This 42-year-old woman is always mistaken for a teenager (pics)

Lure Hsu, who will soon be celebrating her 42nd birthday, has disclosed the secret behind her youthful look. The  42-year-old lady who has become an internet sensation told Friday Magazine;

“Moisturizing is so important – in fact, ageing, fine lines and other skin problems moisturising can reduce.

In addition, to keep skin healthy the sun is also very important, but not excessive exposure to it – especially in the summer.

Although the sun is not always hot, you should still use sunscreen as sunned skin is drier and make small spots and small fine lines easier to appear. Think everything is simply moisturizing well and not over-exposing yourself to sun.”

She further disclosed that she eats less meat and more fibre, plus high protein foods and exercise are also parts of her routine.

Lure also suggested that her fans take a cup of black coffee every morning, have as few sugary drinks as possible, eat less greasy food,  eat more fruit and vegetables.

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Man interrupts wife’s burial ceremony in Anambra, throws corpse on the floor (pics)

A man in Anambra state caused pandemonium at a burial ceremony after he stormed the event to let out his anger on the corpse by throwing it off its platform.

The pandemonium which was witnessed in Nnewi South L.G.A, Anambra State, on June 23rd was reported to have started over several issues between the man known as “Who Know Man” and the deceased.

According to report, “Who Know Man” married two wives but had issues with the first wife who died 3 years ago, the unresolved issues he had with his dead wife however prompted him to storm her burial ceremony after he had refused to bury her and abandoned her body in the mortuary.

CFRMagazine reported that the deceased’s body had been in the mortuary for 3 years when “Who Know Man’s” second wife died leading him to agree to bury the second wife while the first wife’s body remained in the mortuary.

Villagers and community leaders were however reported to have stood against his move to bury the second wife while the first remained in the mortuary adding that according to Igbo tradition and custom, he was supposed to bury the first wife first.

“Who Know Man” was however reported to have ignored all warnings and proceeded to schedule the burial ceremony for 23rd June 2017.

The relatives of the first wife however stormed the event and led to a Nollywood movie-esqe scene as the elder brother of the first wife took “Who Know Man” unawares by going to the mortuary, claiming the body of his sister and then appearing at the burial ceremony as earlier as 8:00am to lay their late sister to rest.

The relatives of the first wife proceeded to bury their dead in the space meant for the second wife which led to a free-for-all fight between the husband, relatives of the first and second wives.

In the fracas, one of the coffins was thrown to the floor and the content spilled forth.

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How her friend’s betrayal turned to blessing ! ( True life story)

FAMILIARITY not only breeds contempt, it also breeds a hotbed of opportunities for unfaithfulness. The more close-knit a crop of friends are, the wider the chances of swopping partners, albeit discreetly. Tope’s recent experience, however, took the cake when it comes to how far you can go in forgiving a friend who ‘snatched’ the partner you believed you could have married.

A few of us were in a ‘no-party-this-weekend’ drinking and chin-waging session when she suddenly invited me to one of her friends’ house-warming party a few days away. I’d never heard her mention this particular friend and no wonder, because when I asked her who she was, Tope actually looked a bit pensive. “I’ll tell you all about her on the way but I need you to come with me for much needed support.”

We’ve never stood for ceremonies when going out on the spur of the moment. As we nestled in the back seat of the car, Tope told me this friend, Cecilia, was once a close friend in their undergraduate days. “We did virtually everything together,” she reminisced, “and went to social outings as a foursome with our boyfriends. When I met David, she was the first person I told because she had a knack of assessing people.

We were room-mates then and I was glad David had a lot in common with her boyfriend. He was a freshly employed banker with a very promising future. Whenever either of our men visited, we had this unwritten rule of leaving the coast clear for some privacy. Cecilia did this regularly even when she fell out with her boyfriend. She was so miserably unhappy that I insisted she came with us on a few outings to take her mind off her grief, David used to grumble about three being a crowd, but I put my foot down.

Social Kiss

Cecilia was pathetically grateful to have a semblance of a social life and I was glad to be of help. After all, what were friends for? When she said she was pregnant a few weeks to our final exams, I was shocked. She had no serious boyfriend to speak of, and I asked who the father of her unborn child was. She said she met him when he recently came to Nigeria on a brief visit and had gone back. She was likely to join him after we graduated. I felt happy for her but was concerned she could jump into a relationship so quickly after her botched one. Was she on the rebound?

” A couple of months after we graduated, I called on her, hoping to cheer her up and discuss the new job I had just landed. I was intrigued to find David’s car parked in front of her parents’ house. What was he doing there? Her mum let me in and I went straight to her room. I was curious that David wasn’t anywhere to be found. I cautiously pushed Cecilia’s bedroom door open and the sight that greeted me made my world spin! David was on the bed with my best friend, his naked back to me, his trousers around his knees. They were obviously having a quickie!

“Cecilia, who was lying beneath him in spite of her rounded tummy saw me, her mouth, a shocked ‘O’! of surprise. “You bitch!” I yelled at her in frustrated anger. David turned at the sound of my voice and quickly scrambled to his feet when he saw me, pulling up his trousers as my best friend struggled to get into her clothes.

“l rushed blindly out of the room and ran smack into Cecilia’s mum. She’d heard the commotion and came to find out what was going on. ‘I just caught Cecilia having sex with my fiance!’ I spat at her. She looked shocked.

Was I sure David was my fiance? She obviously was in the dark as to my relationship with him. She said David was the father of Cecilia’s unborn child, that they were getting married in three weeks. Silently, she handed over a copy of the invitation card, still looking confused. It was then I knew what betrayal really was. I was inconsolable, and my parents were concerned about me. Most of our friends that I called told me they knew about the wedding but didn’t know how to tell me.

“For weeks I couldn’t make the terrible image of what I saw that day go away. I thought the whole world was laughing at me. David didn’t bother to contact me and neither did Cecilia. I nearly had a break-down when I saw pictures of their wedding in newspapers. A few months after the wedding, Cecilia sent a note through one of our friends. She’d had a baby girl. She wrote: I’ m awfully sorry for hurting you the way I did, it’s happened and you’re still my best friend. Do you think we can get over this?’

“I couldn’t believe she would have the nerve to ask for my blessing after she’d flattened the life I’d dreamt of having.  ‘Tell her I would go to the grave hating her!’ I told the friend she sent. Talk about stabbing you in the chest and turning the knife! That was over 20 years ago. I met my husband shortly after and couldn’t have asked for a more successful and understanding man. David was retrenched by the bank he worked for, and Cecilia now has to struggle to keep the family of three kids together. When the landlord started grabbing them by the throat, they hurried the completion of the bungalow they started building ages ago on the outskirts of Lagos.

“Cecilia shuttled between Nigeria and Britain from time to time and sent in money from her career job through the Western Union so the house could be habitable. I didn’t know all this until I ran into her at a friend’s house. She looked so contrite and despondent that being hostile to her would amount to kicking her when she was down.

“Haltingly, we got talking and she was her friendly self. The chemistry between us gradually returned and there was really nothing to hate about her. She’d put on a lot of weight and was a far cry from the sophisticated room-mate I’d known. Her marriage wasn’t all that happy either, and when she asked for my address and phone number, I gladly gave them to her, convinced she would not have the nerve to call.

“I was mildly surprised when she called at the house about a week later and was glad I lived in such a posh surrounding. It was then she invited me to a house-warming. I don’t think I’ve ever visited that neck of the woods their house is situated but I didn’t want to give the impression of a snob, so I agreed to come.

The driver knows the area, thank goodness.”

After veering off a tarred road and bumping dangerously through the very rough stretch of lane that leads to Cecilia’s bungalow, I really felt sorry for the poor woman. The place still needed to be painted and neighbourhood buildings weren’t impressive. Yet it was home to her family and as we went in, we were ushered in like VIPs. Cecilia was obviously happy to see us. Decked in a very expensive lace material that I’d once seen on Tope, I knew right away that Tope must have given it to her. “What else could I do?” she asked on our way back home.

‘I had so much and she had precious little. You should see how excited and grateful she was when I gave her a few of my clothes that I didn’t really need.

And did you see David? I’m glad that I had this opportunity to see both of them and finally lay the ghost that had hunted me for years. It was like revisiting the scene of the crime! David’s shabby look made me wonder what I ever saw in him.

“Thanks to their supposed betrayal, I found a better man and providence had more than compensated my loss. I intended to do whatever I can to make life easier for her. I mean, but for the grace of God, I would have been in her shoes! If we were useful to each other once, we could be useful to each other again. You can forgive anything if your hurt eventually works in your favour….”

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Pregnant MAN gives birth to his own daughter after carrying baby because wife could not fall pregnant (pics & video)

Chris Rehs-Dupin has previously been pictured sporting a beard along with a heavily pregnant belly with his wife saying ‘he looked like a man with a beer belly

A husband has revealed how he carried and gave birth to his own daughter – because his wife could not fall pregnant.

Pictured sporting a beard as he showed off his pregnant belly, Chris Rehs-Dupin tells how he and his wife Amy met and fell in love in their 20s, working at a children’s summer camp. They always knew they definitely wanted a family.

With Chris – who was born Christina – being a pre-op transgender male, however, they planned for Amy to be the biological mum.

But when five attempts of intrauterine insemination – fertility treatment that involves placing sperm inside a uterus to facilitate fertilisation – failed, Chris volunteered to carry their baby instead.

He finally gave birth to their now two-year-old daughter, Hayden, naturally on December 20, 2014, after five rounds of IUI treatment and a miscarriage

Having Hayden made Amy even more determined to carry a baby herself and in 2016 she had Milo by caesarean section after a further round of IUI.

Amy and Chris with their children Hayden and Milo

Explaining their unusual parenting arrangements, Amy said: “We went through a lot of fertility treatments, until we finally reached a point where we needed to make a decision as to whether we were going to do more medical intervention or if we were going to switch bodies.

“We were fortunate enough to have two uteruses. So, after a lot of thought and emotion and difficulties we switched to Chris.”

And while Chris lived as a man and didn’t feel female, he was willing to use his womb for the good of their family.

Recalling their initial plans to have children, sales director Amy, 33, continued: “There was no question who would carry the baby. I couldn’t wait to be pregnant.”

So, in January 2013, the couple visited their local obstetrics and gynaecology practice, near their home in Columbus, Ohio.

They bought a batch of sperm from an anonymous donor before choosing to use intrauterine insemination – placing the sperm inside Amy’s womb for fertilisation.

Chris pictured with his wife Amy and daughter Hayden

But, sadly, three weeks later, the pregnancy test was negative.

After five IUI attempts – each costing £750 failed – they resorted to drastic action with Chris volunteering to carry their baby instead.

It was another incredible step in this couple’s unique love story.

Chris, 33, who now runs children’s summer camps, explained: “When I went to university in 2007, I knew I wasn’t a woman and it was an easy realisation to make.

“I didn’t want to take hormones, because I was happy with who I was and who I was presenting myself as, but I have always been very open with Amy.”

Still, Amy’s love for Chris meant his gender was not an issue.

She added: “By the time I met him, I knew the issue of his gender was at the forefront of his mind. And, eventually, he became more masculine and lived as a man.

“Chris was my soul mate. I loved everything about him. It didn’t matter what he looked like.”

Chris with two-year-old daughter Hayden who he gave birth to

Cementing their love with a civil partnership in October 2012 and legally married in 2013 when the law changed, the couple were keen to have children.

But, when Chris finally fell pregnant, despite their excitement, they both struggled with what was happening throughout the pregnancy.

Amy confessed: “When Chris was pregnant it was really difficult, because I always thought I would be the one to carry our children.

“It was definitely a strain and it was difficult.”

And while Chris started to experience the physical signs of pregnancy – he was constantly sick and his belly and breasts grew – his changing hormones strangely made his natural goatee beard grow thicker and more prominent.

“Some days, he looked like a man with a beer belly,” Amy joked.

Being pregnant was also a confusing time for Chris.

He admitted: “Being pregnant is such a female thing and that’s when I started to question that it was not what I was.

“I don’t think I had a problem emotionally having a child, I wasn’t losing a part of my identity. I think the world had a bigger problem with it than I did.

“Some people think men aren’t supposed to carry children, that’s the world we live in. So, I feel like the world would see it as emasculating, that it would make me less trans but not the case for me. For me it was an amazing experiencing.”

But Chris insisted he did not want to breast feed.

Chris shows his growing bump

He said: “I had no intention of breastfeeding and I hated the fact my breasts had grown.

“After years of binding them flat, any pressure now left me in agony.”

Meanwhile, worried about bonding with her baby, Amy decided to take birth control pills, to trick her body into mimicking pregnancy. She also took a hormone called domperidone, to make her body produce breast milk.

Neither Chris nor Amy will ever forget the precious moment, when Hayden was born, weighing 8lbs and 11oz, and they became parents for the first time.

‘I couldn’t believe we were parents,’ said Chris, who explained that Amy was legally registered as Hayden’s mother, while he was listed as ‘parent.’ “We both cried, holding her in our arms. Finally, our prayers had been answered.”

See the video

Sadly, though, Amy didn’t produce enough, so they decided together that Chris would breastfeed Hayden after all.

Ironically, however, being pregnant made Chris more certain than ever that he wanted to further his transition to become a man.

He said: “I knew it would make me a better and a happier person, a whole person, to start a medical transition.

“When my daughter came I knew I didn’t want her to be afraid of who she is and it’s important for me to model that behaviour.”

The couple also knew they wanted a second child and as there wasn’t a medical reason why Amy couldn’t conceive, they decided to give it another try.

Amy eventually gave birth herself to their second child Milo

“Seeing Chris carrying our baby increased my yearning to carry a child,” she explained.

In October 2015 Chris had an appointment to start his medical transition.

Then, in January 2016, he began having testosterone injections every 10 days, while Amy fell pregnant in the same month, on her first attempt.

While the baby grew, Chris was undergoing his transition. His facial hair grew, his shoulders broadened and his features became more masculine.

And their experiences, running in tandem, brought them closer.

“When I was the pregnant one, because I had a husband who had been there before, it was different. He understood what I was going through, what I was feeling. It was a benefit that not a lot of women have,” Amy said.

The delighted pair welcomed their second baby, Milo into the world, weighing 8lb 15oz on October 1, 2016.

Amy said: “We’ve been on an incredible journey as a family, but we have two amazing kids and Chris is finally happy in his own body.”

He added: “We would love to have a third child. I hope to have breast reconstruction surgery, but will not have a bottom surgery, or have my ovaries removed, so I haven’t ruled out carrying it. We’ll have to fight over it this time.”

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Listen to this man’s last words to his family on his sick bed

Tayo on his sick bed in the hospital called for his wife and four children.

Tayo: To you my wife (Deroju), take over the Petroleum Company.

Deroju: *Started crying loudly.*

Tayo: To you my first son (Ola), take over the shopping mall and the gas station.

Ola: *Screaming.*

Tayo: To you my second son(Ishola), take over the Airport.

Ishola: *Crying louder.*

Tayo: To you my third son(Dolapo), take over Sheraton Hotel.

Dolapo: *Wailing.*

Tayo: To you my only daughter(Dammy), the Teaching Hospital is yours.

Dammy : *Crying loudest*.

The confused nurse in the room with them asked: “I don’t understand why you people are crying and screaming in pain, at least your Dad left you a great deal of properties to make you all comfortable till the end of time”.

Wife: Properties kor, comfortable ni. He is a cleaner and those are places he cleans everyday.

Tell me why won’t he die so soon?

The Man Arrested For Having Sex With Goat In Katsina (see the reason)

KATSINA – Man, 42-years-old and father of six children, Babangida Garba has been arrested in Funtua Local government area of Katsina State for turning a goat to sex object.

Garba was paraded along side other suspects for various criminal offences by the state Commissioner of Police, CP Usman Abdullahi in the police headquarters on Thursday.

Upon interrogation, Garba confessed to the offence saying his wife usually starved him of sex.

The incident was said to have happened in Ungwar Mata, Funtua local government area where Garba was said to have had carnal intercourse with the goat belonging to his neighbor.

IFC and Bayowa tackles each other over Moji Olaiya’s film

The recording and production of Moji Olaiya’s burial programme by Bayowa Films is still generating controversy.

On Tuesday, the Ibadan Film Circle, an online stakeholders’ forum, expressed disgust at the decision of the company founded by seasoned marketer, Gbenga Adewusi, to produce it.

On the platform are actors, producers, directors, scholars and administrators that include Niji Akanni, Segun Arinze, Yinka Ogundaisi, Deji Adenuga, Remi Raji and Tunde Olaoye.

Adewusi has, however, defended himself, saying there was no ulterior motive or commercial reason behind his effort.

In a statement signed by Akanni, an award-winning movie director, who is also the IFC’s administrator, the forum noted that it was disturbed by the action  of Adewusi,  who, according to the IFC, had allegedly produced the work without authorisation by the Olaiya family and made it into VCDs in a manner that suggested it was for sale.

 “We believe that, unless otherwise determined by her immediate family, the video of Ms. Olaiya’s burial is legally the private property of her estate. It is absolutely distasteful and brutally wicked for an enterprise to engage in acts which tend to show it as reaping from the sweat, sorrow and tears of others,” the IFC said.

But, in a swift reaction on Tuesday, Adewusi maintained a position he had earlier expressed that he was not out to make money off the recording.

In the statement directed at the forum, he said, “I’m Mayor Bayowa Gbenga Adewusi, chairman, Bayowa Films and YorubaSwagaTV. I’m just reading your malicious  press release about me and my company.

I’m innocent of your false accusations. If you don’t know, go and ask the Moji Olaiya Burial Committee. I contributed a lot to the farewell service of songs and tribute night and none of you bad belle people attended. I never released or plan to release any recording on VCD or DVD. My recording was showing on myYoruba Swaga Television Channel 310 on Consatand YouTube.”

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Health talk: Harden Your Hones Not Your Heart

Million take calcium supplements every day to keep their bones healthy. But it turns out these supplements come with serious consequences.



Millions of Americans take calcium supplements every day to keep their bones healthy. But it turns out these supplements come with serious consequences…They contribute to the build-up of plaque in your arteries and could cause heart damage. At least, that’s the latest conclusion from researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

They conducted a 10-year study that examined the medical records of more than 2,700 people. These records showed that people who took calcium supplements were 22 percent more likely to develop signs of heart disease over a 10-year period.

And this isn’t the first time the dangers of calcium supplements have come to light. In 2012, German researchers found that women who took calcium supplements doubled their risk of a heart attack. These supplements were also linked to an increased dementia risk for women with cerebrovascular disease earlier this year.

So what’s the deal with calcium supplements? Why are they so dangerous?

Well, it all comes down to how your body is absorbing them. Previous research shows that calcium supplements don’t always make it to your bones. But they don’t get completely expelled in your urine either. So, where do they go?

They seem to accumulate in your body’s soft tissues, like your heart. In fact, scientists already know that calcium-based plaques tend to build up in your aorta (the body’s main blood vessel), blocking blood flow and increasing your risk of a heart attack.

But researchers believe a few other factors could explain why your body responds negatively to calcium supplements too — like the fact that your body may have a hard time processing such a large dose of calcium all at once. Or the fact that calcium supplements are made from calcium salts, which are harder for your body to digest.

Either way, it’s clear those calcium supplements in your vitamin cabinet probably aren’t doing your body any favors. On the other hand, the calcium-rich foods in your pantry and fridge are….

John Hopkins researchers also found that people who got the most total calcium, from both food sources and supplements, were 27 percent less likely to develop heart disease than those who got the least calcium. Apparently, the danger comes from relying too heavily on supplements and forgetting nature’s original supplement… your food! Some of the best calcium-rich foods to add to your daily diet are:

Dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.)
Dark leafy greens (kale, spinach, collard greens, etc.)
White beans
Bok choy
Tofu or edamame
Because your body processes calcium best when it comes in smaller doses (500 mg max), that’s another reason it’s a good idea to get your calcium throughout the day from meals. Just make sure it adds up to at least 1,000 mg of calcium per day. And if you’re a woman over 51 or a man over 71, you’ll want to get even more — at least 1,200 mg of calcium per day.

Now there are ways to keep calcium from hardening your heart… starting with vitamin K2, the missing nutrient your heart craves.

Vitamin K2’s biological role is to help move calcium into the proper areas in your body, such as your bones and teeth. It also plays a role in removing calcium from areas where it shouldn’t be, such as in your arteries and soft tissues.

EDTA chelation therapy is another. In short, chelation therapy was created by the Germans in the early 1930s to remove heavy metals. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to remove heavy metals. Unfortunately, the FDA will never approve EDTA chelation therapy for cardiovascular disease simply because it would jeopardize the heart surgery industry’s multibillion-dollar medical monopoly. To learn more about EDTA chelation, see what Dr. Cutler says about the life-saver heart surgeons never tell you about.

Source: Easyhealthoptions

The ultimate TV? Gigantic 262 inch 4K set goes on sale (but it’ll cost you $539,000 to buy and another $38,500 to have it installed)

c seed develops the world's largest 4K widescreen TV

luxury electronics specialist c seed develops the world’s largest 4K widescreen TV.the c seed ‘262’ 4K TV’s world record diagonal length of 262 inches (6.65 m) gives it a width of 20.16 ft (6.14) m, and height of 8.44 ft (2.57 m). the world’s largest 4K TV comes with a motorized custom fabric cover that can fold away at the push of a button.

It’s the ultimate 4K television with a price tag to match.

Austrian-based C SEED has unveiled a monstrous $539,000 (€490,000) TV that stretches 262 inches (6.65m) diagonally and stands 8.44 feet (2.57m) highDubbed the world’s largest of its kind, the C SEED 262 boasts black LED technology that provides a 5,000 to one contrast ratio and is equip with a motorized custom fabric cover that can fold away at the push of a button

C SEED has unveiled a monstrous $539,000 (€490,000) TV that stretches 262 inches (6.65m) diagonally and stands 8.44 feet (2.57m) high. Dubbed the world’s largest of its kind, the C SEED 262 boasts black LED technology that provides a 5,000 to one contrast ratio and is equip with a motorized custom fabric cover that can fold away at the push of a button


C SEED 262 is 262-in (6.65 m) diagonal length gives it a width of 20.16 ft (6.14) m and height of 8.44 ft (2.57 m).

It has black LED technology that provides a 5,000 to one contrast ratio and ultra-high 800 nits brightness.

The TV includes six or 10 high-end speakers for total quality sound in a 7.1 or 9.1 cinema surround configuration and a motorized custom high-end fabric cover that hides the screen.C SEED has been around since 2009 and has made great traction in the entertainment technology business, while focusing its devices on those who live a luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle.

The firm’s fully retractable super-large LED TV C Seed 201 was awarded ‘Best of the Best 2012’ design world, which is a lavish television that can withstand the elements of nature – allowing users to enjoy their favorite shows in their backyard.

Now, the team has made their idea bigger with the massive C SEED 262 and although it is not weatherproof, it is still sure to impress – the new variant creates a private movie theater in a remote corner of a luxury mansion.

C SEED 262 is 20.16 feet (6.14m) wide and 8.44 feet (2.57 m) tall, weighing in at 1,764 pounds (800 kg).

And it covers a wall space of 262 inches (6.65 m).