Police stop woman from jumping into Lagos lagoon

The woman being led into waiting van

A woman who was about to jump into the Lagos Lagoon was rescued by the Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command Friday morning.

According to the woman, she was pushed to committing suicide in order to put an end to her constant sleeplessness and shame occasioned by her indebtedness to three Swiss textile dealers.

The Police reported that 58-year-old Taiwo Momoh, who lives in Lekki and a textile dealer in Lagos Island, had pulled off her shoes,  wrapper and was about jumping into the lagoon when the officers rescued her.

She explained that her problem started sometime in 2015 when a Bureau de Change dealer stole the N18.7m she wanted to pay her foreign creditors with.

She said the creditors had given her Swiss textiles worth several millions of naira, noting that she had maintained good relationship with them for more than 15 years.

Her condition, she added, became compounded when robbers invaded her shop in Lagos Island, carting away most of the textiles that were left in the shop.

She emphasised that most of the time, she had been having sleepless nights and seeing the ‘ghosts’ of the creditors whenever she was alone.

Momoh, being a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, alleged that it was also difficult for her to see the pastor of her parish.

Lagos state commissioner of police Fatai Owoseni with Taiwo Momoh

She said on several occasions, she had attempted to see her parish pastor to identify with her problem and for the church to help her raise money to meet her Swiss creditors in order to assure them that she would pay their money.

She noted that she was only allowed to see the second-in-command, which yielded no fruits.

Momoh said, “Added to all these, my first son, whom I felt would stand by me and console me, abandoned me. By the time I’m gone, maybe he would come around and inherit what is left.

“I don’t want to use my debt and death to disturb anybody. I was in the shop this morning. I have looked everywhere and estimated what is there.

“I think, with my house, a bungalow, those I am leaving behind can still live comfortably. I want to go and meet God. This world is empty.

“I won’t because I want to get rich join cult group. I go my way and I don’t socialise unnecessarily.

“I was a Muslim, I have, because of this problem, been jumping from one faith to the other.

“The problem is too much for me to bear. I want to go back to God.

“That is why I have dressed very simply. I am ready to meet Him. If He cannot address my problem on earth, let me go back to Him.”

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Invest your money wisely today and watch it grow in future

Shina Peters (left)  Jim Ovia right


Shina Peters is a musician in Nigeria who dominated the music scene in the early 90s. His genre of music is afro juju, a style made popular by him. His style of music though in juju category (popular among the Yorubas in southwest of Nigeria) made waves, many non Yoruba caught the fever. He made fortune during the period.

Jim Ovia is a banker and founder of Zenith bank in Nigeria. A bank started in the 90s, has grown to become a multi million naira investment in Nigeria and Africa. The bank currently ranks among the leading banks in Nigeria.

We want to draw an analogy between these two individuals who are successful in their chosen fields.

In 1990, Shina Peters built a house with N20 million naira; the same year Jim Ovia started Zenith Bank with the same amount.

Today, you and I don’t have a room in Shina’s house but I have an account in Jim’s bank and probably you do too.

Shina’s house was built in Iju Lagos and remains there till date.

Jim’s bank started in a corner and now has over 500 branches in Nigeria, and many international branches.

Millions of people transact business in Jim’s bank daily.

Shina’s house is becoming dilapidated…in 2015, he SPENT more money to renovate the house and bought a Nissan Pathfinder with N10 million…additional liability, while in the same 2015, Jim’s bank MADE a profit of N105.7 billion.

Zenith bank employs hundreds of thousands, and feeds their families.

This is the difference between Assets and Liability. If you buy a car for N20 million today, in 20 years time, you will be ashamed to drive it. On the other hand, if you invest that same amount in a lucrative business or in an asset, It may be worth billions in 20 years. ( Jim Ovia is now worth $980 million dollars, with the official dollar rate of N320, that means he is worth N313 BILLION NAIRA because of an investment of N20 million).

Spend the little money you have today wisely. Some people driving expensive cars today, are not aware that they are driving their future and the future of their children. Some people carrying iphone7 today, may not be aware that they are carrying their future.

When you are young, don’t spend money. Invest it. Every penny in your hand is like a seed, you can decide to eat it, or sow it. When you sow it, it will bear much more seeds later in future.

Naira Extends Gains, Moves Towards Convergence with FX Rate for Invisibles

Now N380-N385/$1 as CBN pumps another $100m into market

Currency speculators and others who had stockpiled the greenback continued to count their losses on Thursday, when the naira extended its gains on the parallel market and inched closer towards a convergence between the street price for the dollar and the rate offered by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for invisible transactions.

The naira sold for between N380 and N385 in Lagos on Thursday, stronger than N399 from the previous day.

The FX rate for invisibles has remained at N375 since the CBN announced new policy measures for the FX market a month ago.

The central bank also sustained its intervention by auctioning an additional $100 million through wholesale FX forwards to banks for onward sale to their customers in all sections of the economy.

Of the $100 million offered by the CBN, $91 million was taken up by currency dealers.

Confirming this, CBN spokesman Isaac Okorafor said dealers would get value for their respective bids on Friday.

He disclosed that the highest and marginal bid rates were N330/$1 and N320/$1, respectively, adding that no intervention was made by the central bank to meet requests for invisibles on Thursday.

On the parallel market, the nation’s currency has appreciated by 27 per cent, or about N140, from N525 to a dollar a month ago.

The central bank has been intervening aggressively on the official market in recent weeks, leading to a narrowing of the gap between the official and parallel market rates.

CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, on Tuesday expressed optimism about the convergence of the rates on the official and parallel markets, stating that the gains made by the naira against the greenback in recent weeks was not a fluke.

Emefiele said he was happy that the central bank’s intervention was yielding positive results.

But THISDAY gathered on Thursday that while the central bank has succeeded in substantially clearing backlog of dollar demands for retail invisibles, it was falling short of meeting the FX demand for capital repatriation and other wholesale invisibles.

A chief executive of one of the leading banks in the country, who confirmed this in a chat, however pointed out that this could be a strategy by the CBN.

“While the CBN has done a lot in the past one month, we must not forget that there is a backlog of investors who are trying to repatriate capital that has not been settled.

“The CBN was focusing on trade transactions previously and recently on school fees, PTA/BTA. But foreigners who had invested in bonds, equities and need to repatriate dividend payments are still behind on the queue.

“I want to assume that once the central bank sorts out the retail invisibles, it would start to attend to FX demand for capital repatriation,” the bank CEO who did not want his name in print said.

The country’s external reserves, meanwhile, closed at N30.347 billion on Thursday.

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Hum Rider: A vehicle Lagosians need to navigate chronic traffic pic and video

hum rider.jpg

This definitely will be a good news for Lagosians who spent hours on Lekki, 3rd Mainland, Ikorodu Road etc, as the car you are waiting for has finally berthed. For regular commuters that know the pains of peak-hour traffic, it is something of a dream.

A car that has the ability to widen its base and rise up to a height that allows it to cruise over the top of other vehicles, eliminating any need to wait in line. Look no further than the Hum Rider – a Jeep Cherokee with hydraulic lifts built into the wheelbase.

Incredible car modification from Hum Rider means you will never have to sit in traffic again

Looks too good to be true, right?

That’s because it is.

The Hum Rider is the result of a cleverly planned marketing scheme for Verizon Telematic’s Hum dongle, which adds diagnostics, road-side assistance, location and speed tracking and geo-fencing to your vehicle’s computer.

Designed by marketing agency Thinkmodo, the hydraulic car is designed to represent the extraordinary driving experience the Hum dongle can provide users.

“In many respects, (the Hum Rider is) a bit of a metaphor, taking the ordinary driving experience and making it extraordinary,” Verizon VP of Marketing Jay Jaffin told Mashable.

“Kind of what we’re illustrating with that crazy car that drives over cars.”

Created with over 300 feet of hydraulic lines, the mechanism is powered by a single gas Honda generator, driving over 400 kg of pressure through the pipes to lift the car nine feet in the air.

The Hum Rider weighs a whopping 3,800 kg – also double the weight of a standard Jeep Grand Cherokee.

While it certainly is a shame this incredible feat of engineering is no more than a one-off marketing stunt, it is probably for the best.

If these things got out onto the roads,one can only fathom the kind of multi-levelled traffic chaos that would ensue.

Watch the video

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Customs Provides Code For Vehicle Owners To Verify Their Customs Papers

The Comptroller-General of Customs, retired Col. Hameed Ali, on Tuesday announced a code number for efficient and effective vehicle duty clearance verification.

Ali disclosed this at a media stakeholders meeting in Abuja. Customs CG, Hameed Ali Ali said that the essence of the meeting was to have a roundtable with stakeholders to come up with solution to avoid causing hardship to Nigerians in regards to duty payment on old vehicles and verification.

He said that customs had taken further step to ensure that Nigerians, who wanted to verify the authenticity of their customs duty clearance, could do so at the comfort of their homes with the use of their mobile phones. “For effective and easy customs duty clearance verification, you can dial or send SMS to these numbers 094621597 with your vehicle C-number, the year you paid the duty and the port or location where the vehicle came through into the country.

“Immediately all that information is given, just in five minutes you will get a response whether your vehicle duty clearance is genuine or not,’’ Ali said. He said the essence of the numbers was to ensure stress free verification, to motor dealers and innocent Nigerian vehicle owners.

According to him, for easy traffic flow, the last number which is 7 in the digits 094621597 can be either changed to 8 or 9, to get response faster with different customs personnel on duty at every point in time. Ali said that Nigerians misunderstood customs intention regarding duty payment on old vehicles, adding that the excise was actually meant for motor dealers.

He added that customs later decided to give innocent private vehicle owners, who after verification, might find out that their vehicles had no genuine duty clearance to take advantage of the 60 per cent rebate.

Forbes list: Dangote, Adenuga’s net worth drops by $7.4bn …Otedola, Rabiu out

Aliko Dangote

The President of the Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote; and Chairman of Globacom, Dr. Mike Adenuga, saw their net worth declined by $3.2bn and $4.2bn, respectively in the past year, according to Forbes 2017 World’s Billionaires list.

Dangote retained his position as Africa’s richest person in the latest ranking, with a fortune of $12.2bn, although he was ranked 105th as against 51st last year.

The Chairman of Forte Oil, Mr. Femi Otedola; and the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, BUA Group, AbdulsamadRabiu, were missing on the list. They were worth $1.8bn and $1.1bn, respectively last year.

In 2015, Otedola re-joined the list of African billionaires after a five-year hiatus, with a $1bn fortune.

The net worth of the Founder and Executive Chairman, Famfa Oil Limited, Mrs. FolorunshoAlakija, was unchanged at $1.6bn, coming in the 1,315th position, down from 1,121st last year.

This year, the number of billionaires jumped by 13 per cent to 2,043 from 1,810 in 2016, the first time ever that Forbes has pinned down more than 2,000 10-figure-fortunes.

Their total net worth rose by 18 per cent to a record $7.67tn, with the increase in the number of billionaires described as the biggest in the 31 years that Forbes has been tracking billionaires globally.

Bill Gates is the number one richest for the fourth year in a row, and the richest person in the world for 18 out of the past 23 years. He has a fortune of $86bn, up from $75bn last year.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos had the best year of any person on the planet, adding $27.6bn to his fortune, and is now worth $72.8bn, moving into the top three in the world for the first time, up from number five a year ago.

Warren Buffett had the second-best year, and the biggest gain since Donald Trump was elected United States President in November 2016. His $14.8bn jump in 12 months was enough for him to grab back the number two spot from Amancio Ortega, founder of Spanish clothing chain, Zara.

Ortega’s fortune was up by $4.3bn since last year, but he still fell to fourth in the world, unable to keep up with the outsize gains of others.

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, moved up to number five for the first time, after his fortune rose by $11.4bn in 12 months.

Carlos Slim of Mexico fell to number six, the first time he’s been out of the top five in a dozen years.

President Trump saw his net worth decline by $1bn to $3.5bn. His position on the Forbes’ ranking dropping 220 spots, leaving him tied with 19 others as the 544th richest person in the world.

There were 195 newcomers, including 26-year-old John Collison, who is now the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, just two months younger than Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel.

There are 56 billionaires under age 40, down from 66 last year, after some aged out and others dropped below the $1bn mark.

The Forbes billionaires list is a snapshot of wealth taken on February 17, and stock prices and exchange rates from around the world were used to calculate their net worth.

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MMM Nigeria Denies Viral MMM Guiders Conference Coming Up In April 2017

Remember this picture?


MMM Nigeria has denied being the ones hosting an alleged Inaugural National MMM Guiders Conference supposedly meant to hold 14th to 15th April, 2017 in Lagos. ‘

Here’s a statement they released:


Dear Guiders and Participants of MMM NIGERIA community, this notice is to disclaim the latest information and invite circulating in the community about a proposed National Guiders Conference, the source of this invite is not known and we want to believe the event is actually aimed at causing more panic to our community.

We would implore all and sundry to kindly ignore this invitation. The invite is not from any known leader of the community.



Drowned doctor attempted suicide several times

Dr Alwell Orji

The mother of the medical doctor who jumped into the Lagos Lagoon on Sunday has denied that the body recovered today by marine policemen in the Lagoon was not that of her son.

Emergency officials from the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) disclosed that five family members invited to inspect the body at the Marine Police Unit said it was that of another person.

Also corroborating this, spokesperson of the Zone 2 Police Command SP Dolapo Badmos said: “The mother has come to identify the body recovered, but she said the corpse was not her son.”

Following this revelation LASEMA said the search for the doctor continues.

The Police had earlier confirmed that a body suspected to be that of the drowned medical doctor, Allwell Oji has been recovered.

“We cannot say if it is his body because we don’t have a picture of him. He was found exactly 10:30am and we have contacted his family to come and identify if he is the one. The body was found in Onikan,” said the Police source.

Dr Allwell Oji, who jumped into the Lagos lagoon, from the from 3rd mainland bridge, on Sunday, it was learnt, had attempted suicide a number of times.

He had tried jumping down from the family’s two-storey building 4 years ago, but was saved by neighbours. “Four years ago, he attempted to kill himself and, thereafter, had tried doing so on a number of times, since then, his family had been monitoring him.

”We don’t know the kind of sickness he was suffering from, but we knew he was being monitored. That was why he was assigned a driver to take him around,” a neighbor said.

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Married Banker Dies In Lagos Hotel During Sex Romp With Lover In Hotel

A woman, Ebere Nwachukwu has been arrested and detained by the Police in Ejigbo, Lagos over the death of her married lover who died on top of her during a sex romp in hotel.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that the incident happened Saturday night at a popular hotel located at NNPC junction in Ejigbo.

The deceased simply identified as Ken was a banker with a new generation bank.

He was said to have told his wife that he would not be able to come home that Saturday night due to workload at his office.

His wife believed him while unknowingly the husband has checked in with his lover, Ebere at the hotel for a night of illicit sexual binge.

It was said that the two were on the binge in the hotel room when suddenly Ken collapsed.

Ebere immediately contacted the hotel management who rushed the deceased to the General Hospital, Isolo where doctors certified him death and his corpse deposited at the morgue.

The lover, Ebere was then arrested and detained at Ejigbo Police division over his death.

When our correspondent visited the station, Ebere was seen detained in the cell as our reporter was not allowed to speak to her.

The DPO was also not in the office to comment on the matter.

However, Police source, who confirmed the incident, said they have commenced investigation into the matter as they await the autopsy report to know the real cause of his death.

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Three women kidnap man, rape him and steal his semen in South Africa


This story happened in 2015 and we have not heard an update on the case. Nevertheless I want to share it so that we should be wary of what is going on around us.

South African police have opened an investigation after a man was kidnapped and raped by three women who collected his semen before dumping their victim.

The unidentified 33-year-old man was reportedly bundled into the back of a black BMW at gunpoint after he gave the three women directions when they pulled over in the Kwazakhele Township, Port Elizabeth.

The women failed to arouse the man during the course of the journey, instead forcing him to drink an “unknown substance” before reportedly individually raping him and placing his semen into plastic bags, storing them in a cooler box.

Afterwards they allegedly ejected the man from the car, approximately 500km from where he was originally picked up, the Mail Online reports.

Police constable Mncedi Mbombo said the victim was “still scared” and added: “This is really confusing to us because we have never heard of such a thing before.

“The man was fully conscious throughout his ordeal and he is still traumatised,” he reportedly told the Mail Online.

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