Pastor Andrew Ejimadu Prays ‘Money Into His Followers’ Accounts

Pastor Ejimadu

Nigerian Pastor Based In Zambia Prays ‘Money Into His Followers’ Accounts.

A controversial Nigerian pastor, Prophet Andrew Ejimadu of Christ Freedom Ministries in Zambia, has claimed that he can perform miracle by praying/prophesying for his followers and they will start receiving ‘FREE’ money into their bank accounts from people they don’t know all over the world.


Mixed feelings have trailed the pastor’s prophecy after he shared it on his Facebook page. While some online users are claiming the “blessing”, others have argued that good things don’t come easy like that thereby declaring it a scam.

God hates woman-on-top, oral and doggy style sex

The prophecy was dire and unsparing.

In a video entitled, ‘Warnings to married Christian couples from the Lord Jesus Christ,’ Pastor Olugbenga Oladejo of the Complete In Christ Church, UK, prophesied eternal punishment to men who allow their wives to mount them during sex, men who love the doggy style of sex; and worse, men who love oral sex!

Oladejo prophesied:

“The Lord has made the man the head, not the woman.

“So, those men who enjoy their wives coming on top of them on their matrimonial bed, the Lord says they are not coming to heaven at all!

“Because they practise immorality on their bed. They change the ordinances of God on their bed.

“The Lord said He made man the head, and so shall it be. You cannot change that ordinance.”

See video:

Equally sanctioned in the old video which was picked up by some news sites on Wednesday is the doggy style, whereby the man enters the woman from the rear as she kneels on all four in front of him!

According to Oladejo, this style of sex practically turns the woman into a four-footed beast and is therefore capable of sending the practitioners to hell.

The fiery preacher thundered, “The Lord did not create you to behave like a dog on your matrimonial bed with your wife; or like a goat, or like a cow, or like a chicken.

“Those who do that are not going to make it to heaven.”

He said the “natural way” that God has made sex to be is for man to lie on top of the woman, and anything to the contrary risks divine chastisement.

Sexologists describe this “natural” style of sex act as the “missionary position.” It is the only natural way of having sex that God allows, according to Pastor Oladejo.

Those who practise anything short of the missionary position “serve the spirit of lust,” the pastor deposed.

In order to assure his congregation that the prophecy was never his own idea, Oladejo said he had received the vision several months before he eventually had the nerves to share it with his congregation.

“I really didn’t want to share it with people, but the Lord laid it in my heart because He wants to use it to save the souls of His children who are on their way to hell,” Oladejo said.

Quoting from the book of prophet Isaiah chapter 33, verse 14 (which has no bearing to sex, by the way), Oladejo narrated how the Lord showed him the vision of hell fire.

An angel had taken him to a department in hell, Oladejo claimed, where married men who engaged in masturbation, oral sex, and woman-on-top sex positions were given the worst form of torture imaginable.

Quoting again from Isaiah 24: 5, he said the Lord informed him that His children commit immorality on their beds, changing the “ordinances of everlasting covenant” as God had ordained it.

The affected ‘ordinances,’ as Oladejo claimed he was told, include the following:

• Woman-on-top sexual position

. Rear-entry doggy style. The book of Romans 1: 30 came handy here.

• Men and women who masturbate

• Oral sex

Source: Punch

Stephanie Otobo Charged With Blackmail Over Apostle Suleman’s Sex Scandal – 


Stephanie Otobo, the 23 year-old lady who claimed that Apostle Johnson Suleman had a romantic affair with her, was docked on Monday in Lagos.

She was docked at a Tinubu Chief Magistrates’ Court, and accused of conspiracy, blackmail, threat to life and an intent to steal.

She was charged along with a 43 year-old, man identified as Wisdom Godstime.

The prosecutor, M. A Animashaun, informed the court that the defendants and others at large committed the alleged offence on February 14, 2017, at about 10:30am, at Police College, Ikeja Lagos.

Belgian Church Turns into Beer Bar after Every Sunday Mass


In Brielen, a small Belgian village of only 700 inhabitants, it was customary for church goers to meet up for a beer after every Sunday mass. That became a problem after the last bar in the village closed down, but the local priest was more than happy to keep the tradition going by turning the church into a bar after Sunday mass.

Some say alcohol is the devil’s drink, but a Protestant church in Brielen, Belgium, is using it to keep parishioners happy and bring more people closer to God. After the last  bar in town closed, church goers who used to get together every Sunday after mass for a cold glass of beer were forced to either abandon their tradition or travel to neighboring villages. It was a sad end to a very popular custom, but the local priest saw it as an opportunity to do something good for his flock and attract more people to church.

AAfter asking the permission of local authorities, the priest announced that every Sunday, after mass, congregates were more than welcome to use the church as a bar and drink as much beer as they like, just like they used to before. He even had an actual bar set up in the church and, as soon as he ends his sermon, wooden chairs and tables with white table cloths are brought out to make the people feel like they’re in their old pub.

Parishioners can drink as much beer as they like, but the priest has set a few clear rules. The most important one is that you have to attend the mass in order to be allowed into the bar. This helps the church better fulfill its purpose of bringing people closer to religion, and people get their bar experience back. Everybody wins!


To keep the church from turning into a place of debauchery, music and dancing are forbidden, and patrons must leave before 1:00 in the afternoon. This gives them enough time to drink plenty of beer, but not enough to get too drunk.

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The Pastor Adeboye Story in His Words



In a new book, General Overseer Worldwide of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG), Pastor E. A. Adeboye, tells the story of his amazing transformation from debilitating poverty into a powerful man of God revered by millions of people across the world and sought after by presidents of countries in a new book.

I have written over 15 books, but sometimes I get the sense I was specifically prepared by circumstances of my life in the last few years to write this particular book that will bless millions of people around the world.

My testimony

I profoundly acknowledge Upfront The privilege And signal honour To toil on this tome On a rare pearl of God The pivotal soul of our times Who multitudes across the globe today Bear gratitude for being alive To see at work The plenitude of God In so great a man Being ever so humble Life thrives and throbs In complete holiness A man noted for signs Wonders and miracles Of the dimensions Of the Biblical days A man God calls His son And speaks with Born to financially-challenged parents In the backwaters of Ifewara, Osun State He boasted of no shoes Whatsoever Even at age 18 He set forth Not as a Born-Again Christian Until he notched the job Of a mathematics teacher At the University of Lagos And history became writ large In the march of the Pentecost Becoming the hallowed leader Of an abounding church Transcending well over 192 countries With 32,000 parishes in Nigeria alone Indeed a miracle worth knowing. For the singular man To remain infectiously humble Despite his enormous power Influence and popularity Is besides a miracle in itself Work on the book Transformed me Pulled me closer to God And equipped one With greater understanding Of the spiritual realm Particularly The less understood dark part Where mothers kill children They carried 9 months In their own womb And cried in the labour room to bear To drink their blood And eat their flesh A dark world indeed Where some mothers make Their daughters barren Or make it impossible For them to be married Where fathers curse and cause Their sons to lose jobs And where wives gleefully Ruin husbands Into destitution And husbands use Their wives For rituals Miracles are difficult To explain By mere mortals But I now have A better appreciation Of the epochal miracle called Pastor Enoch, Elisha, Sunday, Adejare, Adetona, Olagundoye, Adeboye.

The book

Entitled “Stories of Pastor E. A. Adeboye,” the man fondly called Daddy G.O. tells the story in his own words in testimonies compiled to read like an autobiography by seasoned author and journalist, Bisi Daniels.

The 350-page book, which shows for the first time the house in which Pastor Adeboye was born and the primary school he attended in Ifewara, Osun State, was released last week to mark his 75th birthday.

A man revered by millions across the world as a true man of God, Pastor Adeboye is a great believer in the power of testimony. He is himself a living testimony of the power of God. His sermons always contain stories about how people have experienced the power of Jesus Christ in their lives. This book is a collection of those testimonies, which reads like his biography right from his birth in Ifewara in strange circumstances to the present moment.According to Daniels, the story of Pastor Adeboye becomes a compelling read, when after breaking free from the vicious cycle  of poverty in his family to become a lecturer at the university and living in a palatial home, he abandoned all that to live in a one-bedroom apartment in Mushin, Lagos, as General Overseer of RCCG.

Daddy G.O. confesses he was scared but God assured him of His support. The church had only 39 parishes but now has over 32,000 parishes in Nigeria, over 700 parishes in the United Kingdom, and many more spread across over 196 countries including Samoa, Fiji, Serbia, Pakistan, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.

The subjects covered in the book dedicated to Pastor Adeboye and his wife, Pastor Folu Adeboye, who stood by him during his most difficult times, include: The RCCG, and testimonies on Faith, Salvation, Miracles, Marriage, Fruit of the womb, Temptation, Unforgiveness, the dark world of Power and Principalities amongst many others. Mixed in with them is the fascinating story of Pastor Adeboye himself and how, having been born again, he rose from debilitating depravation to become the famous and much-loved leader of the RCCG.

In one of the many testimonies in the book, Pastor Adeboye revealed how he got his ever supportive wife, even when he was clearly the least qualified suitor: “There were many of us contesting for the hand of my wife. I wanted to marry a beautiful princess but I was the least qualified among the many suitors. Out of the number, three of us were in the forefront. But I was a student, while one of us was a lawyer who owned a car. All I had was a “foot wagon” (move around on foot). I decided to let her know my financial status

I said to her, “Please listen. I have nothing, no money, no house, no influence, nothing.”

I told her that if I had anything at all, it was the little brain God gave to me.

“I have nothing to offer you except myself. If you will marry me, you will have me to yourself completely,” I said.

Surprisingly, she replied, “Because you are so honest, I will marry you.”

Daniels feels privileged and honoured “to work on this great book of a very great man of God; a rare person of our times, who so many people around the world are grateful to be alive to see at work for God.”

He says working on the book has transformed him, gotten him closer to God, and equipped him with greater understanding of the spiritual realm.

In the foreword of the book he wrote just before he was sworn in as Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo (SAN) recommended the book highly.

He noted that, “The sharing of what he calls ‘stories’ is an integral part of the sermons of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, who is fondly called Daddy G.O.

“Most of Daddy’s ‘stories’ are indeed miracles, used to illustrate his sermons and show the power of God, rather than his own achievements.

“Having been a member of the church for many years and now a pastor, I have seen the efficacy of this style of preaching.

“Testimonies not only enhance the faith of others but also honour God. This book of some of the testimonies of one of the greatest servants of God in this generation is worth reading and learning from.”

A poverty story of Pastor Adeboye

I walked bare-footed for the first eighteen years of my life – in rain and in sunshine. Now that I walk with shoes on my feet, I prefer shoes on my feet. What about you?

I can never forget my final year in the grammar school. I was eighteen years old. I was a fairly good student, and had won many prizes as a testimony to that. In those days at Ilesha Grammar School, they used to have what they called a Prize-Giving Day. That was a day before the school vacation; a day when all those who won prizes would come forward, shake hands with the principal and receive a prize for the subject they excelled in.

For those in the final year, there was a dress code – a white shirt over a pair of white trousers, and shoes to match. I had won a prize, but had no trousers – white, black or red. Shoes? I didn’t even know what that looked like!  What was I going to do? They were going to call my name in front of everybody.  It meant that I was going to go forward in the only a pair of shorts I owned, barefooted. I started lamenting, God you know I have no trousers, why did you allow me to win a prize?

It was at that stage that one of the boys in the hostel called me, “Ademaths.” (That was my nickname).

And I answered, “Yes.”

He summoned me over and said, “I have six pairs of trousers, I don’t know which one to wear tomorrow. Can you help me choose?”

Now tell me, which is better?  No trousers or six trousers?

I helped him choose one and then said to him, “Emmm, you know I don’t even have one to wear.”

“Pick one,” he said.

Although the boy was several feet taller than me, I didn’t care. As far as I was concerned, trousers were trousers. Glory be to God! So I chose a pair. When I wore them, I had to pull the waistband up to my chest!

Now the problem of trousers was solved, next was the problem of shoes.

It was then I remembered that I had an uncle somewhere. He was as poor as a church rat but I remembered I had seen shoes on his feet before. So I went to see him and asked for the shoes. The decent pair I saw on him, he said he couldn’t let go, but that he had a pair of mended sandals to spare. Those of you who know what we used to call Odutola tyre sole (sole of sandals made from lorry tyres) in those days will understand.

Let somebody shout Hallelujah! None of you will die in poverty. I rebuke poverty in your life in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Finally, he gave me the sandals and because I had never worn sandals before, I had to practise how to walk in them. At last the Prize-Giving Day came and, glory be to God, I had trousers and a pair of sandals to wear to the occasion – a pair of borrowed trousers over Odutola tyre sole sandals.  That didn’t matter to me as I walked up there and got my prize.

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Buhari Will Resign, Governors Will Gang Up Against Him – Primate Ayodele

Primate Ayodele Elijah

Founder and General Overseer of the INRI Evangelical and Spiritual Church, Primate Ayodele Elijah, has delivered his prophecy for the second quarter of the year.

Ayodele, declared that President Muhammadu Buhari, will face serious political challenges, adding that the President will resign due to his health condition.

He also said that some Governors will gang up against the President.

Ayodele,however, lamented that his prophecies have not been given needed attention in the country.

He said he had prophesied the rejection of the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, the death of General Samuel Ogbemudia and that of General Adeyinka Adebayo, but his words were not taken seriously.

He warned that the Federal Government should be wary of its declaration that the Boko Haram attacks had been reduced, saying the proscribed terror group, would launch other attacks in a new fashion.

He also said the economy would improve between May and July this year.

He made the revelation in a chat with Tribune on Sunday.

Primate Ayodele said, “It is sad that we are not taken seriously when we warned earlier in newspapers and other media outlets. When a nation ignores God’s warning, certain things happen.

“I warned Nigeria of certain occurrences as published in the Daily Champion of December 30, 2015. In my book Warning to the Nations 2016/2017, I said there would be a new CAF president. I also warned of Magu’s rejection.

“It is on page 186 of the book. I also warned of the deaths of General Samuel Ogbemudia and General Adeyinka Adebayo.

“In the same vein, President Muhammadu Buhari still needs prayers because he may likely resign midway as a result of his health condition, unless prayers are intensified.

“Buhari will face political challenges. Some unexpected people will be removed from his cabinet. Some governors will gang up against him. In APC, there will be wrangling before and after the party convention.

“The crisis in the PDP will break it. Some northern governors will run into crisis that may jeopardise their political calculations. The economy will improve between May and July. Government should reform CBN and NNPC.

“The perpetrators of herdsmen killings will be exposed. Our security outfits should be alert as Boko Haram would devise new dimensions of attacks. There will be an increase in petrol product, as the price of petrol may change.

“Flour will be scarce. Charcoal will be expensive at the middle of the year. I see division in the National Assembly.

“The fight against corruption by the EFCC should be sustained but the former governor of Adamawa State, Mr James Ngilari, should be pardoned so that his political career will not be ruined,” he stated.

Our God of second chance

My name is Tracy Brown….A foot into my third month of pregnancy, I only realized that i was pregnant. I was unable to remember my last menstral date, this made calculating my birth month difficult. The much I could remember was that I saw my period last in the month of February. Thus by my own estimate, I concluded that I was due by November. From the Ist day of November, I started expecting my baby, on the same day, I got an inspiration from the Holy spirit to always pray psalm 91 daily ( This I will score myself 60/100 as I failed to pray it some days). While doing my morning devotions and studying the Bible, I hear the Holy spirit say to me when I get to some certain scriptures, put this to heart. This He ( the Holy spirit ) did with so many scriptures of which I did commit to heart. At the end of November, I was already worried why my baby hasn’t come considering that my Ist and 2nd babies all came at their due dates and I birthed them naturally. Though at sixth month of conception (by my estimate) I did an ultra scan which gave me an expected date of delivery for 10th December 2016 which was considered a late scan for due date by the doctors. On the 5th of December 2016, (still pregnant ), I noticed that my baby’s movement has reduced, so i decided to go to the hospital the following day being 6th of December 2016 for my antenatal and equally complain same to my doctor. After explaining to my doctor of the reduced fatal movement, she suggested that I go do an ultra scan immediately. When the result came out, it was recorded that my baby’s heart rate was good, the tone was zero and movement was zero. With this result, the consultant who reviewed my scan result quickly asked that my baby be brought out through Caesarian Operation. This scuttled me, with tears I agreed to go ahead. The operation was successful, my baby and I where safe. On the 7th of December while in the post natal ward, during the normal routine injections for pain, infections and all, two injections was administered on me. Immediately I received this injections, my body started shutting down. I called for the nurse who gave me these injections and questioned her what she gave me and while all these was going on, my body was still shutting down. I sent for my immediate younger sister who is a doctor in this hospital. Before she arrived, a doctor has already tried to administer drip on me but was unable because my veins can no longer be seen. When my sister arrived at the scene she asked me who gave me the injection, I pointed at the lady nurse who did. My sister also tried to administer the drip and it was all in vain. Other doctors tried and all to no avail. I could see them poking my body but I was not feeling any pain and for any part of my body they poked even blood didn’t come out. With tears in my sister’s eyes she screamed my name, I could see her hit me but i didn’t feel her hands on my body. At this point, nothing was left to be done than to wait for me to breathe my last. Now I noticed that all my veins withdrew inside and water took over my flesh. It started from my toes, as the veins (which was like a force) withdrew from each part, I stopped feeling that part of my body and water will cover that part which made that part to swell. This continued until I could not feel any part of my body anymore. My Aunty was already in tears. I was still conscious of my environment and I can still see and hear, so one of the doctors came to me and said please can you see this drip, please allow me to administer it on you while massaging the last finger of my right hand. While he was doing that, I realized that I had no other option but to cry out to my God. Before I died, I saw that the doctor inserted the needle into that area he was massaging, after that, I passed out. (died). My spirit man started calling on Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, please give me a second chance, please have mercy on me, for the sake of my destiny. Now, all those scriptures which the Holy spirit asked that I put to heart, I started declaring them, begging on Jesus for a second chance to live but He did not answer me. I continued to beg then I heard a Voice say to me “I AM HERE”. Knowing that is Jesus, because I have been calling him, I continued to plead for mercy and declared those scriptures to Him. At this point, He ( Jesus Christ) called out my name Tracy Brown and I answered yes My Lord. He told me all that I have done. He spoke about every area of my life that has displeased Him. These included my marriage, my destiny, all the businesses/ jobs or organizations I have ever worked with. He left no stone UNTURNED. I continued to plead for mercy and a second chance to go back and right all my wrongs. Jesus now asked me, are you willing to do all that I have said (The restitutions , my marriage, my destiny etc). I answered I will do it, I will do it, I will do it. He said to me, if I let you live again, you promise to amend all your ways and do that which I have called you to do on earth? I answered I will do it Lord. Then He asked me the scripture which he gave to me that anchors my life and purpose here on earth, I quoted it for Him. Now he said, your Ist assignment was to forgive your husband and ask him to forgive you too. He equally said that henceforth, that my husband’s word is a LAW to me which I agreed. He said ” as I let you live again, immediately you regain consciousness, call for your husband and make peace (He told me all I am suppose to do in this regard). He still asked “will you do it? I said I will do it, and he said Deal? and I answered deal. Then I saw a mighty gate black in colour about 15 to 20 story building in height and the width was so massive too, close on its own accord. A gigantic padlock was used to lock the gate. Written on Top of the gate was OUT OF BOUND FROM HELL, Beneath it was written FORGIVEN. Immediately, a mighty gushing wind entered back into my body starting from the point at which I saw the doctor insert something into me before dying. As the wind moved, any part of my body it gets to, I felt that part. This continued until to my toes and I regained consciousness. While the wind moved, it dried up the waters that has taken over my body (This was why when the doctors tried to administer drip on me, they couldn’t and no blood came out which also swell all my body). As I returned back to life, I screamed for my husband (calling him all the names Jesus asked that I call him). I Jumped out of the bed as I saw my husband running to me with a smile that I have never seen on him since I married him. We hugged, kissed-in fact, I was over joyed. I asked them( my husband, my sister and aunty) lets go home, I am fine. All the pains of Caesarian Operation was gone. I was jumping, screaming. They tried to calm me down which I refused because of my experience. At this point, I started preaching to all who could hear me in the ward were I was. They pleaded and pleaded that I should lie down and rest which I finally agreed and sat back on the bed. Then I asked my Sister – are you about to move my body to the MORTUARY? which she said YES and that she has already called our daddy and brothers.

 My Beloved ones, the Lord Jesus Christ gave me a second chance to live so I can fulfill my purpose here on earth. Praise be the name of our God!!!!!.

 Dear reader, the human mind is yet to conceive a word for what happens to a man/woman who dies without Christ Jesus. Agony, pain, torment etc does not describe it. The worst thing that can happen to you is to die without Christ. Please, pursue peace with all men, owe no man nothing but love, live peacefully with all men. If they want your trouser, give them your shirt too, if they want your skirt, give them your blouse too, meaning if they slap you on one check, turn the other for them. Lay hold of eternal life, work out your salvation with fear and trembling, have nothing in this world but CHRIST JESUS. Getting married, wealth, houses, having children, name it are all frivolities/Vanity upon vanity. I pray that my testimony will help you to make a decision for Christ. Stop TOYING with sin (there is no small or big sin), (GALATIANS 5:19-21) stay on the Lord’s side, find your purpose here on earth and work at it, fight the good fight, do away with anger, malice, and all vices.( 1JOHN 1:8-10)

 God gave me a baby boy but it counts for nothing if I die without Christ. He gave me a second chance….will HE give You???. Remember He is Supreme(you cant question HIM) READ HEBREWS 4:13. HEAVEN AT LAST!!!. Be a true messenger of christ

How A Gateman Helped Me To Get US Visa – Oritsejafor

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

While acknowledging the ministers including the gospel musicians including Chioma Jesus, Monique, Edi Edwards Et al for their sterling contributions to the success of this year’s DOS convention, immediate past president of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor enjoined the womenfolk not to undermine any opportunity.

He narrated how God once used a gateman to help him get an American visa after he was denied. According to him, he had been denied the visa and was going back dejected when he was this gateman smiling towards him, and wondering why a uniformed gateman was smiling and approached he managed to force a smile through the rejection.

“He greeted me and pushed a piece of paper into my hand,” he said, wondering what the gateman wanted. “I opened it and discovered it was the direct line of the American ambassador. I dialed it and after exchange of greeting the man asked what he could do for me. I told him I am pastor and I have a preaching appointment in the US but I have been denied visa.

“‘I had to pick your call because my secretary had just stepped out. I am not supposed to pick the call. Did you say you are a pastor? Please come in.’ And when I got in the man said ‘I am always delighted to deal with pastors because my dad was a reverend,” he stated, adding that the man signed his visa immediately. “But when I came out and I asked after the gateman I was told there was no such person in the place. The person was an angel of God. So don’t underrate anybody.”

Assistant president of DOS, Mrs Tina Dittimi’s assessment of the convention is not different from the earlier testimonies, saying “2017 DOS convention has been of the truth, the best we have ever experienced and to cap it all, the wonderful presentation by our Mama today. You could see the thousands of persons receiving empowerment today…it’s awesome. The fact that God looks at us and give us our daily bread.”

In an interview, Mama Helen expressed delight for the huge success of the event, describing it as “amazing. You can see what is going on in Nigeria, the recession, and then we have the opportunity to empower some people and give them something. Not just for them to have received spiritual bread, but they got the physical bread that they can use to transform their lives. So we give God the glory.”

What informed the health and business talk?

When God decides to empower us, He doesn’t just empower us spiritually but physically and otherwise. If you have a health challenge, there are things we should be able to do to transform our health life. The aspect of business is something that is important because a lot of people are dying of hunger. There’s no food, inflation has eaten deep into our society because of the recession. So what we tried to do is to see how they can leverage and convert the challenges we are in into opportunities so that they can prosper.

What therefore will you advise women at the end of the day?

They should take every opportunity that comes their way. I know quite a number of people are grumbling and complaining deeply; some have not been paid for over 10 months. I don’t even know how husbands are coping right now. When the wife shows up demanding for money for upkeep and the man hasn’t been paid…? So what I tell our women is that they should begin to add value. For those who are beneficiaries today, they should live their lives with the opportunities created for them and the money given, let them now deploy a judicious use by engaging with trade and see how they can multiply so that they can add value to their homes and in turn add value to the society

And for the nation?

We must not give up. It’s really hard for a lot of people, but we must have the right attitude at this time. If you need to go into farming, do so. If you can have a little farm in your house with vegetables, tomatoes, okro and so on, and to a large extent, it’s taken care of the aspect of food on the table. And to all Nigerians, we must continue to pray. We cannot take God out of this, we need to turn back to God, if there’s any way we have missed it, God should have mercy on us as a nation. We must all take advantage of the present situation and see how we can draw out honey from this.

I’m also grateful to God for giving me a good husband who is always supporting, a man who will do everything within his capacity to put a smile on someone’s face. And that’s what we are witnessing here today. He’s a generous man, he has always been. In December, we gave out cars, tricycles, grinding machines to people to better their lives. Also we’ve given out scholarships to indigent students. Its one thing for a woman to have a family to reach out, it’s another thing for a woman to have a husband who is supportive.

You head several business enterprises owned by the church. How do you cope?

Before I married my husband, God specifically told me that He’s sending me forth to help him fulfill his vision. So my passion is derived from there, and it’s from Proverbs 31, which says I will do him good for the rest of my life. I am so happy that God will consider me worthy to back a laudable vision, a vision that keeps speaking, a vision that is very people oriented. So it gives me so much joy that I am part of the great man. Its one thing for God to instruct, it’s another thing for the man to allow you do it. God has given me a glorious and gracious man who is not intimidated by my skills. He’s ever encouraging me to do my best.

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Pictures from the consecration of first African Nigerian born Anglican Bishop in 20 yrs in England

Bishop Dorgu left as is being consecrated

Church of England  appointed its first black bishop for 20 years. Downing Street announced that Woyin Karowei Dorgu is to be the 13th bishop of Woolwich.


Today  he has been consecrated at Southwark Cathedral on 17 March.

Dorgu was born in Burutu, Nigeria and studied at the College of Medicine, the University of Lagos, graduating with Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degrees.  Dorgu moved to the United Kingdom in 1987 and he studied theology at the London Bible College, an evangelical theological college in Northwood, London.

He enrolled at Oak Hill College, a Conservative Evangelical theological college, to train for ordained ministry. Then he left after two years to be ordained in the Church of England, since his ordination, he has been a minister in London parishes.

Bishop Dorgu in his full regalia 

Woolwich, in southeast London, has a significant Nigerian population, many of whom worship in black-majority Pentecostal churches rather than the Church  of England. Dorgu said one of his priorities as bishop would be to celebrate the racial diversity of the Woolwich area at a press conference at Southwark Cathedral. He said he intended to “encourage BAME [black and minority ethnic] vocations and more participation in ministry”.


“I will celebrate the diversity in race, ability, gender, sexuality and class … Celebrating our differences is a gift,” he added.

Nigerians should be proud of their own

We need Revival, no more delay

At A Time When The Church Has Become A Ground For Entertainment.

*We Need Revival.*

At A time When A Music Minister Competes And Compares Himself With Secular Musician:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time When The Altar Of God Is Used For Comedy:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time When A Successful Minister Of The Gospel Is Measured By How Financially Rich He Is; And Not How Much Impact He Is Making:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time, When Passion For Souls Have Been Replaced With Fashion Parade In The Church:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time When Motivational Speaking Has Replaced Biblical Preaching:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time When You Really Cannot Differentiate Between A Daughter Of Zion And An Harlot:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time When Pastors Kill Each Other For Posting And Higher Position:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time When Modern Preachers Now Tell Us That JESUS Is Not Coming Soon:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time When PAINTING, ATTACHMENT And JEWELERIES Have Replaced The Beauty Of God’s Glory:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time When Sexual Sin Is Referred To As Weakness And The Grace Of God Is Taken For Granted:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time When Prophets Prophesy; Using Demonic Powers As Livelihood:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time When The Church Does Not Know The Difference Between Witchcraft Spirit And The Holy Spirit:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time When Filling The Seats In Our Place Of Worship Has Become A Priority; And Raising Of Funds Than Raising Disciples Of Jesus:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time When Sinners Feel Comfortable In Our Churches And Saints Feel No Sense Of Urgency To Preach The Good News To The Lost:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time When Pastors Are More Concerned About How Much Money Members Give Than How Much The Members Truly Love The LORD:

*We Need Revival.*

At A Time When The Word Of God Is Scarce And The Fire On The Altar Is Going Out, And The Priests Have Become Blind, The Watchmen Sleeping, And Holiness Is No Longer Our Standard:

*We Need Revival.*

We Need Revival, Not A Programme.

We Need Reawakening Of Our Souls And A New Awareness Of The Power Of God.

We Do Not Need Another Jamboree, But True Repentance Coupled With A Changed Life.

We Do Not Need Another Noise, We Need A Shaking And A Mighty Rushing Wind.

We Do Not Need Another Movement, We Need A Reformation.

We Need The Lord To Come Again And Restore Us Unto Himself.

We Need The Lord To Open Our Eyes Again That We May See Him.

We Want To See His Holiness Again That We May See Our Depravity.

We Need A Genuine Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit, We Are Tired Of Speaking In Tongues And Not Living Christ-Like.

There Is No Other Desire That We Have Than To Hear Again The Same Voice That Spoke In The Valley Of Dry Bones To Bring Us Back To life. Our Nations Are In Darkness, Yet We Are The Light.

We Cannot Pretend Anymore, We Need To Activate The Power Of Holy Ghost And He Will Reawaken Us.

He Will Revive Us Again Because We Do Not See Our Signs And Wonders As Done By The Apostles Of JESUS.

There Are Only Few JESUS’ Prophets In Churches, Some Are Not Even Recognized.

Let Us Pray That God Should Have Mercy Upon Us! And Revive Us Again!

Let Revival Hit The Earth In These Last Days.