Exclusive: Deconstructing and caging of Emir Sanusi

By Muyiwa Olayinka

Emir Muhammadu Sanusi

The Kano State House of Assembly constituted an eight-man Committee to investigate the allegations of funds mismanagement levelled against the Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II.

Sanusi, the former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has been accused of mismanaging N4 billion which he inherited from Emir Ado Bayero, his predecessor, he has since denied the allegation.

This is the beginning of Emir Muhammadu Sanusi’s travails.

Who is Muhammad Sanusi

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, was born (31 July 1961), also known as Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II, is the Emir of the Kano Emirate serving since 8 June 2014.

He was crowned as Emir of Kano, after the death of his grand uncle Ado Bayero (who died on 6 June 2014).

Mallam Sanusi was a successful banker and was a former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. He was appointed on 3 June 2009 by late President Umar Yar’adua for a five-year term, but was suspended from office by President Goodluck Jonathan on 20 February 2014 after claiming that a $20 billion fraud was committed in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Mallam Sanusi is the grandson of Muhammadu Sunusi (The 11th Fulani Emir of Kano ). He was a career banker and ranking Fulani nobleman, and also a respected Islamic scholar.

He is the direct son of Ambassador Aminu Sanusi, a career diplomat and technocrat that served as the Nigerian Ambassador to Belgium, China and Canada, who later served as the Permanent Secretary of Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He became the Central Bank Governor of Nigeria when there were systemic problems in the banking sector. The banking sector was battling with liquidity problem and many were struggling to meet their financial obligations.

He launched a crusade aimed at sanitising the banking sector which was at the edge of collapse going by the result of the joint audit conducted by the banks depositors’ insurance scheme (NDIC). He achieved his aim of transforming the banking industry along the lines of good corporate governance and international best practice.

He returned the banking sector to profitability by removing the toxic funds with the establishment of AMCON (Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria).

The radical Muhammadu Sanusi

Kano state, a state in Nigeria, is noted for producing radicals in the Northern Nigeria. The politics of Kano seems to be different from the mainstream Northern establishment that is conservative and promoting the bourgeoisie.

The foremost late politician, Aminu Kano promoted the politics of the “talakawas” in the first and second republic. He led the Northern Elements Progressive Union (NEPU) during the First Republic against the Northern Peoples Congress (NPC) in the 60s, and Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) against the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) in the late 70s.

Malam Aminu Kano, believed that the poors “Talakawa ” must be truly and genuinely represented at all levels of governance to reflect their yearnings and aspirations. Sanusi Lamido aligned with this philosophy.

Late Dr Bala Usman was another radical that had a great influence on him. Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II makes no bones about his radicalism. His Royal Majesty admits openly and unabashedly that he is a radical and he is quick to credit late Dr. Yusuf Bala Usman, as the patron saint of his radicalism.

Late Dr Bala Usman, was a one time head of History Department of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, the one of royal blood from Katsina who decided to pitch his tent with the commoners and who freely espoused the radical philosophy of socialism and the rights of the downtrodden. He became famous for speaking truth to power and for his radical views as well as his exemplary conduct in the pursuit of what he believed in. The late Bala Usman was truly a man of the masses who lived by what he preached.

The Emir graduated from the same University, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1981.

Sanusi took his radicalism to the banking world. As the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, he was expected to be the banker of the government and be loyal to the President. His radicalism made him to criticise the government he was serving, publicly accusing that monies were missing from the account of the state owned oil company, Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC). He made this revelation when he was being queried about his financial expenditures as the CBN Governor.

The National Assembly invited him to shed more lights on the allegation because it became a national embarrassment. The government viewed this as an act of disloyalty and he was subsequently suspended from office.

While in suspension, he was appointed the Emir of Kano when his predecessor died in office.

The role of traditional rulers in a democratic setting is expected to be a linkage between the government and the grassroot. They are custodian of culture, mores and values, promoting community development, and maintaining peace and stability in their domains.

Radicalism is at variance to the function of a traditional ruler because it is view as antagonistic to constituted authorities. In the case of Emir Sanusi, he was unable to manage this role effectively.

The Western-educated ruler broke with royal tradition, speaking out about the need for social reform in a deeply conservative region, pitching him against political and religious interests.

He was condemning policies and programmes of the state government at public fora.

He made some critical and inflammatory comments on religious and family issues.

In one instance, he called for the regulation of marriage to second wives. He warned men who could not cater for their family not to marry more than one wife.

He blamed the conservative Northern leaders and elders for the under development of the Northern region.

In another breath, he criticised the Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara State, a Northern state, for saying the outbreak of meningitis in his state was God’s punishment for peoples’ sins, insisting “That it is not an Islamically correct statement to make.”

He accused the Kano state Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and the lawmakers of mismanaging the state resources on a trip to China to secure $1.8 billion in funding for a light rail project, at an investment forum attended by Ganduje and other Northern governors.

The continuous public criticisms of the Emir was pitching the people against the government of Kano state. The constituted authorities were alarmed!

However, Muhammadu Sanusi being the Emir of Kano, is also the head of the Kano Emirate Council.

Sanusi’s predecessor, Ado Bayero oversaw the transformation of the Emirate under Nigeria’s federal constitution that subjects Northern Nigeria’s Emirates to political leaders. He also supervised the management of funds of the Emirate council.

In the administration and supervision of the traditional institutions in Nigeria, the local government was given the supervisory authority with the backing of the state government through the state assemblies.

In exercising its authority, the Kano state Assembly inaugurated an 8 man committee to investigate eight offences allegedly committed by the Emir of Kano.

Some of the allegations were:

Accusing the state governor, Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and the state legislators of mismanaging state resources while on an official visit to China.

*Making remarks in Kaduna on the proposed Kano light rail project which had tarnished the image of the government and the assembly as well.

*Allegation by the Emir that the state governor and his entourage wasted one month in China seeking for loan to construct the light rail in the state.

* Intentionally attacking President Muhammadu Buhari whenever he got an opportunity to speak at a public gathering. This contravened the culture of traditional institution.

*Embezzlement of funds belonging to the emirate council.

*Tarnishing the image of the emirate by assigning his daughter to represent him at a public function, introducing strange religious issues and involvement in politics.

Also, the Kano state Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission initiated an investigation on Kano emirate council over alleged embezzlement of over N6bn in three years.

The probe centres on the use of six billion naira ($19 million, 17 million euros) of palace funds to pay for luxury cars, chartered flights, phone and internet bills as well as other personal expenses. He was accused of living ostentatious lifestyles by acquiring state of the art automobiles and flying in chartered private jets to functions both within and outside the country

There is no doubt that the Emir had been extravagant in his spending and it remains yet to be seen, any visible projects he has inagurated or supported since he became the Emir, to bring succour to the poor he claimed to be defending.

The grandfather to Emir Sanusi, Muhammad Sanusi I was dethroned under a similar circumstance in 1963 by the then Northern government headed by Sir Kashim Ibrahim during the British colonial rule.

The grandfather subsequently resigned from office, to avoid disgrace and chose to go on exile in Azaure, Bauchi state where he spent 20 years and died.

Is history about to repeat itself?

To save the Emir from the looming disgrace of being removed from office, the probe panel was suspended following the intervention of several prominent Nigerians including acting President Yemi Osinbajo, former military rulers, General Ibrahim Babangida, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, and the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III.

The prominent Nigerians prevailed on the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, to ask the state assembly to let go of the probe in the interest of peace in the state.

Ganduje accepted and appealed to the lawmakers to “temper justice with mercy” and allow peace to prevail.

It was reported that the Emir had admitted his mistakes and apologised to the Governor.

I beleive this act is contradictory of a government that made fight against corruption a strong pillar of its administration.

How could they succumb to the pressure of not investigating the Emir?

This is the second time the Emir will be accused of allegation that borders on financial improprieties, but none have been successfully concluded.

With the current state of affairs, it seems the oligarchs have triumphed over Emir Muhammadu Sanusi. He has been caged and humbled. His holier than thou attitude has been put in check.

Like a wounded lion trying to take his pound of flesh, The Emir sacked his Senior Private Secretary, Alhaji Isah Bayero, over what was described as alleged sabotage.

Isah Bayero was sacked after he was accused of leaking information on the expenditure of the council’s funds to the media.

This is the reality of our times in Nigeria. There is no sincerity on the part of our leaders. Every action taken is always sacrificed on the altar of politics, self interests and are self serving.

We are watching if the Emir has been finally caged or would he damn the consequences and continue with his radicalism?

Time will tell

Oodua Nation: The Power Of A Dream

By Remi Oyeyemi


As things continue to geometrically degenerate in this contraption of a tragedy euphemized as a country, called Nigeria, many members of several ethnic nationalities have been looking for a way out. Those who peopled Nigeria have been fed with a hope that things would improve since October 1, 1960. But rather than see the realization of the hope, misery and various forms of tragedies have been the lot of Nigerians.

Now if a country remains in this kind of cul-de-sac, it is imperative to begin to think of a way out. The need to think out of the box becomes a necessity. Clinical intellectual exploration becomes mandatory. If you are at the receiving end as a second class citizen and you hate eating crumbs when you should be at the table, you are not only worried and disturbed, you become challenged.
As a proud Yoruba son, raised to appreciate self-respect, dignity, and independence, finding yourself and your people in this kind of quagmire of enslavement and subjugation, where others decide the limit of your potentials when they are not your creator; you begin to wonder, to think, to express and to DREAM.

You begin to identify the hurdles, the challenges and imagine how to scale those hurdles and meet those challenges. You begin to examine the options available. You then engage in the basic comparative analysis to isolate the best of the options in lieu of your trajectory and your experience.

And you begin to DREAM.

It was the exceptionally distinguished Professor Banji Akintoye, the seminally brilliant Historian who inebriated me with the concept of “KNOW THYSELF.” A simple but powerful concept that suggests that when you search for and identify who and what you’re, your trajectory over the indelible sands of time would be less tortuous, less stressful and more meaningful as well as result oriented.

And you begin to DREAM.

This concept became a propeller that buoys the velocity of my intellectual expedition as I hunt for other options to Nigeria. I went into my History once again, in the course of which I met my forefathers and was regaled with their pride as well as their heroism.

I came in contact with their brilliance in social engineering, drank from the deep well of their philosophy, eat from their potpourri of ingenuity of their political sagacity, caroused in their comforting fundamental comprehension of faith as it relates to religion whence they dexterously interwoven their idea of monotheism with that of polytheism – an ingenious idea that naturally fosters religious freedom and tolerance, ever before the Caucasoid “Civilisation” makes it a vogue.

And you begin to DREAM.

I came in contact with their war skills and their bravery, their organizational skills, their adroitness in arts of all variations, their trading aptitude, their utmost respect for and or of the living as well as the dead because of the hereafter. I came in contact with myself. It was and still is a great discovery. I came to know myself. Better.

And I begin to DREAM.

Knowing myself better was and is still very refreshing. It renewed me. It reinforced me. It empowered me. It reinvigorated me. It re-energized me. It re-equipped me. And it further elicits and enhances the DREAM.

Yes, it enhances the dream, the DREAM of an Independent Nation for the Yoruba people, the dream of OÒDUÀ NATION. An Oòduà Nation where no one would be able to put a lid on your potentials as long as you are able. An Oòduà Nation where there would be human foibles but could and would be corrected, made better for the benefit of all. An Oòduà Nation where the best brains of the land would stay home and build their motherland and not take flight into another form of voluntary slavery across the planet.

I dream of an Oòduà Nation where MAN as espoused in Awoism, would be the center and focus of all existential developments embracing education/academia, health, economy, politics, religion, technology, arts, history, and communications. I dream of an Oòduà Nation where laws would be made for man and not man for the law.

I dream of an Oòduà Nation where justice, equality, equity would be watch words. I dream of an Oòduà Nation where patriotism would not be forced but just given as a matter of course. I dream of an Oòduà Nation where much would be given and much more would be expected of the citizen recipients.”To choose the right moment to act is the great art of man…..” – Napoleon Bonaparte
I dream of an Oòduà Nation where the Yoruba Culture would be rejuvenated and our Language rehabilitated. I dream of an Oòduà Nation imbued with a sense of decorum, decency and integrity. I dream of an Oòduà Nation that would be an envy of the rest of the world and the pride of the Negroid race.

As I dream, I am inspired by the exploits of Oodua as a man; I am encouraged by the courage of Moremi Ajasoro; I am enthralled by  the wisdom of Olugbon, Aresa and Onikoyi. I am captivated by the endurance and perseverance of Owa Ajibogun; I am thrilled by the clairvoyance of Ajero and the Orangun. I am impressed by the gallantry and determination of Oranyan. I am enthused by  the statesmanship of Bashorun Ogunmola; I am beguiled by the broad-mindedness of Sodeke.

I am dazzled by the bravery of Ogedengbe Agbogungboro, Aare Kunrunmi, and Aare Latoosa as well as the defiance and patriotism of Ishola Fabunmi of Oke-Mesi and Ogunsigun of Ijebu-Igbo among many others.

As I dream, I am enraptured by seminal ingenuity, commitment, dedication, sacrifice, loyalty and patriotism of Obafemi Awolowo, the arresting brilliance of Sapara Williams, Herbert Macaulay and Bode Thomas; I am fascinated by the commitment and dedication of the Oluwole Awokoyas, Samuel Akinsanyas, Adekunle Ajasins, Emmanuel Alayandes, D.T. Akinbiyis, Ayo Fasanmis, Hezekiah Oluwasanmis, Banji Akintoyes  and many others.

As I dream, I ruminated over the seminally brilliant mind of Samuel Ladoke Akintola and his foibles and reckon he avails great lessons.I examined the travails of the Soroyes, Adegbenros, the Odeleye Fadahunsis and their ilk, and I wondered at their vibrancy. I looked at Olusegun Obasanjo, his craziness, boldness and limitations and I marvel.

I observed the gifted mind of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, his talents, vivacity and his crucial omissions and I felt galvanized. Then comes the reassuring valiance of the Alani Akinrinades, the Alabi Isama’s, the Bajowas, Benjamin Adekunles, Adekunle Fajuyis and the Adeyinka Adebayos among several others and I am encouraged.

And I continued to dream.

Inured by the depth and commitment of the Amos Akingbas of this world, the Ayo Adebanjos of this world, the Femi Okunronmus of this world; the sacrifices of Abraham Adesanyas, the Bola Iges, the Lateef Jakandes, Bisi Onabanjos, the perseverance of the Olusegun Osobas, the Bisi Akandes and their ilk, I couldn’t help but dream more.

From the accomplishments of Efunsetan Aniwura to those of Lawrence Omoles, Isaac Ojo Ajanakus, Adeola Odutolas, S. L. Edus, Henry Fajemirokuns, Jimoh Odutolas, Subomi Baloguns, T. A. Onis, E.O. Ashamus, Wahab Folawiyos, Bode Akindeles, Femi Johnsons, Lekan Salamis, Nathaniel Idowus, Alao Arisekolas, Yinka Folawiyos, Amos Adegokes, Razaq Okoyas, Kunle Ojoras,  Molade Okoya-Thomas’ among many others, I became more confident, that the imminent Oòduà Nation has what it takes.
Add into the mix the hypnagogic flair, beauty and richness of the Wole Soyinkas, Ola Rotimis, Laolu Ogunniyis, Dapo Aderogbas, Niyi Osundares and delirious innate endowments of the Duro Ladipos, Hubert Ogundes, Oyin Adejobis, Moses Olaiyas, Kola Ogunmolas, Akin Ogungbes, Ola Omonitans and their ilk.

This is complemented by the pulsating ingenuity and talents of the Haruna Isholas, I.K. Dairos, Fela Anikulapo – Kutis, Yusuf Olatunjis, Tatalo Alamus, Ebenezer Obey Fabiyis, Sunday Adeyeges (Sunny Ade), Prince Adekunles, Ayinla Omowuras, Adedara Arunra Loja -Obas, Elemure Ogunyemis, Kolawole Ayinlas, Sikiru Ayinde Baloguns and many more others.

And I continued to dream.

A proud people. A proud History. A proud culture. A sound philosophy. Rich endowments. Rich resources in human and natural materials. A people, that has demonstrated over and over, the depth of their understanding of human nature in crisis management and confronting challenges. A people with limitless possibilities for now and the future but is facing arrested development because it is chained to a tragedy called Nigeria.
“…the strength of an endangered race lies in maintaining a homogenous cultural and political machinery.” – Vanguard February 7, 2002.

I dream of a great future for the Yoruba people in a GREAT OÒDUÀ NATION. I dream of Oòduà Nation where we would be masters of our own political destiny. I dream of an Oòduà Nation where all our potentials would be unleashed economically; our agriculture rejuvenated purposefully; our industries manned and piloted by endowed individuals; our academia showcasing the best in our midst for the world to marvel at; our army to be modern, agile, nifty, efficient and patriotic; our police to be ably equipped, local, imbued with integrity and be a pride to all.

I dream of an Oòduà Nation that would not be without its own challenges or crisis; an Oòduà Nation where human nature would always emanate while it’s negatives are constructively constricted for the good and progress of all. I am confident in the innate vibrancy of our culture the depth of which we can always reach to manage our crisis and turn to such to a source of a new strength.

And I continued to dream.
Yes, there would be nay sayers. Some will be set against it for different reasons. Some would be afraid. Some would be detained by the fear of unknown; the fear of tomorrow, when it eventually comes. Some would be mentally arrested by greed, laziness and intellectual aridity.  Some would be encumbered by the comfort of convenient slavery.

Others would make jest of this in various ways. They would label me as a protagonist of this imminent Oòduà Nation in many ways and call me names, insult me, ridicule me and stigmatise me as an ordinary dreamer. They would dismiss me as an unserious mind and a rabble rouser.
They forgot that if Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Paine did not dream, there would not have been the America of today.

If Abraham Lincoln did not dream and pursue that dream, the gauntlet of which was later picked up by John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Medgar Evers among several others, Barrack Obama would not have been the President of the United States of America.

If Obafemi Awolowo, Herbert Macaulay, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Kwameh Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, Robert Mugabe, Sendar Senghor, Kenneth Kaunda, Julius Nyerere, Robert Mugabe, Nelso Mandela and others did not dream, Africa would still remain in colonialism.

Without the dreams of a Mahatma Gandhi from the shores of South Africa, India wallowed in bondage. Without the dreams of Baron Stephen Langston, Magna Carta Libertatum  (“the Great Charter of the Liberties”), commonly called Magna Carta of 1215 would have been mute. Without the dreams of he most influential Enlightenment thinkers like Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Voltaire, Baron de Montesquieu, and Jean Jacques Rousseau the changes across Western Europe, especially France and Germany, in the 18th and 19th Centuries would have been stillborn.

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable in action.” –  John F. Kennedy

Yet, others would take recourse to fear mongering; shouting on the rooftops of a War that may never happened. They would prop up peace as the only desirable. They would argue that the first Nigeria’s Civil War was this and that. They agree that Nigeria has not worked. They know it is not working and would not work.But they are paralysed by fear and inaction, wishing away the doomsday that is at the door, thereby increasing the cost of our freedom through “comfortable inaction.”

They  also forget that in an atmosphere of injustice, peace can never reign. And where there is no peace, there can never be progress. They forget that in an atmosphere of indignity, man would revolt. They forget that the spirit of man abhors subjugation, denigration and straight or proxy enslavement. They forget that power never concedes anything unless and until it is forcefully taken away from it.
They forget that we need to save our women and children by opting out of Nigeria, without having to go to war.

They forget that there are so many gates into a market and that we don’t have to shoot bullets to free ourselves, even though, it may be necessary.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin at the American Conference on February 17, 1775.

But this would not stop the March to freedom. It would not stop the March of freedom. It would not impede the March of the Yoruba people to their manifest destiny. Many speak against it publicly for political correctness but secretly praying, craving and desiring it. Everyone wants to be free but are scared of breaking off the chains of the Nigerian tragedy. Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die, apology to Peter Tosh.

Freedom, dignity, and self respect of a people is priceless. We have to live and if necessary, die on our feet. It is better, more dignifying than to scavenge on our knees for crumbs from those holding our people in political and economic bondage.
Very soon, it would be evident to those who are using fear of war or fear of any kind as a weapon to interrupt this freedom song, asking us to give up essential liberty, freedom, dignity, and Oòduà Nation to obtain a little temporary safety that neither their liberty nor safety could or would be guaranteed by the vampire Nigerian State, when the chips are down. The Yoruba people shall be free.

It is time to go home to Oòduà Nation.

Five reasons Real Madrid must not let Cristiano Ronaldo go

By Chinasia Ibonye


When Real Madrid paid £80 million to Manchester United for Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009, a lot of people felt it was an absurd amount to pay for a footballer. However, with what has happened for both player and club in the past eight years, that amount seems like a steal for the Madrid-based club. The Portuguese has gone on to perform some amazing feats on the pitch and has more than repaid the faith and trust that was put on him at the time of the transfer.

This beautiful marriage between player and club seems to be heading for a bitter divorce if recent reports are to be believed. Ronaldo has recently been accused of tax fraud in Spain and reports suggest that he is so upset about the accusation that he wants to leave the country.

Another factor being mentioned is that he doesn’t feel the club is as supportive of him as Barcelona were for Leo Messi, when the Argentine was also accused of the same offence. This scenario is something the whole football world will want to keep an eye on to see how it develops, although the player’s participation in the on-going FIFA Confederations Cup will let the story simmer a bit. Below are five reasons why Real Madrid must not let go of their prestigious Portuguese.


Cristiano Ronaldo came into Real Madrid just as he was about hitting the peak of his powers. The Portuguese became a hybrid of a winger and centre forward and essentially invented the wing-forward position. He is currently the greatest goal scorer in the history of Real Madrid with an incredible 406 goals from 394 matches for the Spanish club and he has shown no signs of slowing down. Los blancos will definitely not want to lose a player that has been averaging 50 goals a season since his arrival at the Bernabeu and will do everything in their power to keep him.


Apart from his amazing goal scoring prowess it will be unfair not to mention what else he brings to the team asides goals. He creates tons of chances for his team-mates and also has notched up over a century of assists for Real Madrid. His presence alone on the pitch creates spaces for other players around him as opponents will always pay extra attention to him, leaving his team-mates to exploit the spaces and score goals for the team.


Real Madrid paid a world record fee to get him back in 2009, but in the ensuing years it is safe to say that they have made lots of profit from the Ronaldo brand. He has become a global icon with lots of different brands associating with him, which has made his marketability exponential. The sales from his jerseys and other CR7 merchandise has added to the bottom-line of the club helping them become one of the most valuable football clubs in the world and Real Madrid will not want to lose such a revenue generating player


Ronaldo’s quest for greatness means that he demands 100% dedication from his team-mates and he shows that by leading on the pitch and the training ground. He pushes the players around him to strive to be better. A great example of this was during the final match at EURO 2016, where he was injured early in the match and spent the remainder of the game as a pseudo coach/motivational speaker for his team, inspiring them to go on and win the match and thus the title. Madrid will not want to let go of such an inspirational player.


Earlier on in Ronaldo’s career, he was tagged as a player that under performs in big games and in usual Ronaldo fashion he took the criticisms in stride and decided to prove the naysayers wrong; he’s since been lighting up the biggest stage with goals. He has scored numerous and important goals in the El Clasico, the Madrid derby, the UCL final, etc. and can never be tagged as that under performing player any longer. It is safe to say that the Portuguese is currently irreplaceable so why would Real Madrid want to let him go?

Girl, do you know what your husband does for a Living? From Evans the kidnapper’s angle

A woman wrote this article and it is timely and instructive

Every jobless Nigerian man is a businessman. Every Nigerian Yahoo Yahoo is a businessman. Every 419 and drug lord is a businessman. Every layabout, rogue, kidnapper and criminal is a businessman. For every dubious person who doesn’t have an honest definition of what he does for a living; it’s easy to hide under the guise of doing business or he calls himself a businessman.

Let us take a look at these scenarios; they are real life stories of men who claimed they are businessmen and had beautiful wives they slept with every night but these women never knew what they did for a living. They all told their wives they were businessmen.

Act 1 Scene1

It was five days to Christmas and everyone was excited. John was super excited; he boasted to everyone he would be spending his Christmas in Dubai. He bought drinks for his friends and he even threw a loud party. His wife packed his bag for his trip to Dubai and everyone knew this Christmas would be different. Three days to Christmas, John got a call and after the call he told his wife he would be traveling to Ondo to a seal deal. His wife expected him to return the next day but he didn’t and all his phones were switched off. A day before Christmas, John’s corpse was splashed on the covers of all national newspapers and beside him was a Ghana must go bag. John was one of the armed robbers that were shot dead during a bank robbery in Ondo State. For John’s wife, that year’s Christmas was different.

Act 1 Scene 2

Felix married his secondary school sweetheart and both were inseparable. They have two teenage sons and the last child, a girl, was in primary six. Felix was a hustler but he couldn’t hold a job for too long. He traveled a lot out of the country. He has been to different countries but his wife wondered why he never took them on his trips. Felix had money and he spoilt his family silly. Few times, his wife would ask him what exactly he went to those countries for. He gave her reasons but she wasn’t convinced. On his last trip, he had told his wife and children they would be spending the summer holidays in Spain. They were excited. However, Felix never came back home. He called from jail in China once and wept bitterly. He is now on death row for doing drugs. His wife now sells fruits at the bus stop.

Although, these are real life stories but I know you are thinking I made them all up. If you think so, pick up your phone or laptop and goggle Evans (Chukwudi Dumeme Onuamadike) the alleged notorious billionaire kidnapper that was recently arrested and you will understand what I am talking about. The funniest thing is that, while you are searching you will also see pictures of his wife and kids popping up. If you want to read about his wife you can easily do so too and her pictures are placed by his.
The woman claimed she didn’t know what he did for a living and I tell you it’s quite possible she didn’t. Some women don’t care, all they want is to spend money and they don’t want to know how the money is coming in.
Gone are the days when a criminal commits an offence and he is the only one shamed or embarrassed. These days, everyone wants to know his parents, siblings, children and most especially, his wife. They want to know the mother of his kids; they want to know the woman who cooks for him and it’s very easy to do that, because almost everyone is on social media.

So, you see why you need to know what your husband does for a living because, if you don’t know, you will also be dragged into his mess. You shouldn’t just accept it when he says he is a businessman; probe him further on what kind of business he does. If he says he’s a trader at Alaba Market, that’s not good enough, go and see his shop. If he tells you he is into export and import, go and find out about his warehouse. What is he importing and exporting? When his is his next shipment coming into Nigeria? If he tells you he is sealing up a deal, find out what kind of deal it is and satisfy your conscience that he is not a drug baron.

If he tells you he is doing clearing and forwarding, what’s he clearing? Hope it’s not human parts? Did he tell you he’s a contractor? Find out the kind of contracts he is into. Pay him a surprise visit once in a while at his office and go with a cooler of Isala soup and fufu. Look around and see how genuine this business is, don’t be complacent.

If he gets into trouble today, you should know your life will never remain the same again and for life, your children will bear the shame and stigma.
Forget the fact that he is posh and clean. Hard core criminals no longer look dirty and smelly. Some of them don’t even talk tough like we were made to believe and not all of them have bloodshot eyes. These days, there are men who look like gentlemen that are into crime.

In fact they wear crispy shirts and designer’s perfumes. They drive very posh cars and live in mansions, so if your husband has all these things, that doesn’t make him a saint. If you really love him and you are not just after his wealth, you should ask him what he does for a living.

All these women in these stories must have been suspicious at some point but they chose to keep quiet.
I understand that being in love with someone can make you take many things for granted. But if you love him, you should tell him how uncomfortable you are about his movements though our society discourages wives from questioning their husband’s movement. Oh yes, a man has a right to know where his wife is going but a woman has no business knowing about her husband’s whereabouts.

She’ll ask “My dear where are you off to?” he’ll say
“When did you start monitoring my movement?”
Let me tell you bros, your wife has a right to know where you go to and who your friends are. She is not asking because she wants to police you, she’s only asking for security reasons and to protect you.
It’s wrong to just pick your car keys and tell your wife, “I am coming?”

If she asks you whom you were speaking with on the phone, your duty as a husband is to tell her. Let your wife know your movement, it doesn’t make you less of a man!
What if something bad happens to you afterwards? What if the police needs to do an investigation? Your wife will be the first person that would be called upon. But the funniest thing is that in this part of the world, many women just bear “Mrs.” and wear wedding bands but they are not close to their husbands. They are only flat mates.

Moreover, what do I expect from a society that thinks every man knows best because he has a third leg. Dear husbands, you should know that women have better hunches when there is trouble. A wife can smell evil from a distance. She can see through your friends and when she warns you about them, please listen. Don’t be carried away with the beer and pepper soup. Listen to your wife!

Of course, I can confidently say there are good men and I think I know a few of them and I celebrate you guys.
Truth be told, I know that no sane woman will walk down the aisle with a criminal. But what happens when you find out years later you have been living a lie all these while?

My fellow women, we need to start asking our spouses questions. Is he living above his means when you know how much he earns? Check it up. That cash he brought home, where did he get it? Don’t be afraid to ask him. Who and what is your knight in shining amour at night? Do you know where he is at the moment?

If you love your man ask questions. If you don’t, he will get you into trouble and shatter your lives. Go probe him! Make him uncomfortable with your questions. It’s high time you stopped listening to all his rooster and bull stories. Get to know your man! If you love your man ask questions.

Become an FBI in your home, I have given you the license but be discreet for security reasons and you should make good decisions based on your findings. Good luck!

Source: The Sun Nigeria

The Specious Lies Of A Gangster Minister – Femi Fani-Kayode (pic & videos)

By Femi Fani Kayode


I couldn’t help wondering why Channels Television keeps offering its respected platform to this shameless old fool to beam, broadcast and perpetuate unadulterated falsehood to the Nigerian people and to tell specious lies. The whole thing is simply incredulous.

During the course of that interview he told one big lie after the other with such ease and without batting an eyelid. I really do wonder how this man sleeps at night. I guess such things come naturally to him.

I look at his face and all I see is an unconsciable and relentless shit projector and sewage propeller.

He reminds me of one of those filth-ridden open gutters in India’s City of Mumbai: all manner of unprintable and disgusting things flow in and through it for all to smell and see.

Everything about him, including how he looks, what he says, what he wears and how he talks stinks to high heavens.

Like Donald Trump once said about a notorious Mexican drug lord, “this dude is a bad hombre!”

He is the kind of person that would pass a lie detector test with flying colours over and over again simply because lying is his nature. He is posessed by what the bible graphically and aptly describes as a “lying spirit”.

The first salvo of lies that he told us during the course of the interview was that Sheik El Zak Zaky, the leader of the Shiite Muslim community in Nigeria, was being kept in a guest house with his family and that he was not in government custody.

He went on to contradict himself by saying that the Federal Government was keeping him in custody only because they were building him a brand new house that he would move into later and that the difficulty that they had was that no-one wanted to be his neighbour!

Finally he said that the courts had said that the Sheik must not be released until that brand new house had been built for him.

Needless to say, all three assertions are false. They are nothing but dirty and desperate lies, cooked up to justify the governments disgraceful and indefensible behaviour towards El Zak Zaky, his family and the Shiite Muslims of Nigeria.

The truth is that firstly El Zak Zaky and his family are NOT being kept in a private guest house and both he and his wife most certainly are in government custody.

They have both been badly wounded, they are in the custody of the DSS and, for just under the last two years, they have been held at the DSS Headquarters in Abuja.

Their lawyers and doctors have little access to them but once in a while they are shipped to a secret government safe house for a short impromptu meeting with a handful of family members.

Secondly the Federal Government is NOT building a house for El Zak Zaky and even if they were this should not be a reason to keep him in indefinate and illegal custody and detention.

Thirdly the courts gave El Zak Zaky and his wife an order for unconditional release from the custody of the security agencies and his release order was not conditional on the government first building him a new house as Lie has suggested.

The truth is that the man and his wife have both been kept in illegal detention for almost two years, against their will and in total violation of all court orders.

Worst still throughout that period they have not been brought physically or produced by the intelligence agencies before any court of law.

El Zak Zaky was shot and blinded in one eye by the military whilst his wife was shot four times in the stomach at the time that his home was attacked and they were both abducted.

Over one thousand of his Shiite Muslim supporters were murdered that day and their homes were shelled, bombed and burnt to the ground. Since then both the man and his wife have been locked up in dingy underground cells and have been subjected to the most inhuman and barbarous form of pyschological and mental torture.

These are facts that Lie refused to acknowledge in his interview and that the government that he serves seek to hide from both the Nigerian public and the international community.

Lie also lied about Col. Sambo Dasuki the former National Security Advisor to President Goodluck Jonathan. He said that Dasuki was being detained indefinately because he would pose a threat to the Federal Government and to national security if he was released.

He went further to say that Dasuki had stolen 1.3 billion USD and that the government would not release him until that money was returned despite court orders to the contrary.

He did not tell us where the 1.3 billion USD was stolen from, he did not tell us whether it was stolen in cash, by cheque, by bank drart or by transfer and he did not tell us how he stole it. All he did was pick a figure from the sky and drop it.

He also said that as far as the government was concerned national security considerations were more important than court orders and that even though the courts had ordered Dasuki’s relese on several occassions the government would continue to ignore such orders because they believe that he poses a threat to national security.

The fact that it is unlawful to disregard court orders in Nigeria had no bearing on Lie. The fact that there is no law and no constitutional basis or justification to keep Dasuki in detention against court orders is immaterial to him and to the government that he serves.

The fact that the allegation that he stole 1.3 billion USD is not only utterly absurd but also has no basis in truth or reality is neither here nor there to this wicked man and to those he represents.

The fact that Dasuki poses no threat whatsover to anyone, least of all the Federal Government, matters less to this strange, conflicted and inexplicable creature that calls himself the Minister of Information and Culture.

The fact that locking up a man illegally and indefinately, depriving him of his constitutional rights and freedom, denying his lawyers and doctors full access to him, traumatising his family and friends, putting his stunningly beautiful and deeply courageous wife Bintu through hell, refusing to allow him to attend his aged father’s burial and denying him the right to be in a position to prepare a proper legal defence for himself against his detractors and accusers in court means absolutely nothing to this pernicious liar.

No matter how low the government goes and no matter how barbaric, illegal and heartless their actions are in terms of the violation of civil liberties and human rights, Lie has proved over and over again that he is prepared to go on Channels television or anywhere else to defend them.

I am convinced that if Buhari ordered for the gassing to death or burning alive of every single opposition figure and their family members together with all his other perceived enemies, Lie would gladly attempt to justify and defend it and Channels television would be only too happy to accomodate him and grant him the platform to do so.

Worse still he is prepared to defend the consistently aberrant, cruel, wicked, deviant and ungodly behaviour of the government that he serves with nothing less than the most bombastic and obvious lies, wholesale mendacities, false accusations, malicious fabrications and notorious and skewered half truths.

He has no conscience, no feeling, no empathy for his victims, no compassion, no mercy and no milk of human kindness.

One wonders if a man that is prepared to treat others so unjustly and defend it publicly can ever make it to heaven? One wonders whether they believe in God and if so whether they have any fear of Him.

It is clear to me that somewhere in the equation madness has crept into Lie’s confused and irreverant physche. He deserves to be pitied and, more importantly, he needs a lot of help and prayer. The sleazy job that he has been doing for the last two years has taken its toll and has got the better of him.

27 years ago when I first met Lie he used to be an absolute gentleman. Always wearing a smart suit and a crisp bow tie and always making concise and meaningful contributions to our many intense, contentious and oftentimes acrimonious discussions and public debates at the old September Club in Lagos, he was quite a sight to see.

He was a delight in those days. He was a man of his word, he always spoke the truth and it was a pleasure to be his friend. Sadly all that has changed.
In those days he was the affable and dependable “Lai” but today he is the truculent and cantankerous “Lie”.

In those days he was a man of unimpeachable honor and character who valued his integrity and reputation above all else but today he is a mere shadow and caricature of his former self.

He cuts a tragic figure that, over the years, found himself in bad company and that has degenerated very badly in terms of his virtues, his moral authority and his ability to stand for truth.

Simply put, he has sold his soul to the devil and he can now be righly and accurately described as one of those that the Bible refers to as a “son of perdition”.

A Minister of Information and Culture that everyone hates, that no-one trusts, that no-one believes and that looks like a cross between an ageing chimpanzee and washed-up and weathered old scarecrow.

At least Shehu Garbage and Femi Adesina are a little bit more presentable and they try to be a little more refined, subtle and polished with their distortions of truth. Not so with Lie.

He is just a plain old-fashioned, crude, vulgar Goebellian propagandist and pernicious liar. Like his father Satan, there is no truth in him. He was a liar from the start and the father of lies.

The truth is that he should have been the spokesman for the Italian or Russian Mafia, the Turkish or Greek underworld, the Japanese Yakuza, the Chinese Kuomintang or one of the numerous Colombian and Mexican drug cartels and not the Minister of Information of Nigeria.

That is the sort of thing he was born do. I say this because deep down Lie is nothing but a cheap hood and a gangster.

He is a ghetto and gangster Minister who speaks for and represents a ghetto and gangster Government.

Exclusive: Akbar al Baker: A patriot in the Gulf crisis (pic)

By Muyiwa Olayinka

Akbar al Baker

Located in the Arabian Gulf, Qatar shares a land border with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the south-west and is surrounded by the Arabian sea. It also shares borders with Bahrain and United Arab Emirates. It has the population figure of about 2.3 million (2017 figure)

It’s economy is strong with Petroleum and liquefied natural gas are the cornerstones of Qatar’s economy and account for more than 70% of total government revenue and roughly 85% of export earnings.

Gas has given Qatar a per capita GDP that ranks among the highest in the world.

On June 6th, in what is one of the worst rifts among some of the Arab world’s most powerful states, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain followed Saudi Arabia in severing all ties to Qatar.

Almost immediately after announcing the shock move, the three Gulf states gave Qatari tourists and residents just two weeks to leave their countries, and transport links to the country were cut off.

Qatar was accused of supporting terrorism in the gulf region.

It was accused of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s oldest Islamist movement, that was ousted out of power by the military in Egypt. There are other accusations that Qatar backs the agenda of regional arch-rival Iran.

Saudi accused Qatar of backing militant groups and broadcasting their ideology, apparently referring to the country’s influential state-owned channel Al Jazeera.

Egypt has since 2015, detained an Al Jazeera Egyptian born producer, Mahmoud Hussein for “provoking sedition” and spreading “false news” in the country.

‘Qatar embraces multiple terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at disturbing stability in the region, including the Muslim Brotherhood, Isis and al Qaeda, and promotes the message and schemes of these groups through their media constantly,’ the Saudi state news agency SPA said.

An economic crisis loomed immediately in the Gulf, as the four countries invoked a total land and sea blockade on Qatar.

Three major airlines – Etihad, Emirates, and budget carrier FlyDubai – have already announced they are indefinitely suspending flights to and from Dohaonthe capital of Qatar.

Qatar Airways is one of the victims of the crisis. However, the company just announced record profits: 22 percent increases, year on year. But it fears dark days ahead.

Qatar airways was founded in 1993 by Qatari royalty, under the direction of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, The Father Emir of Qatar, the airline consisted of just four aircraft serving a handful of regional routes.

In 1997, Al Baker stepped into the role of the CEO of one the seven five-star airlines, Qatar Airways was re launched and the airline prepared to take off.

Twenty years later, Qatar is thriving. The airline’s initial fleet has multiplied from four to more than 160 aircrafts (with upward of 300 additional aircraft on order), and with 150 destinations and counting, its sprawling route network appears to be boundless.

Akbar Al Baker is involved in every aspect of Qatar Airways. He doesn’t just wear the title of CEO; he gets hands-on.

With the crisis in the gulf region, Qatar Airways was forced to re-route its flights over Iran, Turkey and Oman.

The UAE has also blocked access to the Qatar Airways website.

Saudi Arabia revoked Qatar Airways’ licenses and ordered its offices in Saudi to be closed within 48 hours.

While speaking to Al jazeera about the implications of the blockade, Al Baker  argued there is  a deliberate ploy to kill the airline and cripple the economy of the nation. “Countries around our region ganged up against my nation and made a land, sea, and air blockade. It is unprecedented in the history of any country at time of peace that such a blockade is conducted”, he said.

To buttress his claim, he said Bahrain and the UAE have illegally blocked the airspace. The airspace that they have blocked, does not belong to them. It belongs to the international community.

Baker & his wife with the Trumps

Al Baker was totally  disappointed with the role American President Donald Trump, played in the crises, despite being an associate of the President.

He supported the Donald Trump in becoming the US President. He once told CNN during the 2016 presidential election in USA: “It’s all smoke and mirrors with Donald. Donald is a businessman at the end of the day”.

He accused the American President of standing on the fence against his nation.

In his words, I am very bitter about it, not because only what they did, but also the way they did it. To seal Qatar Airways offices with large stickers, as if we are a money-laundering business or a drug agency. Kicking people out of our offices, detaining our manager, not allowing us to give refunds to our passengers, not allowing even our staff to take personal effects.

He continued “We have taken a moral high ground. We have not acted in the way others have acted. Emiratis, Saudis, Egyptians can live here peacefully. Emirates, Etihad, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Egypt Air they can operate their offices, openly. They can bring in and transfer money out normally”.

He believes with diplomacy and international cooperation, Qatar will  come out stronger out of  the crisis, persevere and weather the storm.

Who is Akbar al Baker

Akbar Al Baker (born 1960 in Doha, Qatar), is currently the CEO of Qatar Airways, and holds a degree in economics & commerce which he earned in India.

Al-Baker became Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Airways in 1997. Prior to this appointment, he worked at the Civil Aviation Directorate of Qatar. He is also the former Chairman of the Qatar Tourism Authority. He is CEO of several divisions of Qatar’s national airline, including Qatar Executive, Qatar Airways Holidays, Qatar Aviation Services, Qatar Duty Free Company, Doha International Airport, Internal Media Services, Qatar Distribution Company, Qatar Aircraft Catering Company and a member of the Board of Governors of IATA (International Air Transport Association).

Al Baker is leading the multibillion-dollar development of Hamad International Airport, which opened its first phase in May 2014 and is now home to Qatar Airways.

Al Baker is a member of the Executive Committee of the Arab Air Carriers Organization, a member of the Board of Governors of the International Air Transport Association, and a non-executive director of Heathrow Airport Holdings.


Governor Aregbesola has sold Osun’s 32 Flat Edifice at Cooper Road,  Ikoyi 

By Segun Akunwusi


When a black smith repeatedly strikes a spot, it is obvious that he wants to get something out of it .

 When a few months ago, I raised the alarm on the scandalous way this government is selling and disposing our common wealth, a few misinformed felt it was a hoax . But alas ,the trend continues unabated to the detriment of our future generations.

When Osun state was created in 1991,we left Oyo state virtually empty handed,since most of our joint properties were sadly appropriated by our sister state.

The only notable property which by accident or design fell into our custody was a choice edifice strategically located at the Victoria Islands/ Ikoyi in Lagos. It is a prized property along Cooper Road in the prime of Lagos.

Successive administrations had left it largely as it was and used it for several purposes. Baba Akande found it too large as a Governor’s Lodge hence the current property at Ikeja was acquired for renovations. Until Prince Oyinlola came on board, who realized its value and thus renovated and modified it for commercial purposes and for several years hundreds of millions accrued to government coffers for its leases.

Today, that property that attracted large revenues to this government on assumption, is now privately owned since this government has sold it . For how much? Nobody knows, and why in the first instance must it be sold?

Not only this valuable 4 or more storey property must be our concern. Let us ask them what has happened to the investments of our people in shares, stocks and other fiduciary issues in blue chip companies over the years.

These are our legacies and the hope of our future generations.

When a governor says I do not constitute a cabinet because no law said so, do the writers of our constitution ever envisaged that criminals and evil people would be elected as governors ? The law is never a perfect document that would envisage all eventualities.

There should be in addition to the spirit and letters of our laws adherence to morality. A governor is supposed to be accountable to the people who elected him. There are public service regulations also that guide the financial conduct of all in government including the governor. It regulates the spending limits of the several levels of governance. For the governor, the spending limits is #50 millions anything in excess should be approved by the Executive Council.

In contravention of the law our own governor had approved and spent several billions illegally.

The House of Assembly that is supposed to be the watch dog is comatose. Remember that the governor is on contract with the people for 4 years and a salary is attached to his job. Anything in excess of that is illegality. There is no legal place for ” governor- in – council ” in our laws .

All the on going projects had been used to borrow huge sums of money. Fellow citizens, where is the money? Must state workers and pensioners be made to pay for the sins of these vagabond in power?

Today, Osun state has not only been stripped naked financially and fiscally but now an empty shell vis- a-vis properties and feasible assets by courtesy of APC looters in government.

The generation unborn will curse those today who are supposed to stand up and challenge this infamy but stay aloof while proverbial Rome is burning.

As far as am concerned I have taken my stand , where are you?

Segun Akunwusi is the immediate past Head of Service of Osun State

Exclusive: Moji Olaiya’s death and matters arising

By Muyiwa Olayinka

Moji Olaiya

Recovering from the shock of two prominent Yoruba actors, Olumide Bakare and Pastor Ajidara, Yoruba Nollywood on Thursday, May 17, 2017, received another shock over the death of one of theirs, Moji Olaiya.

Moji, daughter of Nigeria’s high life music legend, Victor Olaiya, was confirmed dead barely two months after welcoming her second child in Canada. It was gathered that days after the delivery of her new baby, she fell ill and was asked to remain at the hospital, where she later died. The popular actress died of cardiac arrest in Canada.

She died just a few months after she officially divorced her first husband to remarry another one.

Moji’s first marriage crashed in 2008, and the Yoruba actress decided to remarry last year at a quiet ceremony in Nigeria.

Moji had a daughter Adunola (20) before she got married  to her first husband. She did not have a child for the first husband before the relationship crashed.

It is so sad that the thespian died as a result of complications arising from having her second child. More saddening is the fact that the two months old baby will grow up without enjoying the affection of her mother.

Moji became a household name and became more popular with Wale Adenuga’s production Super Story in the 90’s. Before her death, she featured in several Nollywood movies of Yoruba and English genres.

Olaiya was raised by her father, a veteran jazz singer, Victor Olaiya. She was said to have adopted the name Olaiya to honour the musician who raised her since she was young. She was a less controversial woman keeping her private life from the prying eyes of the public.

Unfortunately, she died in a foreign land, Canada, this presented another problem to the mourning family. Adunola her first daughter, rejected the idea of her mother being buried in Canada due to financial constraints. It was reported that it will cost the family $15,000 to bring her corpse home for proper burial.

Moji Olaiya hailed from Ijesa Isu Ekiti in Ekiti state.

It was on this premise that one Olukayode Salako, who is said to be the husband of another popular actress Foluke Daramola and founder, Coordinator of Change Agents of Nigeria Network (CANN), claimed he wrote the Ekiti government to assist in the movement of the corpse back to Nigeria to give her a  befitting burial.

It became a political issue between Governor Ayo Fayose and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, because Mr Salako said the Ekiti state government refused to assist when approached and it was Asiwaju Bola Tinubu that came to the rescue of the family in providing the needed fund.

According to national encomium newspaper, an insider revealed that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu released $30,000 (N11.4 million) towards the ferrying of the corpse of Moji Olaiya from Canada to Nigeria, and to cater for other expenses.

The national leader of All Progressives Congress donated the sum on Monday, May 22, 2017, when he met with family members of the star actress, her daughter and burial committee members.

Asiwaju Tinubu is the grand patron of Theatre Arts and Movie Practitioners Association of Nigeria, (TAMPAN).

Secretary of TAMPAN, Yomi Fabiyi confirmed Tinubu’s assistance.

We must commend Asiwaju Tinubu for helping the family in this trying moment. We must desist from making it a political  issue between Governor Fayose and Asiwaju Tinubu. The most important thing is that someone has forwarded the needed funds to bring back the remains of Moji to her fatherland.

The family does not need this distraction, they should be allowed to mourn and bury their daughter peacefully.

This is not the first time Asiwaju is providing succour to our stars. He rehabilitated the late Fatai Rolling dollars. Fatai Rolling dollars was a high life musician in the 60s.

Moji Olaiya was a good ambassador of Nigeria, just like other worthy stars that are making the country proud. They should be treated like jewels and stars they are called.

Unfortunately, Nigeria do not appreciate her good  ambassadors. Many are abandoned and forgotten heroes when they are faced with challenges of lives. Many lived in total oblivion, abject poverty, dejected and frustrated when they are longer making waves

Sadly, it is common these days to read about many of them  not being able to meet their responsibilities. They have become yester day’s stars.

Many have been afflicted with terminal illnesses that would have been better managed but were left to rot and die untimely in hospitals due to inability to finance their medical bills. They have been reduced to beggarly lots, soliciting for help on pages of newspaper and from charity organisations.

From OJB Jezreel to Prince James Uche, Enebeli Elebuwa, Adesina Adesiyan with a stage name “Pastor Ajidara” and Olumide Bakare, to mention a few were afflicted with sicknesses ranging from kidney, diabetes and respiratory problems. These are ordinary  sicknesses that could be better managed if funds are available.

My panacea

It is imperative that our stars must start planning for their future. It is a fact of life that in showbiz, you cannot dominate the scene forever.

American superstar, Michael Jackson was a legend. He dominated the world’s music industry like a colossus in the 70s through the 90s. His popularity transcended beyond his homeland, USA, He shone all over the world.

But in the late 90s, his popularity waned. He incurred debts both  personal and commercial. He struggled with his music career all to no avail. He had many scandals and  court cases that drained him financially.

An effort was made by a top notch music management outfit to re launched his career. 50 shows tagged “This is it” were organised for him across  European and American cities. Weighed down by great expectations and the fear of failure made him to be hooked on drug named “propofol” administered by his personal doctor that led to his sudden death.

 Unfortunately, he became richer in death than when he was alive through his intellectual property. His musical albums were sold out the moment he died. His monster album, “the  Thriller” was completely bought off the shelf after his transition. He made money from royalties paid for his works, his memorabilia sold like hot cakes. For example, the jacket he worn for the thriller video was sold for $1.8 million.

The money realised were used to  offset some of his debts, even enough to take care of his children and estate.

I have to use Michael Jackson as a narrative to drive home my point. If Jackson could go broke, how much more of Nigerian stars.

It is even worse in Nigeria for an artiste to be rewarded from his intellectual property because of non existence of structures.

The film and music industries are not well structured to allow our stars to reap from their intellectual rights. Privacy has creamed off their sweats and labour.

Olusegun Adeniyi who recently wrote a book titled “Against a run of play” complained his database for the book was hacked and his books were being sold illegally.

Nigerian stars have complained tirelessly to the authorities to fight piracy but the synergy with the law enforcement agencies have not worked.

In the light of this, the music and the film industry should find a way to guarantee their intellectual properties. Many of Nigerian music are played on radio jingles, Televisions commercials, social events, free of charge without adequate royalties being paid. Their films and CDs are being sold illegally on the streets of Nigerian cities.

Broadcasting organisations in Nigeria (BON) in conjunction with Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) agreed to remit royalties for musical works and sound recordings of artistes broadcast by their stations.

Have BON and COSON been living up to their responsibilities?

Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (also known as Performing Musicians Employers’ Association Of Nigeria) has the responsibility to guide, protect and promote the interests of musicians in Nigeria.

PMAN have been engulfed in leadership crisis for a long time. It is not in a position to re organise itself talk less of fulfilling its statutory responsibilies.

It’s also the same leadership crisis that bedevilles the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

These practitioners in the film and music industry must come together to resolve the leadership crisis so that the their interests will be well served.

Nigeria stars should also invest wisely. They should save for the future.  They should not spend all their earnings on frivolous expenses such as acquisition of private jets, golds, jewelleries, bling bling, expensive and luxurious cars.

In Europe, Bono, the legendary Irish lead singer of U2 has been backing Elevation Partners, a private-equity firm that specializes in funding tech companies, since 2004. Elevation has shoveled money to Facebook raking millions of dollars.

Justin Timbalake is another artist who has turned his attention to Silicon Valley, he joined Specific Media owner-brothers Tim and Chris Vanderhook in their $35 million investment into the once-mighty MySpace.

Nigerian music sensation, D’banj has made some investments in viable businesses. He had been seen hobnobbing with Bono and others to widen his business interests. He’s been travelling all over the world to meet international  investors

Furthermore, practitioners should take insurance policies for life or health, to care of themselves in hours of needs.

The death and the difficulty experienced in bringing back the remains of Moji Olaiya from Canada, should be an eye opener to all.

This disgraceful and beggarly attitude must stop!

It does not project the positive image of Nigeria.

I commiserate with the entire family of Moji Olaiya and other families that have lost their loved ones. May God give them the fortitudes to bear their losses.

May Moji Olaiya’s soul rest in perfect peace.

Forbes revealed Pastor Adeboye’s net worth

Pastor Adeboye
Pastor Adeboye

Forbes has revealed the net worth of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, worldwide, Pastor Enoch Adeboye.

According to Forbes, his net worth is valued at between 39 to 65 million dollars. His churches give him at least two million dollars in revenue per year.

Pastor Adeboye and his family own about 65 million dollars, a private jet and several houses.

Forbes also revealed his three top cars ranging from Rolls Royce Phantom, with starting price of $400, 000, Land Rover Discovery worth about $80, 000 and Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen with starting cost of $100, 000.

Forbes also reports that the revered pastor has several houses and at least one in the Great Britain.

Pastor Adeboye also owns a new 65-million-dollar private Jet, Gulfstream G550 made in Georgia USA.

Two Years Of Change

By Reuben Abati

How is it going my brother?

“We just dey look. Two years and we thank God.”
“How was your May 29?”
“There was no celebration. We just siddon dey look.”
“But the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo addressed the nation.”
“I know. I know. But there was no programme in place for celebrating two years of the Buhari government. In the past, we used to have a week-long programme, with military parades, prayers here and there and then a national broadcast to remind the people of how democratic rule has been so fruitful and kind.”
“There was a national broadcast”
“I saw that. The Acting President spoke about optimism, building confidence, and reassuring the people. It was as if the country was mourning.”
“How do you expect them to celebrate when the Commander-in-Chief is out of the country?”
“But there is an Acting Commander-in-Chief”
“Are you sure Professor Osinbajo is actually an Acting Commander-in-Chief or a co-ordinator? There can only be one Commander-in-Chief at a time. There were two flags behind the Acting President, instead of four. His ADC is a policeman not a soldier. When he conducts council meetings, he doesn’t use the Commander-in-Chief’s seat.”
“Are you sure?”
“But what is your assessment? The cloud has settled, we can now think more clearly.”
“What I hear is that the position of the Federal Government is that it is too early to assess the Buhari government. Femi, our friend and brother says it would not be fair to assess an administration that has a four-year tenure after two years.”
“He is probably right. May be it is better to assess the administration in 10 years time.”
“What are you saying?”
“History has a way of offering better views. Nigerians are always impatient. They don’t appreciate the good vision that history offers.”
“History. History. When the administration reached 100 days, they said we could not assess it. They said it was too early. When they got to six months, they told us to wait. One-year anniversary, we were again told to exercise patience. It is now two years, and we are told any kind of assessment will be premature. How many years does it take to prepare the grounds for madness?
“By madness, I suppose you mean performance.”
“I assume you are educated.”
“Don’t insult me. I am not in government.”
“Then don’t sound like you are dumb, my friend.”
“I am not dumb. I am smart. After all, am I the person that said President Buhari does not owe Nigerians anything?”
“Someone said that?”
“Yes. One Presidential aide insisted that Nigerians should stop expecting this and that, because it is not the business of government.”
“I see. I see.”
“You keep saying I see, I see. Are you sure you don’t need to change your eye-glasses?”
“I have just remembered a story I read in which a group called SBM Intelligence reported that the Buhari administration has only achieved after 2 years, 4 per cent of its campaign promises since it assumed power.”
“SBM Intelligence. You better find out who owns it and who is behind it. What if SBM Intelligence is owned by the PDP or some marabouts who have upgraded their game?”
“They sounded professional to me.”
”I don’t know about that.”
“But what about Richard Quest, the CNN Correspondent who visited Nigeria recently? He also had something to say about our democracy.”
“What about him? “
“He reported that since the CNN visited Nigeria for the Presidential inauguration two years ago, the only achievement by the Nigerian government has been the repair of the Abuja airport runway.”
“He said that?”
“Well, what does Richard Quest actually know about Nigeria. He came here to eat jollof rice with Alhaji Lai Mohammed. Jollof rice has a way of inducing you to get carried away and when you get carried away, you say all kinds of things.”
“But can you really blame him?”
“No. I blame jollof rice. Why would he reduce everything to Abuja airport runway? This government in two years has reduced Boko Haram to nothing. This is the government that seized the very essence of Boko Haram and Ibrahim Shekau.”
“The very essence of Boko Haram? I am not aware that the Federal Government captured Shekau’s wife.”
“This government captured the Boko Haram flag and Shekau’s Quoran. That is a monumental achievement. What is Shekau without his flag and his Quoran? Richard Quest is talking. Not even his own country America can claim to have captured the ISIS flag. When Nigeria does something, let us say so. I beg.”
“I just hope they are not keeping that flag and the Quoran in the Villa.”
“They can keep them wherever they like. Once Shekau’s essence was captured, the girls were bound to come out. Over 100 of them did.”
“I know.”
“What I even want to suggest is that Sambisa Forest should be turned into a legacy site. Something like the establishment of the University of Sambisa Forest, for girls only, to help us remember the battle that was fought in that forest.”
“Sambisa is about 60, 000 sq. kms covering six states.”
“I don’t see how that is a problem. Sambisa can be converted from a theatre of agony into a major educational theatre, given the nature of its story.”
“I don’t get it.”
“We need to prove that Boko is not Haram.”
“You think that is why it is too early to assess, and that change begins with us, or that they owe us nothing?”
“Of course they owe us something. Whoever said they don’t is either high on something or stupid.”
“They owe us electricity, for example?”
“But the Senate says the government can’t give us electricity. That is a major problem for the economy.”
“Clearly, the Senate doesn’t fully understand how the economy has worked in the past two years.”
“The economy has been diversified, I can tell you that for a fact.”
“I have been hearing that, government to government, over the years.”
“But there is something different, this time.”
“Hear. Hear.”
“For the first time in Nigerian history, we have just been reminded of how lucrative grass cutting can be. You can become an instant multi-millionaire by cutting grass.”
“Yes. You can also become stupendously rich by rearing snakes”
“Yes. Persons in this government have shown us how to diversify sources of revenue, so it is not just diversification of the economy, the new model is about the diversification of revenue.”
“But they say government can’t pay salaries and that they intend to borrow?”
“Don’t worry. It’s because the new model is yet to take root. In ten years’ time when you review the administration, you’d understand better.”
“Ten years.”
“Yes. Nigerians should learn to be patient. That is how change begins with you.”
“This change is beginning to look strange.”
“If it is, then by now, you’d be dead. You have to be grateful.”
“Many jobs are being created. In Benue state for example, the Governor has distributed wheel-barrows as dividends of democracy and as a means of alleviating poverty.”
“Wheel-barrows?. The Governor wants to turn his people into pushers of wheel-barrows in the 21st Century?”
“My brother, he even put his name on the wheel barrows.”
“I don’t see how that is okay. David Mark complained that Samuel Ortom should not reduce Benue state to a state of wheel barrow pushers. ”
“David Mark is just being jealous. We are talking economic transformation. A Federal Minister has also said that Nigeria will soon be self-sufficient in the production of pencils and toothpicks.”
“Pencils and toothpicks?”
“By 2019, of course. Something big. ”
“And if not, I guess that particular Minister will also resign like his other colleague in the Petroleum Ministry who says if we do not have enough petrol supply by 2019, he will just resign.”
“Don’t worry. Nobody resigns in Nigeria. You’d resign and miss the opportunity for grass-cutters? Commot-mouth-for-matter! I know at least one Minister who is already delivering ahead of schedule, though”
“And who may that be?”
“The Minister of Information. He said government was going to create many jobs through the promotion of masks and masquerades.”
“He delivered. During the Eyo Festival to mark the 50th Anniversary of Lagos State, many masquerades took over the streets. Solid diversification.”
“You have not heard of the violence that erupted, the rains that fell and the clash with the police.”
“There will always be occupational hazards. Think in terms of the jobs that were created.”
“You have also not heard of how the police shot and killed some masquerades in other parts of Nigeria. If masquerading is a state policy, then masquerades should be better protected.”
“But it is all part of the economy. Masquerade as business metaphor.”
“What business?”
“Okay, this government in two years has made music very popular. The biggest achievement by the National Assembly for example is that special song: Ajekun iya ni o je, ajekun iya ni o je…. I won’t be surprised if Beyonce, or R.Kelly or any of our superstars – Whizkid, Davido, Tiwa Savage, Banky W turn it into a major remix, with some Senators appearing in the video. In fact, Ajekun iya was a major presentation during the Lagos at 50 celebrations. ”
“Recession is almost entering third quarter. Nigeria is going a-borrowing. Businesses are closing shop. More workers than ever have been retrenched.”
“That’s because some people emptied the treasury. That has nothing to do with the last two years. Some people emptied the treasury.”
“Your family members obviously.”
“No. This is not about my own family, but your chop-and clean-mouth family. The day your truth will come out, hen.”
“I beg.”
“But you are aware SMB Intelligence says the cost of governance has gone up and that nothing has changed?”
“What do those ones know about the economy? You can’t assess a whole administration by administering corner-side questionnaires. I can bet they gave those forms to PDP members.”
“Is it also the PDP that is responsible for Baba’s health travels to the UK?”
“God is in control. Baba will return hale and hearty and all of you will be put to shame. I thank God Mummy has said Baba is recovering fast and that he will be back home very soon.”

“Al hamdulillahi”
“We thank God for everything. And we thank God for the Nigerian drugs that Baba has been using in the UK.”
“But wait a moment. Did you just say Mummy?”
“Yes. Mummy of the nation, mummy Aisha.”
“Ha. Oh my. Look at me”
“What is it?”
“I know your type. You-are-a-sycophant! You have joined them to call the President’s wife, your Mummy? Haba.”

“She is our Mummy”
“Don’t worry. I understand.”
“You actually don’t have to worry, because I also think Osinbajo is doing well. And I see you people, the Oduduwa people are just so excited that your brother is now the one in charge. Una do well.”
“I am not excited. I am worried about the Acting President’s safety.”
“Why? How? Nobody is disturbing him”
“Have you not heard that some people are now saying he has surrounded himself with Yoruba people?”

“That is not true? Most of his staff are Northerners and Muslims.”
“They have started playing him sha. Obviously, some people don’t appreciate the fact that it is a good thing for this government that Baba formally handed over to his deputy. It is the best demonstration of good faith so far.”
“The people who are criticizing the Acting President, did they not read his speech on Biafra? “
“They don’t read.”
“He reached out to the Biafrans. He said we belong together, not apart. He then visited Cross River state.”
”Cross River state is not part of Biafra”

“It is in the map.”
“Which map? The map drawn up by IPOB and MASSOB?”
“I saw Cross River, Rivers , Bayelsa, and Akwa Ibom states in the map.”
“I have also seen comments by people from those states saying they are not part of Biafra and that they have no intention to leave Nigeria, and nobody should conscript them.”
“Are you sure? “
Look. Let’s leave that matter. Have you seen anybody from outside Igboland supporting secession?”

“And who is that?”
“Their in-law, FFK”
“A very good in-law.”
“It’s always good to support our wives.”
“My friend, can we talk about something else? FFK is an intellectual. Don’t insult him, my friend.”
“Okay, what do you want to talk about?”
“I didn’t like the way the Acting President was hugging and shaking hands with people when he visited Calabar. That is too dangerous. Anything could have happened to him. His security details should be queried. The man even collected vegetables from a market woman. His security was compromised.”

“The Acting President is covered by the blood of Jesus, and God of Adeboye. He will not be kidnapped in Jesus Mighty name.”
“Oh, you are part of that crowd?”
“Blood of Calvary. God of Ayo Babalola. The I am that I am…”