked about the previous tenants and she told me my house was fine. I was happy, I said finally all the stress from packing was worth it. She left by 6:45 pm that day. The next day, I saw her spreading clothes outside so I approached her, we greeted and she asked me if I’ve eaten. I said no so she said she cooked spaghetti and she would bring for me. She arrived with the food, I thought to myself this must be a wife material o. We were both eating till she said let her feed me. Like play like play I’d feed her and she’d feed me. Before I said Jack Robinson we were already kissing and smooching.
I wasn’t with my condom and I wasn’t prepared but I felt this girl was a nice and innocent girl. She probably just likes me. So I gently removed her clothes like a gentle man and we had sex. I swore to myself I won’t release early or get tired so at least she would feel me and come back for more.

We enjoyed ourselves, we were happy and I know she enjoyed it as well, she held my hand and we were stack Unclad gisting for about 20 minutes staring at each others eyes.
So eventually she went home.
After three days, I went to ease myself only to see white pus from my joystick that morning. I was so surprised. My heart started beating and I rushed to my phone I googled it and I got things like UTI, gonorrhea, staph, HIV. I was really scared. I called her, she came and she was normal. I didn’t tell her about it. I just wanted to find out if she purposely gave it to me but she seemed like she didn’t know. I travelled home to see my mum.

I went for test spent about 3k for urethral swab, blood test and urine analysis.
It came back positive for Staphylococcus. I was so annoyed at myself for not using a condom the same time relieved that it was negative for HIV. I spent a total of 9k on drugs and injection and I came back home. Mind you, I bought two packs of condom in case.
I like this girl and she likes me but I wasted one week treating the staph without telling her and if I tell her now she would see me as a bad person and I don’t know how she would react if I tell her she gave it to me. I’m really confused because I don’t want to lose the relationship. My mind is telling me not to tell her and continue using condom( she’s very sweet) but I love her and I don’t want it to be harmful to her but she may decide not to give me sex again. I’m worried.
Please for matured minds okay. Its really important, life is at stake.

Culled from Nairaland

I just divorced my wife, and exploring my Gay Side

I’ve been bi as long as long as I can remember but have never really fully explored my gay side. After being married for over 20 years and raising two kids, my wife and I are separating for at least a few months while I figure this out. She was really pissed, at first, but has since calmed down and we are working through how to do this. I have been moved out for a whole week now, and I’m living with my straight friend who is also divorced. My first week of freedom I had sex with one guy twice and with 2 other guys once each. […]
On Thursday I started a conversation with a guy named Connor, but by the time we started chatting it was nearly midnight and I was very tired, so we decided to see where things took us Friday. All day Friday at work I left Connor’s profile open, on my phone. I constantly went back going over his pics and stats. 6’2″ tall and 220 lbs. A little chubby and covered in a fairly thick coat of hair. A bear for sure. But what I really liked were his dick pics. 7.5 inches, cut and gorgeous. I admit I am a sucker for a good looking cock. He texted me a little after 5:00 pm while I was driving home. I called him back and we chatted while I drove. He had a deep voice and laughed a lot. He said I could come over whenever I wanted. I said I would go home and clean up, then grab some beer and head his way. I told him 90 minutes, but it was almost 7:30 by the time I pulled into his driveway.
I parked behind a blue F-150. His garage door wasand so was the hood of a mustard yellow 64 Camaro. Connor came out from behind the car and introduced himself. We shook hands and opened beers while he told me about his car. We looked at some of his other toys, a dirt bike, a mountain bike, snowboards and longboards. He was an electrician by trade and things were going well. After checking out all his stuff, we went inside and opened another beer. He looked like he could drink a lot of beer. We took our beers and sat down next to each other on the sofa. Our eyes met and we could both tell how horny we were. Our lips and tongues crashed together as we tried to set down our beers without spilling them. Our arms embraced each other as we pressed our bodies together. Connor was clean shaven but his five o’clock shadow was already rough.
I broke our kiss and started working my way down his neck, as I pushed him back and climbed on top of him. He moaned as I worked my way up and down his neck from his ear to his collarbone, while my hands explored his broad chest over his shirt. My exploration eventually led further south where I could fell the outline of his stiffening erection through his jeans. I slid down, an got on my knees between his legs. He looked down at me and smiled while I fumbled with with the bottom and zipper on his jeans. He lifted his ass so that I could slide them down leaving Connor in his athletic style jockstrap. The smell of dick was sumptuous. I nuzzled into his crotch savor if the scent of his manhood. My cock was so hard. I pulled aside the white ribbed fabric and out flipped his hardening 7.5″ penis and Connor grabbed his beer and sipped it. I grabbed it and enjoying the softness of the skin and the hardness of the shaft. I held in front of me and admired the head. I ran my finger around the ridge of his helmet and traced his veins up and down his shaft while Connor watched and drank more beer. A tiny pearl of pre-cum started to ooze out of his cock slit. I touched it with the tip of my tongue and pulled back allowing a translucent string of saliva and pre-cum to connect my mouth to his cock. He watched everything intently. I opened my mouth wide and slowly lowered it down over his dick until I felt the tip touching the back of my throat. I closed my lips tightly and pulled back applying pressure. I continued to bob up and down on Connor’s dick while he drank beer and enjoyed the show.
After about 15 minutes or so, he pulled me off and planted a big wet kiss on my lips. “I need another beer, you?” I pounded the rest of mine and said sure. We took our beers to the bedroom where we both stripped down to our jockstraps. The room was messy with work clothes and towels on the floor. There was an unmade king sized bed and a large tv on the wall. Connor flopped down in bed and turned on some porn on the big screen. It was a couple of manly leather bears grunting and sucking and fucking, and it made it seem like there was a couple of other guys in the room with us. I took a big swig of my beer while I stood beside the bed and admired this big bear of a man. He wasn’t fat. He didn’t have a gut that would hang over his belt, he was just big and thick everywhere. Including his cock. As I stood there looking down and admiring him he reached out and started fondling my hard cock and balls. So I reached down and started playing with his junk. After a few minutes he leaned over and took my whole dick in his mouth, all the way to the pubes. It was so warm and wet. He really went to town sucking and bobbing up and down until I was on the edge in almost no time. I pulled out and told him I was too close. “No problem,” he said. ” I’ll eat your ass instead”. So I climbed on to of him with my ass in his face and his dick in my face.
He licked and fingered my ass for at least half an hour, eventually working three of his beefy fingers into my wet hole. I just enjoyed the buffet of hairy cock and balls I had in front of me. Finally Connor couldn’t take it anymore. “Damn I need to fuck your ass,” he said, getting out from under me and positioning himself behind me while I was on my hands and knees. On the screen I front of us a black guy in leather chaps and harness was fucking a muscled hairy bald guy in a sling. I watched the scene on the screen while Connor got a squirt bottle of lube and a condom. Soon I felt his tip searching for love portal, a little too high, so I reached behind me and guided him inside me. He slid in easily but slowly, going all the way until I felt his pubic hair against my butt, then left it there for a minute or so, before slowly starting to move back and forth. When I first started bottoming, there were times when fist being penetrated it would still hurt, and sometimes a greedy top would try to go to quick. I was more experienced now, so pain was unusual, but sometimes there would be some discomfort. Not tonight though. Despite his size, Connor got things going slowly and built his pace and force gradually. Within about fifteen minutes however he was pounding me as hard as I’ve ever been pounded and stabbing my man-cunt with full thrusts that took him completely out of me to buried balls deep. We changed positions and guzzled some more beer. Now I was on my back while he held me by my ankles. Fuck I was in heaven. He thrust his dick all the way into my butt hole and I moaned loudly. He let go of my ankles an leaned down to kiss me while he ground he cock inside me, my own erection trapped between our bodies. We broke agin for more beer. He laid on his back, his hard dick against his stomach. I climbed on top of him, and lowered myself down onto his sword stabbing my guts to the hilt. I leaned forward and we kissed while rode him for at least twenty minutes. “Where do you want me to cum?” He asked eventually.
“I want to make you cum with my ass,” I said.
“That might take a little while longer,” he said. I was ok with that so I continued to ride him. After another 15 minutes or so, he started grunting and thrusting his hips up against me. I knew he was close so I increased my pace. I spit in my hand and grabbed my own hardon, so I could be ready to shoot my load when he came. It want long before we were both grunting and moaning loudly as we climaxed together. I laid down on him, all sweaty until we had to get up for more beer.
It was almost 11:00 and we drank beer and watched lorn and talked for a while. I noticed Connor start to fool around with his dick, shaking it and getting it hard. I leaned over and helped with my mouth, which usually gets me super hard. When Connor was hard again, I got on my hands and knees and he got right to business behind me. I didn’t need much warming up after the first time. He fucked me in various positions for the next hour until finally pulling of his condom and stroking his cock furiously until he unloaded on my chest. I was already jacking it too and it wasn’t long before I mixed my cum with his.
It was almost 1:00 when I left. My legs were shaking and I could hardly walk. Today has been a little rough. I am sore but I can’t wait to see Connor again. Fuck I love cock.

Editor’s note

This blog does not promote gayism but respects the rights of LGBT but not enshrined in Nigeria’s statute. We pretend that they do not exist. They exist and live amongst us.

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu loses Jide, First Son

Bola Tinubu’s son, Jide, is dead

Asiwaju (middle) & right (Seyi his other surviving son )

Jide Tinubu, son of the of the former governor of Lagos state, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is dead.

In a tweet by @APCUKingdom, the party prayed for the repose of the soul of the son of the national leader of the ruling APC.
“It’s with regrets that we inform Nigerians of the demise of Mr. Jide Tinubu, the Son of Our dear and esteemed Leader, @AsiwajuTinubu. RIP”.
Late Jide is a law graduate of the University of Liverpool, England. He obtained a Masters degree in Maritime Law from the University of London and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1999.

The late lawyer had served as Promoter of TSL Limited and also worked in the Legal Department of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited from January 2000 to September 2001. Prior to this, he had brief stints with Cargo Maritime, Paris, France, a firm of shipbrokers that specialize in petroleum product tankers, and Ocean and Oil Services Ltd.

May his soul rest in perfect peace, and give Asiwaju and the entire family, fortitude to bear this sad loss!

Ladies These Are Signs You are a Side Chick

Men are polygamous in nature and for that reason most of them find it very difficult to stick with a patner. No matter how hard you satisfy him, if he’s to cheat on you, he will.

Who is a side chick?

A side chick is basically a female secondary partner to a guy who primarily satisfies his needs.

Many Nigerian ladies are sidechicks and they don’t even know it. Worse still some are side chicks but they think they are the main chick. Poor them. There’s nothing worse than a woman who goes around thinking that love is In the air but all her dirty boyfriend wants is her legs in the air.

Ladies, do you keep wondering what role you have in your man’s life? Well, if it even reaches that point where you are not sure, then you are probably the other woman.

There are many obvious signs that can show a woman that she is the side chick, but since women are women, they get so caught up in the emotions, good sex and sweet nothings that they end up being too blind to see the obvious signs.

So here they are
1. He only meets and communicates with you during the day

Night time is girlfriend time for him, so his focus is on his main chick and not your valueless ass that can’t wash his clothes. If he’s never anywhere to be found at night, then he is attending to his queen whom he respects very much by the way. He’ll come back to you in the morning. Just sleep tight as he bleeps her brains out. Your turn will come.
2, He Dodges Every Photo Opportunity

Everyone is on Facebook and Instagram posting pics of their food, kids, and showing off their baes. Snapchat also makes every day a motion picture production. So if you notice that your guy is dodging selfies like bullets whenever you tilt your phone to take a selfie, you may be a side chick. Or maybe he takes some with you but he never posts them anywhere on social media. They just remain in his gallery protected by a ten letter password.
3. He ONLY hollas at you via texts and Whatsapp

The only time you hear his voice is when you meet him. Two words: Red. Flag. Why wouldn’t your guy want to hear your beautiful voice? C’mon ladies. He’s simply trying to avoid getting caught by his main girl.
4. He Whispers On The Phone With You The Way Those Undercover Agents Do In Movies

So you have a man who normally talks loudly like he’s addressing a political rally when he’s with you but on the phone, he talks like a person with deep flu. He’s probably hiding in the bathroom while his main chick is watching TV, trying to catch up with you
5. He Only calls You When He Wants to get laid

Now, if this is cool with you, do your thing. But if you’re never even taken on dates and all your meet ups are behind closed doors while Unclad then you are his container for sperm deposits. You are also like his right hand that he uses to masturbate with. The only differences is that you have tits, an ass and you moan.
6. You still know very little about him yet you’ve dated him for several months

If you’ve been seeing each other for a while, yet he only thing you know is where he lives,….uummm, you know what you are. If you still haven’t met his friends, family or loved ones, it’s because you can’t. They know his main chick and he doesn’t wanna look like a spoilt brat to his mum. Maybe on some rare occasions, he might bring you to meet his friends and they won’t say a word because they’re loyal to him. They’ll just be looking at you funny like you have farted or something.
7. He hates surprise visits. He has even told you to call him first before you come

Spontaneity is not allowed for side chicks. Call him out of the blue, say you’re in the area and would like to see him. If he freaks out or makes an excuse, that’s a red flag. He wants to date you on his own terms and when you step outside of that, it causes him to panic.

8, He never talks about the future

Your guy doesn’t ask about your life plans and shows no interest in getting to know you as a person. His focus is on the here and now and he doesn’t see the need in sharing his future plans because you likely won’t be around for long. You’re just the ourtain raiser and not the main performer.
9. He cancels plans a lot

He has his main chick to tend to, so when things come up you’re the one to get the shaft. You’re not a priority and your plans go on the back burner. If he keeps canceling your plans, last-minute that’s an open sign right there.
10. He tells you he’s not into relationships

Ladies, when a guy tells you that he’s not into relationships, he’s lying. He’s basically trying to politely let you know that he doesn’t see you as anything more than a side bang. He’s actually into relationships, just not with you. Walk away, you can do better than that girl.