Meet South Sudanese, Nyakim Gatwech, a model named the Moonshine Queen Of Dark (pics)

She’s the beautiful South- Sudanese Model, Alec Wek lookalike and beautician Queen Nyakim Gatwech. What first got our attention about Niyakem is her distinctive complexion.

In a world filled with false beauty standards and ideologies of color supremacy, for the really beautiful dark skinned people, keeping their color and learning to love and embrace it, Gatwech is proud of her moonshine black skin.


Were you ever made to feel inferior of your skin color, she was asked by the spice magazine. She answered: Yes  I was always bullied which such strong words like “you black as hell”, take a shower, laughter, and dirty looks.  a way I dealt with it was that I open to my friend and family member about how I felt and what I was going though. I would also everyday in the morning look at myself in and the  The mirror and tell myself how beautiful I am when I finally start to except who I am.


I even  considered bleaching myself to avoid the “dirty looks”, the mean jokes, and for boys to find me attractive. But thanks to my sister for wise words and told me the dangers of bleaching my skin. I would always have family members and friends who remind me every day that my skin is beautiful just the way it is.

She’s based in Minneapolis in USA

She is truly dark as night and unapologetically charcoal black as her photos are currently breaking the internet and trolls can get enough of her.

Pictures from the burial of General Adeyinka Adebayo and his lifetime

By Muyiwa Olayinka

Late Major General Adeyinka Adebayo (rtd)

Robert Adeyinka Adebayo was born on 9th March 1929 and he died on 8th March 2017), after a brief illness in his Lagos residence. He was aged 88 yrs.

His remains dressed in ceremonial military dress

He was a Nigerian Army Major General who served as governor of the now defunct Western State of Nigeria, 1966–1971.

The old western state of Nigeria comprises of the present 5 states, namely, Oyo, Ondo, Ekiti, Osun and Ogun states.

L-R: Gov Akeredolu of Ondo, Acting President Osibajo, Chief host and governor of Ekiti, Ayo Fayose

 As governor of the Western region he promoted agricultural extension services in particular the establishment of the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, Moor Plantation, Ibadan.

Acting President Osibajo and Gov Akeredolu defying the rains

He was also Chief of Staff of the Nigerian Army and was Commandant of the Nigeria Defence Academy.

As of 2011 Adebayo is the chairman of the Yoruba council of elders. His eldest son Otunba Niyi Adebayo was a governor of  Ekiti State in Nigeria from 1999 to 2003.

The coffin draped with Nigeria and military flags

Another son, Adesola Adebayo was the Commissioner for Works and Transport, Ekiti State under Dr Kayode Fayemi led Administration from 2010 to 2014. Another son, Adedayo Adebayo, played rugby for Bath and for the England National team winning six international caps between 1996 and 1999.

Gov Fayose and others

Another of his children, Leke Adebayo is an actor, writer and producer in London and has appeared in and scripted various productions.

The current governors of the 5 states of the old western region

General Adebayo, a successful military man and a good family man must have died a fulfilled man.

Major General Robert Adeyinka Adebayo was laid to rest in his home town, Iyin-Ekiti, Ekiti State on May 21.

Gov Fayose beating the drum at the burial

Sir Roger Moore is dead: The second ‘James Bond’ actor was 89 (pics)


Roger Moore, best known for playing James Bond in seven of the 007 films, has died. He was 89.

His children shared the news on his verified Twitter account Tuesday that Moore had died in Switzerland after a “short but brave battle with cancer.”

“With the heaviest of hearts, we must share the awful news that our father, Sir Roger Moore, passed away today. We are all devastated,” the statement said.

Moore’s relaxed style and sense of whimsy, which relied heavily on the arched eyebrow, seemed a commentary on the essential ridiculousness of the Bond films, in which the handsome British secret agent was as adept at mixing martinis, bedding beautiful women and ordering gourmet meals as he was at disposing of super-villains trying to take over the world.

“To me, the Bond situations are so ridiculous, so outrageous,” he once said. “I mean, this man is supposed to be a spy and yet, everybody knows he’s a spy. Every bartender in the world offers him martinis that are shaken, not stirred. What kind of serious spy is recognized everywhere he goes? It’s outrageous. So you have to treat the humor outrageously as well.”

While he never eclipsed Sean Connery in the public’s eye as the definitive James Bond, Moore did play the role of secret agent 007 in just as many films as Connery did, and he managed to do so while “finding a joke in every situation,” according to film critic Rex Reed.

The actor, who came to the role in 1973 after Connery tired of it, had already enjoyed a long career in films and television, albeit with mixed success.

He was remembered warmly by fans of the popular U.S. 1950s-60s TV series “Maverick” as Beauregarde Maverick, the English cousin of the Wild West’s Maverick brothers, Bret and Bart. He also starred in the 1959 U.S. series “The Alaskans.”

In England, he had a long-running TV hit with “The Saint,” playing Simon Templar, the enigmatic action hero who helps put wealthy crooks in jail while absconding with their fortunes. By the time the series, which also aired in the United States, ended in 1969, his partnership with its producers had made him a wealthy man.

Such success followed a Time magazine review of one of his earliest films, 1956’s “Diane,” in which his performance opposite Lana Turner was dismissed as that of “a lump of English roast beef.”

Roger Moore as James Bond

Born in London, the only child of a policeman, Moore had studied painting before enrolling in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He played a few small roles in theater and films before his mandatory army duty, then moved to Hollywood in the 1950s. He appeared opposite Elizabeth Taylor in 1954’s “The Last Time I Saw Paris” and with Eleanor Parker in “Interrupted Melody” the following year.

In 1970, he became managing director for European production for Faberge’s Brut Productions. With the company, he was involved in producing “A Touch of Class,” which won a best-actress Oscar for Glenda Jackson.

Three years later, he made his first Bond film, “Live and Let Die.”

He would make six more, “The Man With the Golden Gun,” ”The Spy Who Loved Me,” ”Octopussy,” ”Moonraker,” ”For Your Eyes Only and “A View to a Kill” over the next 12 years. And while the Bond of the Ian Fleming novels that the films were based on was generally described as being in his 30s, Moore would stay with the role until he was 57.

He continued to work regularly in films after handing over Bond to Timothy Dalton, but never with the same success. His post-Bond films included such forgettable efforts as “The Quest” with Jean-Claude Van Damme and “Spice World” with the Spice Girls.

His recent picture

In 1991, Moore became a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, having been introduced to the role by the late actress Audrey Hepburn. As Hepburn had, he threw much of his energy into the task.

“I felt small, insignificant and rather ashamed that I had traveled so much making films and ignored what was going on around me,” he said in describing how the work had affected him.

In 1996, when his UNICEF job took him to the World Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, he disclosed that he too had been a victim.

“I was molested when I was a child — not seriously — but I didn’t tell my mother until I was 16, because I felt that it was something to be ashamed of,” he told The Associated Press.

He gave no details, but said it was important to encourage young victims not to feel guilty.

“They’re being exploited. We have to tell them that,” Moore said.

UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake called Moore a “great friend” in a statement regarding the star’s death, adding “He once said that it was up to all of us to give children a more peaceful future.”

Moore was divorced three times, from skater Doorn Van Steyn in 1953, English singer Dorothy Squires in 1969 and Italian actress Luisa Mattioli, the mother of his children Deborah, Geoffrey and Christian, in 2000.

He married a fourth time, in 2002, to Swedish socialite Kristina Tholstrup.

“The affection our father felt whenever he walked on to a stage or in front of a camera buoyed him hugely and kept him busy working into his 90th year…Thank you Pops for being you, and for being so very special to so many people.”

Moore’s children said a private funeral will be held in Monaco, according to their father’s wishes.

Credit Fox News

Breaking : Asiwaju Tinubu pays for repatriation of Moji Olaiya’s body (pics)


The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has reportedly paid for the repatriation of the body of the late Nollywood actress, Moji Olaiya, who died in Canada on May 17, 2017, two months after she had a baby.

An Instagram post by a film maker and Publicity Secretary, Moji Olaiya Burial Committee and Family, Mr. Yomi Fabiyi, confirmed this.

Fabiyi had written, “The committee, after due deliberation, consulted our father and a National Grand Patron of our association (TAMPAN), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on the 21st May, 2017 to inform him of the demise of our colleague, Moji Olaiya, and … our decision to have her body back…
Asiwaju Tinubu

“Today, Monday 22nd May, 2017 the committee members, Adunola (eldest daughter of late Moji Olaiya) and two elder brothers of late Moji Olaiya met with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and he expressed his sympathy directly and gave adequate support that will cover the entire air-freight.

“On behalf of the family, colleagues and friends, we say a big thank you to the national leader for his fatherly and timely intervention.

“Further support or assistance from other sources, if received, will be adequately acknowledged.

“For now, we are grateful to Asiwaju and his family…”

Credit Punch

My big boobs incensed my husband, I won’t tamper with it- Asiedu (pics)


Ghanaian Kumahood actress, Mercy Asiedu, who always makes headlines because of her huge boobs with many people finding her unattractive says she is unbothered about what they say about her body.

In a recent interview with Delay Show, the proud mother of two said:
‘Why will I be bothered about the size of my breast which is a gift from God? God gave everyone what fits them. Some have big buttocks and others have big breasts. I have big breast and I am so proud of it,’ she said.
Asiedu & husband
‘I will never want to reduce it under any circumstance. I am so proud I love to flaunt it because it is natural. It is partially a reason why I got my husband. He is crazy about it and admires it so much,’ She added.
Mercy Asiedu who is one of the top actresses in Kumahood has been acting in Twi movies since 2005.

Uber Driver’s driver marriage: twist and turns of controversial relationship (part 2) pics

In part 1 of this story, we read about how the wife of the Uber driver narrated they met and how the fairy tale turn out to be a reality.

We all know the story of the Nigerian Lady that married the love of her life, an Uber Driver…Well, it turns out the man might not be all what he seems afterall.

The Uber driver had an ex that he was two timing on when he was dating his present wife. Allegedly, he dumped the ex when she lost her job and couldn’t take care of his needs anymore leading him to move on to the bigger fish, his current wife.

Aggrieved ex is spilling the ‘well-cooked beans’ on social media.

The lady named Fortune Cookie on instagram (pictured below) told her own sad tale


Hear her account:

THE UBER GUY”S ALLEGED LOVE STORY, First off i heard Shola – got married but i kept quiet because i wanted to let things slide while recovering from the torture he put me through. After Church today i kept on receiving calls and tags from my friends about the so called love story. Wow what a wicked world!

Anyway i have decided to break the silence…… I am Temile – i met Shola 2014 when he just graduated from Delsu, i was with him before he travelled to the UK at Salford University for his Masters. After their Masters, himself and his brother relocated back to nigeria with nothing but the car they bought for their Uber business. I accommodated them, fed them( he loves Ukodo’ yam pepper soup with goat meat) i did everything to make him happy. I always spent my salary before month end and also borrow money from @miss_beckiesha @chickittto just for him to stand on his feet. After a while he started the Uber business and he got an apartment with his Lawyer friend and brother at Surulere. He kept on complaining about how bad business was, i will give him money to fix his car, to fuel his car, to the extent that there was a day his car was towed at Computer village i had leave the office to Oshodi to pick up the car. He lived in a 2 bedroom flat with his brother and friend, i will cook , clean, subscribe his smile wifi just to make him happy.

At times because he shares a room with his brother ,we will sleep in the living room on the floor and he will make promises of how he will never forget all i have done for him. Along the line because I accommodated him and his brother at my company’s apartment,I was reported to my MD by my colleague and i lost my job. He started acting funny, along the line I was duped of the sum of 2million from my weavon business money by an agent in Dubai. He changed and started giving me attitude eventually I got pregnant. I was 6 weeks pregnant then i applied for a US VISA and my interview was in Abuja. He drove me to the airport after agreeing that when am i granted the visa, myself and my unborn child and him can have a better life he also promised he was going to pay my bride price before travelling.

Unfortunately i was denied the visa, i ended up crying eyes out at the embassy ,I called him on phone and told him everything that had happened. On 27th of August 2016 i came back to lagos but he wasn’t at the airport to pick me up as planned, i called him but he wasnt picking up so i took a taxi straight to his house and met him at home. Later that night, he called me and told to go for an abortion but i refused and told him having an abortion will be the last thing on my mind, he was yelling saying he doesnt want a liability but i stood my ground saying i won’t go for an abortion and i received a resounding slap on my face , he kept on pushing his weight on my petite self saying he was going to kill me and i was screaming but he kept on using his fist and if not for the timely intervention of his neighbour i would have been dead by now and his brother and friend wasn’t around. I passed out and i found myself in a nearby clinic where i was told that i have lost my baby and had internal pain in my arms. He never bothered to call nor apologise to me .

Four days later, i knew nobody will be at home, i went to his house and i took his school credentials infact all his documents, i wanted to commit suicide with it but my family members and friends begged me not to. I had to give the documents back to a friend to give them back to him after much plea from his friends and family members. He never called to apologize till date, All for me to hear that he got married. The funniest part is I still wasnt bothered until i read the trash his wife wrote about him, this was a man cheating on me with this same lady simply because things became tight and i wasn’t giving him money the way i used to. There is an African proverb that says”the cane that was used to beat the first wife is on the top roof for the second. Sigh I remember when Shola and Toju – had food poisoning i was the one taking care of them, to the extent of bathing him and carrying him to poo.

Part 3….. Remember one thing, the blood of my unborn child is on ur head , u are murderer , my friends saw through you and they kept on warning me but i refused thinking they were haters. I was the perfect girlfriend bcos i saw a future in us not knowing u were after the money . You couldn’t even pretend for a while when things wasn’t working well for me. @bigsholz i was dating you until August 27th and u engaged a lady september 21st. I got to realised that he actually wanted me to go to d US and be funding him while he is married here. I should have listened to my dearest aunty that told me to send your document so she could dump it in Los Angeles beach for me. @bigsholz Gregory -, every pain you made me go through, you will go through same in a hundred fold in the mighty name of Jesus amen! I remember when i shopped for you, @bigsholz and your brother Toju. I have decided to leave you in the hand of God , i know some people will say i am a hater but no i am not, i just hate the fact that he is deceiving his wife and also he is portraying a perfect picture of him it is so disgusting. I am pained to see myself doing this but i don’t have a choice. I had to come out and say everything i went through in the hands of this beast, pretender, he knows how to a pet a lady to a fault until he showed me his true colours. I know lots of people that can bear me withness about how u treated me. How i lost my pregnancy, keep on pretending it wont be long before u show her ur colours eventually you will.

Good night everyone.

Uber Driver’s driver marriage: twist and turns of controversial relationship (part 1)


A lady gushed about how he met a Uber driver and shortly they were married.

But another lady came out of the blues, alleging that the Uber driver used impregnated and dumped her in a cruel manner.

The drama is unfolding.

Read the account of the lady that got married below:

Love is sweet indeed. She tagged it ”OUR UBER LOVESTORY On the 19th  of July,”

Her account:

UBER Driver, Gregory Shola Okorodudu’s life took a new turn after he carried a passenger on the 19th of July, 2016 – a passenger, who’d turn out to be the woman by his side for the rest of his life.

His lovely wife, who is @ebiluvly, on IG shared their love story with beautiful photos.

She wrote:


On the 19th of July, 2016 after a very hectic time at a Client’s office, I ordered for an Uber ride somewhere around Bourdilion Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. Then one ‘Gregory Shola Okorodudu @bigsholz ’ picked up my request and called to get exact description to where I was. I described it to him and asked to let me know when he arrives. On getting to me, he said ‘goodevening Maam’, he got out of the car, took my bag, asked where I wanted to sit and opened the door for me. He was like “hope you’re okay Ma?” then I just cut in, “if you call me Ma again I will call you Sir”….lol.

Shortly after, I got a call from my Bestest Nonso and we spoke for a while as there seemed to be a very long traffic that day. At the end of the conversation she told me Afam our friend got us Ribs of fire (barbeque pork ribs) with fries. I was so excited I was singing ‘Afam is the best’…my favorite meal from Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Then I got off the call with a better countenance than I got in the car.

Then Shola cut in saying, ‘sorry to eavesdrop into your conversation but did you say you found ribs of fire in Lagos?’ I said ‘yes’. He had this big grin on his face then said it was one of his favorite meal in Manchester, UK. Then I looked at him like, “You’ve been to the UK?” he said YES! Did a Masters in Petroleum and Gas Engineering and graduated with Distinction. I was in shock and he said you don’t believe, here is my certificate. He’s got his documents scanned on phone. So I was like why are you driving Uber then? He said well job is not forth coming and Uber provided him an Entrepreneurship platform so he grabbed it.

But that day in particular, his driver lost his dad and he said rather than the car just being at home doing nothing he decided to drive. I was thrilled and we got talking on and on about life in the UK and Lagos and his aspirations. Then we moved on to his present walk with God and how he’s desirous of a higher walk with God. On getting home, I said, oh! I was going to the church for Choir rehearsal then he offered to wait and take me there. I just knew I had met an ANGEL somehow.


Amazingly, we did not speak or see till about 2 weeks later when he called me to ask about my welfare. Then about 2 weeks later again I called him and we got talking regularly. The Sunday after he introduced me to his brother and then on my birthday 21st September, asked his Mum to call me and wish me a happy birthday and I was in so much awe as to how things were walking out. Then he pulled the biggest stunt on me.

While I was planning with my friend Nonso, to get a surprise cake and all for his birthday 12th December, he was planning something else bigger with her for me. Whoaaa! Yes! that evening after running around, we eventually went out to Hardrock Café, VI, Lagos, his favorite restaurant. At a point during dinner with friends, DJ played some of our favourite songs and then they brought cake and we sang etc. Then they said ‘madam the closed plate is for you’, I was like ‘ooooh whoaaa.. Thanks..’ When I opened and saw an engagement ring, I ran away with the cover of the plate….loool!! I Can never forget that moment….I didn’t gerrit!

We met families much later who accepted us regardless of the crisis both ethnic groups had faced earlier (IJAWS/ITSEKIRIS). By God’s infinite mercies and incredible purpose. WE ARE MARRIED TODAY “MR & MRS SHOLA & EBIEMI OKORODUDU.” We celebrate our Families ….oh our super mothers; brothers; friends; Sisters; Bosses; Mentors; Guardian; Pastors; Bishop; Colleague Everyone who made the entire wedding process (Introduction; Dowry Payment; Registry; Traditional & Church Wedding) super amazing like heaven on earth. We had overflow of attendance we were like Gosh!! Where did they all come from?? Indeed God’s time is the best and when God plans a thing.. it definitely ends in perfection (Proverbs 16:3). To GOD the Orchestrator of our destiny; the Way Maker; Miracle Worker & Promise Keeper; the Anchor of our hope; the Author and Finisher of our Faith; to our Jehovah Derekh HaYashar. ALL GLORY TO YOU.

Bishop I fell

In a certain Catholic church in a certain  city, members who committed adultery or fornication will come to the Bishop and say during confession,  “Father I have committed adultery/fornication.”

One day the Bishop became angry and announced, “If you committed adultery or fornication just say you fell. No need for details; I will understand.”

So when people committed adultery or fornication, at the confession they said, “Bishop l fell.” And he will say to the member, “Go; and sin no more.”

Some other time, the Bishop was transferred and the new Bishop  who came to replace him did not understand what “I fell” meant, so he took it literally.

One day, he went to the town Mayor and said to him, “you have to do something about the side walk. Church Members have been falling.” The mayor then realized that the Bishop didn’t know what “I fell” really meant, and he started to laugh at him. Then the Bishop said to him, “If I were you I will not be laughing. Your wife fell three times this week!!!”


“What My Mother Told Me the Day She Died”- Moji Olaiya’s daughter (pic)


Adunoluwa, the 20-year-old daughter of late Nollywood actress, Moji Oaliya has described her mother’s death as the worst news in her life.

Speaking with newsmen on Saturday at her family house in Lagos, the bereaved young lady said on the fateful day that her mum passed on, she spoke with her over the phone and both of them had a good time.

She recalled with nostalgia, “This is the worst kind of news anyone can hear. I spoke with her on the day she died and nothing prepared me for this bad news. We had a good time over the phone and she told me how my sister was doing and all. I will miss her love and care, because she always provided anything I wanted.”

On how the funeral rites would be handled, Adun simply said, “I don’t know at this point. It is the family that will take care of that.”

The man who bought John Lennon decayed tooth and his reason for buying it (pic)

By Muyiwa Olayinka

John Lennon

John Lennon was an English musician who gained worldwide fame as one of the members of the Beatles, for his subsequent solo career, and for his political activism.

The Beatles was one of the most commercially successful and musically influential band in the history of popular music. He and fellow member  Paul Macartney formed the much-celebrated song writing partnership in the 70s.

After a visit to the dentist, John Lennon presented his removed molar to his housekeeper, Dorothy “Dot” Jarlett. Lennon suggested to Jarlett that she present the tooth to her daughter who was a Beatles super fan. The Jarlett family kept the tooth, which they received somewhere between 1964 and 1968.

On Monday, December 8, 1980, Lennon was shot by a lone shooter in the archway of Dakota, his residence in New York city.

Five bullets were pumped into his body and unfortunately, he died as a resulf of the wound he sustained from the attack.

It was in 2011 when they sold the molar tooth at an auction, raking in a reported $31,200. It is the most expensive tooth in the Lennon

Canadian dentist Michael Zuk purchased the discolored molar removed from John Lennon’s mouth at an auction for $31,200.

Do you want to know the reason why he purchased it?

Michael Zuk from Alberta, Canada hoped to extract enough genetic data from it to recreate the musician.

In his words:

‘If there is enough DNA to sequence it, it could be basically genetic real estate,’ he said

‘My goal is to own John Lennon’s DNA.’

Dr Zuk revealed that, once cloning technology is far advanced enough to replicate humans, he would clone Lennon and raise him as his own son.

There are obstacles. For one, human cloning is legally prohibited in Canada. It is also not yet a scientific reality, though experts say it’s probably biologically possible, or will be soon enough.

Those facts don’t perturb Dr. Michael Zuk, the dentist in question. “This is obviously science fiction at this point, but technology’s moving in that direction,” Zuk recently told Newsweek. “My prediction would be five years.”