Angry man sets his BMW 7 series on fire at the headquarters in Munich over technical problems (video)

Some men can go overboard if they did not get adequate attention to complaints. Especially in the western world where laws are respected and there are mechanisms to attend to genuine grievances. This man feel insulted for not attending to his concerns over his vehicle, a BMW 2008 series.

An Iranian-born businessman named Hadi Pourmohseni showed his displeasure with the automaker by setting his BMW 7 Series on fire outside of BMW’s headquarters near Olympiapark in Munich. He stood with a sign that says  in (German language) “BMW Kundenbetrug Kundenerpressung Prozessbetrug Schaemt Euch!” which translates to “BMW customer deceit customer blackmail process fraud.”

Watch the video

He’s doing this because the car he leased in Italy nine years ago, a 2008 BMW M6 allegedly had significant rattles and transmission shifting issues, and BMW’s dealers supposedly dismissed his concerns.
What an outrageous way to express a displeasure, he will get the attention of the manufacturer this time around, I guess.


Six reasons why you should not be afraid to date a female soldier

Why do men, though, interested in attractive female soldiers find it difficult to approach them for a date?  One female soldier said some of these men think they (female soldiers) are more intense than them and weaken their male role or identity.
However, a female soldier has given six reasons why you should not be afraid to date them or enter into an intense relationship with them.
1. She is an independent woman to you. She has Already got a job, and it’s the best thing a man can wish for.
2. You won’t bother someone harassing your wife for any reason. She is a soldier, so I don’t think that there is any form of harassment that can come to her that she can’t handle.


3. She will always fight for you. If you get married or in a relationship with a female soldier, every of your problem is her problem, she won’t ever let any harm come to you.

4. She will be Trustworthy. You won’t be afraid of thinking about your wife or girlfriend cheating on you, because even people around her can’t even go close to her once they know that she is in a relationship with you.
5. They are the most caring. They care for their loved ones more than anything, love and care is what they give you.
6. They are educated with military and civil law. You don’t have much to say to her, because she already knows what’s good and bad. She knows what to do and the time to do it.
In an expression that is hilarious, she added that ‘in case you are afraid of anyone, come to me, I will help you talk to her.’


Sosoliso crash survivor, Kechi Okwuchi came 6th in America got talent

Kechi Okwachi

Many had forgotten the sad episode that happened on Dcember 10th, 2005. It was a national tragedy when Sosoliso flight 1145 that was coming from Abuja and was taxing on Port Harcourt Airport, suddenly burst into flames and caught fire.
All seven crew members and 101 of the 103 passengers died in the crash, or later from their injuries. Of the two surviving passengers is Kechi Okwuchi and other is the personal assistant (Bunmi Amusan) to the female televangelist, Bimbo Odukoya.

Kechi Okwuchi was treated in Johannesburg hospital, South Africa and at children hospital in Texas, USA. She recovered but still living with scars on her body.

She did not allow her deformed body discouraged her, she participated in the recently concluded America’s got talent show getting to the final.

She came 6th in the competition, despite being involved in an aircrash at a young age, Kechi, you remained courageous and confident by not letting your predicament get in the way of your happiness. Though you did not win, you are still a winner.

Multi-talented 12-year-old ventriloquist, Darci Lynne Farmer took home the grand prize of $1 million and a chance to headline the AGT live show in Las Vegas, She’s so talented, that every single time she performed, the audience and judges gave her a standing ovation while 10-year-old singer, Angelica Hale came in second.
See full list below;

1. Darci Lynne Farmer
2. Angelica Hale
3. Light Balance
4. Mandy Harvey
5. Sara and Hero
6. Kechi
7. Preacher Lawson
8. Diavolo
9. Evie Clair
10. Chase Goehring

Any lady I have sex with gets pimples on her face, I need help

There are new health challenges we hear on daily basis, and it is all over the world

This is another health challenge that baffles me, a young man shared this and I want you to hear his story and help.

The issue is I met my fiancé little over a year, when we met she had a very clean smooth face every woman will pray for but after few months her face had pimples and within a short time her face became so rough. She made different consultations, tried different face cleansers but to no avail.
There was a day she said something that baffles me and got me thinking. She said “she noticed her face started getting rough when we started making love.” We laugh over it but i reminisce over what she said and i could remember the same happened to my ex. My ex, a nurse had pimples throughout our time together.
And apparently, there is actually a lady I met before i met my current girlfriend, my fiancé, she is dark and lovely with a very smooth face, we had series of sex before she later travelled. After some month when i later saw her, her face was full of pimples.
I was not actually bothered before now simply because i just gained employment when i met her and i did pre-employment medical test before i got the job and all the results from the test showed i am ok. Perhaps the tests conducted did not show any medical challenge, it keeps me worried.

Could it be that the sexual intercourse I had with them contributed to this? If yes, whats the cure and how will my fiancé be treated. Has anyone experienced or suffer from this before? Fortunately I have a smooth face, I do not exhibit rough patches or pimples

Please I need help

Magun: Zimbabwean Man’s Testicle Explodes, Dies After Sex Session With Married Woman (pic)

Two lovers under the spell of Magun

Magun is a Yoruba word of south west of Nigeria. Magun means “do not climb”. Do not climb a married woman, simply means do not make love to a married woman . Magun is a concept adopted by Africans where a married man puts protective charm on his wife that is suspected of being adulterous. It is placed on the woman so that once a man, apart from her husband  sleeps with her, the man will  react in a strange manner and dies. In some cases, the two lovers could be locked together after the love session, and may involve the intervention of the spiritualists to undo it. From the picture above, the lovers were locked together and had to be taken to the spiritualists. The purpose is to disgrace them and exposed the illicit affair.

Many do not believe the authenticity of Magun, I urge doubters to read this:

A BULAWAYO woman claims her brother died because he slept with a fenced woman.
Patience Ndlovu told B-Metro that her brother Ndodana’s testicles swelled up like a balloon before they exploded and he died in the process.
“I used to hear that men fence their women but I did not believe that it was actually possible.
My brother died complaining that he was experiencing pain on his privates and he briefly highlighted that he might have slept with a fenced woman but he did not know who exactly as he had many sexual partners. When they exploded that was the end of him,” said Patience.
However, there is one man who is said to have been calling Ndodana telling him to stay away from his wife (name supplied) as there would be fatal consequences if he continued with the affair.
According to a neighbour to the late, Ndodana had been in a relationship with the named woman and some people in the area suggested that he had fathered her two children.
It is reported that despite all these warnings Ncube continued to enjoy the forbidden fruit that was not his.
In her defence the woman said neighbours wanted to destroy her marriage because they were jealous of her beautiful home.
“Who told you this? My children are now being dragged into this issue, it’s very sad that my neighbours want to see my children fatherless. I did not have an affair with him. He was a family friend,“ she said.

A fenced woman is a married woman that have been placed under the spell of Magun.

I Caught My Wife Making Dirty Calls, I need Your Advice

A cheating lover caught in the act

Technology has made life so simple. It has helped in many ways, and so also it has been revealing secrets. Since the advent of GSM in Nigeria (Global System for Mobile), in 2001, it makes life so simple for people to communicate. I shared a story of how a wife caught his cheating husband through social media with WhatsApp. A man has caught his wife making dirty calls to a young man when he exchanged memory cards. Hear him:

“It happened that I exchanged memory card with my wife. I saw 2 call recordings between my wife and a guy. the guy was toasting her and she was laughing and telling the guy on phone that she will go and think about his proposal and give him a feedback later.

I’m confused but I have not challenged her yet. am thinking of ending the marriage but my mum died last month and no one to take care of my son.
What can I do please?

Can An HIV Negative Woman And Her HIV Positive Partner Conceive Naturally?

There are many questions left un-answered regarding people living with HIV. Can they live normal lives? Can they bring forth healthy children to this world?
This section tries to put things in proper perspectives.

What are the chances of a woman contracting HIV from her HIV positive man?
An HIV negative woman and an HIV positive man (discordant couple) can marry and conceive naturally. There are certain measures which are very important to be considered to make an HIV negative woman to remain negative.
Statistically, it is much harder to transmit HIV than to get pregnant. You will have the highest risk of pregnancy by having unprotected sex one or two days before your ovulation starts; when the ovary releases the egg. This is a 20%-30% chance. The risk of contracting HIV during vaginal penetration, for a woman, is 1 per 1,250 exposures (or 0.08 percent); for the man in that scenario, it’s 1 per 2,500 exposures (0.04 percent, which is the same as performing MouthAction). So, a woman is about 300 times more likely to get pregnant than to contract HIV from an HIV positive man.
To make this safe, your partner must have an undetectable viral load for at least 6 months. The risk then become close to zero. This is the first important step that must take place and a very necessary criterion for marriage and conception to take place. The HIV positive man must have been on Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) consistently for over six months to have achieved an undetectable viral load. This is very important as low viral load is a direct indication that the virus is undetectable in body fluids which are semen, blood and vaginal secretions. Hence, the risk of transmission is almost zero.
Then the next step is limited conception attempts during the most fertile days of your cycle. i.e when you are ovulating. Sexual activities should be tailored towards the ovulation period of the woman. A low number of conception attempts has a very low risk if the HIV positive person has an undetectable viral load. It is also still recommended that couples use condoms when the woman is not ovulating, or has become pregnant.
Therefore, limited conception attempts made during ovulation may carry a low risk if your partner’s viral load is undetectable.
Sometimes PrEP [Pre exposure Prophylaxis] and PEP [Post Exposure Prophylaxis] are used as an additional precautions. This involves taking a single dose of treatment before and after having sex.
PrEP is not likely to add much or any protection, because having an undetectable viral load is enough. It might help for psychologically if you are nervous. PrEP is very effective too.
One study followed 91 HIV serodiscordant couples, 43 were positive in male partners and 48 were positive in female partners. There were 196 unprotected vaginal intercourses, 100 natural conception and 97 newborns. There were no cases of HIV seroconversion in uninfected sexual partners. Natural conception may be an acceptable option in HIV-serodiscordant couples in resource limited settings if HIV-positive individuals have undetectable viremia on HAART, combined with HIV counseling, PrEP, PEP and timed intercourse. [1]
The PARTNER study reported zero HIV transmissions after 800 couples had sex more than 58,000 times without a condom when the positive partner had an undetectable viral load. [2]
How often should she get tested and how long does it take for the infection to be detectable?
HIV antibody tests do not work as soon as you are infected. This is because it usually takes several weeks to generate antibodies to HIV. This is called the ‘window period’. Most people generate this response within 4–6 weeks, but approximately 5% of people take up to 3 months. Very rarely it can take longer.
The result of an antibody tests therefore only tells your your HIV status three months prior to the test. This is why people are advised to re-test three months after the exposure if you test at 4-6 weeks, or to wait three months before taking an HIV test.
Taking an antibody test less than 4 weeks after exposure will not tell you very much. You need to wait until at least 4–6 weeks after the exposure. [3]
Will the baby automatically be HIV positive?
As you are HIV negative, the baby will be HIV negative. If you are HIV positive and your viral load is undetectable, the chance your baby will be HIV positive is zero.
Will my baby be at risk?
Your baby can be at risk if you become HIV positive whilst pregnant and your viral load is very high. Returning to using condoms after you become pregnant might still be a good idea, even when your partners viral load is undetectable.
A high viral load is one of the main risk factors for transmission. If viral load is detectable, there is a higher risk of catching HIV during pregnancy.
Transmission to the baby can occur at 3 stages, but only if you become HIV positive.

During pregnancy
At the time of delivery

Through breast-feeding.

However, there are interventions to reduce the risk of transmission to the baby during pregnancy and birth. These include:
Taking treatment so that viral load is undetectable by the time of delivery

Giving the baby a course of treatment for the first 4 weeks of life.

Is it an ignorant choice?
This is not an ignorant choice. Far more sero-different couples have children naturally than from using sperm washing. Fortunately, treatment now dramatically reduces the risk of transmitting HIV if this process is done carefully.
However, it is important that both you and your partner make an informed choice. It is recommended that you discuss your options with your doctor.

Source Health Matters

Top Ten Plus Size Ladies Pre Wedding Shoot (pic & video)

A plus lady flaunting her endowment

It is not out of place to see Pre wedding shoot. Pre wedding shoot is different pictures taken by intending couple that are about to tie the knot. It is a fad among young couples. Some of the pictures show ingenuity of photographers. The pictures are circulated in social media such as Instagram.

Photographers are smiling to banks with this new initiative. Some pre wedding shoots are taken outside the country with ascetic features, depending on the financial capability.

It is common to see slim ladies flaunting their looks with their grooms, so also you the plus  sized ladies. The plus sized ladies are giving the slim (or figure 8) the run for their money.

We were told in sciences  that like poles repel and opposite poles attract. It is common to see slim men wooing plus sized ladies. How do they conduct their conjugal responsibility on the matrimonial bed? Well it is left to the imagination of the person asking this question.

We use this opportunity to present top ten pre wedding shoot of plus sized ladies in a video format.

Enjoy it and comment

Watch the video below:

Some Craziest Moments Witnessed At A Wedding 

Have you seen some wedding films with funny and great moments. Many funny  and unusual stuffs happen at weddings. I have experienced one and I will like to share.

Not too long ago, I visited a mutual friend of mine and on getting there, but his neighbour invited us to come and eat. We met them in a merry mood, so we did not asked questions but settled down to eat.

Who does not like a woof (free food). We quickly joined and ate a sumptuous meal of rice with orisiri and soft drinks to wash it down. It was when we left and made enquiries that we were told that my friend’s neighbour (a groom) was supposed to be married that day but the bride refused to show up. We gathered the mother of the bride did not support the marriage. The man was left broken hearted and had to invite passers by, friends and neighbors to have free meals. It was rather unfortunate!

Read more from this piece put together by deedees’ blog

A lot of people reading on here knows that there are times when unusual things happen during weddings.
From the weird, funny to the really crazy happenings at weddings, you never can under-estimate the fact that just sometimes, things happen that can either make or mar the event.
While a lot of wedding guests may feel they have seen it all one in a wedding, the following crazy moments will remind you of the incident that happened when you were a party guest and you might maybe decide to share in the comment section below.
But before we get to the comments, let’s check out these crazy wedding moments witnessed at a wedding.
1. The case of the pastor who farted three times
Can we call this the best or worst thing that happened during a wedding ceremony. Well, let me leave that to you to decide on which.
We never knew what the minister ate since he was just farting throughout the church wedding. The loud releases at steady intervals during the ceremony caught all of us in a frenzy.
What made him do that and thought he could get away with it, no one really knew. Maybe he thought he could release without anyone knowing what’s happening but unfortunately the body mic caught the sound and the congregation heard the farting sound.
Imagine the embarrassment and the laughter during and after the service. There was so much laughter till he realized that it was all about him!
2. The Best Man who will never give up
We were all having fun, eating, drinking, wining and dining until the time for the Best Man to give his speech.
Everything started out normally, as the Best man started on how he hooked both bride and groom up, how he had watched them grow in their relationship. The fights, arguments, happiness and what is expected of both parties in marriage.
I almost choked on the meat I had in my mouth, when the Best man in a bid to conclude his speech broke down in tears and started begging the bride, to please give him another chance, since he never knew why she broke up with him in the first place. He told the bride that he still loved her!
Whether he was a bit drunk or he was saying the truth, no one really knew, since the whole reception went silent and everything looked really awkward till someone eventually had to drag him off stage.
It was indeed a very awkward situation!
3. A bride of 24 hours
I learned of a bride from a pastor friend who said 24 hours after he concluded a wedding ceremony, the bride called him up to ask whether she could bring the wedding certificate to be nullified.
On asking her why, she said the marriage was the greatest mistake she ever made, and that she just realized that nothing will make the matrimony work.
Well, the pastor told her that she would need to come over to the church to see him personally since he did not understand what could have led to the brash and drastic decision on the part of the bride.
I did not know what happened afterwards since I did not bother to follow up on the situation again! Talk of funny marriage stories.
4. The Ex-girlfriend that didn’t want to become an Ex
At the wedding ceremony, the moment of truth came.
That moment when the Pastor officiating the wedding asks if there was anyone, against this wedding, the person should signify by standing up or be shut forever!
Imagine at the third asking, ex-girlfriend of the groom barged into the church, to say ‘Hell No’ they ain’t getting married!. This was an ex-girlfriend who broke up with the groom five years ago and left for the United States of America.
‘Kill-Joy, you’ll say right’?
She did not stop there, she went on and on about what she will do to the groom if he ever married the bride. Before we could say Jack Robinson, the bride broke down crying, saying, no one will ruin her wedding.
In the twinkle of an eye, the bride’s father and the groom’s father both got out of their seats and dragged the Ex out of the hall, friends of the groom followed suit and kept Ex under lock and key till the wedding ended.
Apparently Ex came to the wedding drunk and spent!
5. Bride’s mother who wanted her pound of flesh
So, Mama Bride said because the groom did not seek her consent before proposing to the bride, she would disrupt the wedding. Imagine!
Even after the introduction and engagement, mother of bride had to wait till wedding day before saying the groom will never marry the bride.
You need to see the shock written on the groom’s face! It was a serious case of ‘I never experret it’.
See what happened next, the mother was bounced out of the wedding ceremony to be replaced by the new wife of the father! So much so for weird happenings at weddings.
Obviously we all got the gist later that the mother of the bride and the bride’s father have been separated for about 15 years, and since the groom did not seek her consent before proposing to her daughter, she went ballistic! Why that was such a big deal? Still beats me till date!
Were you a part of weird wedding incidents that was still in your mind and you never believed it happened?

Share in the comment section below. Let’s have a laugh together!

Family of Olori Wuraola returns bride price to Ooni of Ife


It has been reported that the revered monarch Ooni of Ife has accepted a Bride price refund from the family of her erstwhile wife, Olori Wuraola.
According to reports making the rounds,  for Olori Wuraola, who is the former wife of the Ooni Of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the coast seems clear now for her to remarry if she wishes.
This is because the customary bride price paid by the revered monarch has been returned fully from the elders of Queen Zynab’s Family in Benin City, Nigeria.
According to a source in Benin, the Ooni was initially reluctant to collect the bride price, but was persuaded by the Elders as a way of closing the controversial marriage and separation.

The implication is that traditionally, Olori Wuraola ceases to be the wife of the revered monarch, the Arole of Oduduwa.
“She’s free now, she’s free…,” the Ooni was quoted to have exclaimed afterwards.
The marriage which was contracted in March 2016 in elaborate ceremonies held in Benin and Ife hit the rocks over alleged infidelity.

This is not the first time we are being told bride price had been returned to the family of the bridegroom. Early this year, a controversial Nigerian actress, Tontoh Dike’s bride price was returned back to her former husband, Churchill, a son linked to the former President Obasanjo. They did this at bride’s family house in Port harcourt and was publicized.

This seems to be norm to many celebrated and social weddings that came crashing in recent times.