Here’s what eating late at night does to you

Alright, we’ve gotta talk about it. That thing you do, late at night, by yourself, in the dark… Don’t be ashamed, eating late at night happens to the best of us.
Whether you eat a full meal or just a little snack, chowing down late at night can have some weird side effects on your health. For one, eating late at night throws off your body’s natural rhythms. You probably know that annoying feeling of being uncomfortably full and not being able to fall asleep, but your circadian rhythms and many other hormones in your body are affected by the calories you ingest.
Basically, the later you eat, the less your body is prepared to sleep, which can wreck your memory and efficiency for the next day.
In fact, eating late at night may actually make you hungrier in the 24 hours following your evening eats. The hormone ghrelin, which controls how hungry you feel, uses the naturally occurring fast that happens from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. the next day to reset itself. If you don’t give your body enough time to fast, then that biological pathway can’t occur.


So you’ll feel way hungry if you eat late at night, but even worse your metabolism will slow down. Studies show that the later you dine the more calories you’re likely to eat, and the less sleep you’ll get. Less sleep equals a slower metabolism, and that means weight gain.
Finally, eating late at night can cause acid reflux. Your stomach takes a few hours to empty out after a big meal, but if you hit the sack and get horizontal right after you eat acid from your stomach can leak upwards into your oesophagus.
So you know the nitty gritty of why you shouldn’t eat late at night, but let’s examine why you feel that need to rip open a bag of chips with your teeth long after the sun has gone down.
You’re not eating enough during the day
It might seem blatantly obvious, but if you’re hungry late at night, it’s possible you aren’t eating enough during the day. Try eating a bigger lunchtime meal and a lighter dinner to ensure that you’ve fully digested your food, and integrate more fiber into your last meal of the day to stay more full for longer.
Your blood sugar is going berserk
If your blood sugar levels are constantly shooting through the roof and abruptly crashing, your food cravings will feel more intense—and your willpower will go out the window. Processed foods and anything with sugar tend to be higher on the glycemic index and can cause blood sugar spikes. Try cutting the added sugar out of your diet for a few days and you’ll notice your evening food cravings disappear.
Cortisol and stress are causing you to snack
Maybe you’re not even hungry, but every weeknight you find yourself gravitating to the freezer for your nightly pint of ice cream. If you’ve been stressed and anxious for the entire workday, the stress hormone cortisol will be elevated. Cortisol increases your appetite for sugar and fat, hence the late night ice cream or cheese cravings. Combat stress eating by unwinding earlier in the evening: a detoxifying epsom salt bath will help your muscles relax, meditating and deep breathing can lower your blood pressure levels, and a little melatonin can help your body naturally prepare for bed and make it easier to fall asleep.
Source: Thrive Market

Sickle cell and vision loss

By Tola Dehinde
Some years ago, I had a crisis and had to be admitted to the hospital.  I was there for a week. On the day I was to be discharged, I noticed that I had gone blind in my left eye.  Strange, I thought, as this had never happened before.  Apparently, since the incident, I found out that it does happen to people with sickle cell.
If you looked at my left eye, it looked normal, but I could only see blood spots  and nothing else.  The experience was extremely distressing.  I would  feel objects and almost run into people not knowing how close I had come to them.
This made me feel vulnerable when I was out in public.


I waited for a couple of weeks to see if I would regain my sight but nothing happened.  As far as I know, it did not get worse, neither did it get better, I still could not see with my left eye.  I was then advised to go and see an ophthalmologist.
I went to the haematology department of the hospital that I attend and explained to my doctor what had happened.  I was immediately referred to a  specialist hospital where they did a scan of my eye and explained that I had ‘vitreous haemorrhage’. The name alone was scary. I had what?  I kept thinking, was there no end to the complications of sickle cell?
What then is vitreous haemorr-hage?
According to experts on
“Blood cells that change shape, or “sickle,” can get trapped in blood vessels, blocking the blood flow. When this blockage occurs in the small blood vessels in the inner lining (retina) of the eyes, it can cause vision problems. This often occurs in people who have hemoglobin SC disease, a type of sickle cell disease.   In the worst cases, the retina may come loose, leading to permanent blindness. This may happen suddenly, without any warning.”
Also on, vitreous haemorrhage is defined as a  bleeding that occurs when blood leaks into the vitreous humour in the eye. The blood most commonly comes from blood vessels at the back of the eye.   This substance is the vitreous humour. It helps the eye to keep its shape and is normally clear, allowing light from outside the eye to pass through it to reach the retina.
Vitreous haemorrhage varies in degree from mild, with ‘floaters’ and haziness in the vision, to complete loss of vision. It is painless and it comes on quite quickly. Usually only one eye is affected. While it is very alarming, once the bleeding has been treated, many cases resolve and vision is restored to where it was before.   In order for us to see clearly, the vitreous humour needs to be clear. If the vitreous humour is clouded or filled with blood, vision will be impaired. This varies from a few ‘floaters’ and cloudiness of the vision through to the vision going completely dark (sometimes with a reddish tinge).
 I was told that there was no medical treatment for it except surgery. I was informed that with time, the blood that I saw could clear.  I was given a six–week appointment to have my eye scanned. The consultant then said that they needed to operate on on it, in order to remove the blood from my retina.  I was also told that once they started ‘touching’ my eye, all kinds of complications could start.  By then though, I had started to see little by little.
I then took the executive decision to weather the ‘new’ storm. Eventually, as months went by, I started seeing more and more. It was like a flower bud opening up.  It took a long time, over six months and it was a horrible experience.
Those months were tough, especially for someone who had no vision problems for over four decades.  I had a new level of appreciation for those who are totally blind.  I see perfectly now and I am most grateful.
One thing that I have realised with sickle cell is that you have to have loved ones close by. This is because you will often need help and support.
I would like to end this column by advising you to eat more eggs, at least three to four times a week.  Eggs are a very good source of inexpensive and high-quality protein. More than half the protein of an egg is found in vitamin B2. It also has  lower amounts of fat and cholesterol than the yolk. The whites are rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper.

Dismal Performance of Osun state in WASSCE

By Muyiwa Olayinka

Ogbeni Aregbesola became the executive governor of Osun state with the mindset to change the fortunes of the state. Osun state is an agrarian state since it was created in 1991. He made efforts to improve the infrastructure of the state. His imprints are felt in the length and breadth of the state, most especially the state capital, Oshogbo now wearing a new look with increased commercial and tourist activities.Oshogbo witnessed a face lift in terms of road constructions and developments. Oshogbo hosts the UNICEF Oshun groove heritage site.

The Governor was able to achieve a lot as a result of oil windfall that was recorded at the earliest stage of his administration. He embarked on major and big tickets transactions because oil money was flowing from Abuja, the Nigerian Federal capital city.

In the educational sector, the Governor met broken down and dilapidated structures. In order to turn around the fortunes in the sector, the governor convoked a summit on education between Feb.7 and Feb.8, 2011, barely three months into his administration, at the Osun State University, Osogbo, chaired by the Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka.

Prior to the summit, more than 4,055 school structures were dilapidated. To address this, Aregbesola government set a target to build 170 model schools across the state at elementary, middle and high school levels. It also set out to refurbish those that could still be salvaged and decentralized the Teaching Service Commission. He reclassified public schools to elementary, middle and high school levels. Public schools were merged together depending on their locations.

Furthermore, he introduced a feeding program to all public controlled schools, so as to improve students’ enrollment. Likewise, some categories of students are given computer — Opon Imo —, the e-learning tablet designed to make learning interesting and easy. The state government also committed to the free school uniform programs at two pairs of uniforms per pupil or student in all public schools.

Despite all these interventions by the government, Osun state has consistently recorded dismal performances in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE)

This year’s recently released result, Abia, Rivers, Edo, Imo and Bayelsa emerged the best performing states in the 2016 West African Senior School Certificate Examination.

The quartet led the chart in the performance of school candidates who passed five subjects in the examination, including English and Mathematics, in 36 states, the Federal Capital Territory and the offshore countries of Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Republic and Cote D’Ivoire.

However, the South-West states, often regarded as leaders in the education sector, put up a less sterling performance in the examination. Aside from Ondo, Lagos and Ekiti which emerged in the seventh, ninth and 14th positions respectively, Ogun and Osun states, with 53.24 per cent and 46.77 per cent respectively, were outperformed by five northern states, including Borno, to emerge in the 19th and 24th position nationwide. At 36.69 per cent, Oyo is the least performing of the south west states.There was a year Osun came 29th.

What went wrong in Osun state?

Most of the policies the state government introduced were not thought through before its implementation. They were politically motivated to establish cosmetic approach rather than realistic and enduring policies.

Many of the policies could not be sustained immediately when Oil money stop flowing from Abuja due to the fall in oil spot prices internationally. Recession took its toil on government expenditures, causing disruptions in payment of salaries and statutory responsibilities of the state government. The free food program had been harm strung by financial difficulties. It seems Osun state bit more than what it can chew.

Education policy confusion was initiated with schools re-classification and consequent merger. Governor Aregbesola, with total disregard of the existing national strategic directions and policies in education, re-classified schools in Osun state into Basic, Middle and High Schools and merged classes of students across Junior Secondary to Senior Secondary. This was done with a complete lack of understanding of the impact of these ‘uncommon’ and untested policies on infrastructure, teacher distribution, education quality as well as on access to schools by both students and teachers.

A direct result of this is that incongruous schools and students were merged together. The end-result of this confused policy has been mass protests by parents and students, several litigations by stakeholders in the state, religious crises within the newly classified schools, general instability and increased level of indiscipline in many of the newly merged schools. The case of what happened in Iwo Baptist High School is still fresh in our memories.

This poorly-conceived policy has yielded a harvest of confusion and hardship for students and pupils who have to walk long distances to get to their new schools.

The introduction of Opon-Imo (Tablet of Knowledge) was badly implemented. The concept was designed to produce about 150,000 but only 10% was distributed. Many of our schools did not receive up to twenty (20) pieces of the tablet. It was hurriedly put together, invariably containing a lot of technical errors. The few pieces earlier distributed had been withdrawn from the students due to these errors.

These are some of the reasons by and large, contributed to the dismal performance.

The role of parents and the students played in the poor performance cannot be over emphasized. But the foundation of sound education has to be laid by the state government.

The situation could have been better if the state government had concentrated in maintaining and overhauling the existing structures, reviewing the curriculum in conformity with the educational policy of the nation.

It is sad that the state government embarked on an ambitious educational policy, but unfortunately could not be backed up with sound financial capability to sustain it. There was a total disconnect without considering the environmental and the social factors.

Succinctly put, physical infrastructure replaced educational content in Osun state.


EFCC Headquarter attacked by gunmen

A major security breach was recorded at the headquarters of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in the early hours of Wednesday, August 16, 2017, as unknown gunmen attacked the office located at Wuse Zone 7, Abuja.
The group of heavily armed bandits invaded the office at about 05.00 hours and began shooting into the premises, damaging vehicles parked in the premises in the process. However, the attack was repelled by guards on duty. The hoodlums escaped in a getaway vehicle but not without leaving a message; a white envelope dropped by the fleeing attackers was found to contain a death threat addressed to Ishaku Sharu, a senior investigator with the Commission. Ishaku who heads the Foreign Exchange Malpractices Fraud Section is in charge of corruption investigation involving several politically exposed persons and retired military brass hats.
The attack on the Zone 7 office which houses the Commission’s AMCON Desk, Procurement Fraud and Foreign Exchange Malpractices Sections, is coming few weeks after another investigator, Austin Okwor was shot and wounded by unknown assailants in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
The latest incident has already been reported to the police for investigation.

Source Sahara reporters

Nigerian Private Universities With The Biggest Landmass 

American University of Nigeria (2,400 Acres)
AUN is the first American styled University in Sub-Saharan Africa and second in Africa to the American university of Cairo in Egypt, Owned by Nigeria’s former Vice president Atiku Abubakar. AUN is one of the most underrated universities in Nigeria. AUN is also one of the most internationally visible universities in West Africa having been praised by former Acting Attorney General of the United States, Sally Yates. The new president of AUN Dr. Dawn Dekle describes AUN as Nigeria’s “best hidden secret”. Also worthy of note and largely went unreported in the media is that the son to Uganda’s president graduated from AUN some months ago. Secondly According to NUC records AUN has never in its history had its accreditation for any course denied or given an ‘’interim’’ status. A true pointer to the quality of facility and Academia in AUN. AUN at 2,400 acres is almost thrice the size of Unilag’s main campus(800 acres).

Reedemers University (2,006 acres)

RUN is a faith based university owned by Nigeria’s fastest growing church RCCG. Situated at Ede Osun state. RUN is one of Nigeria’s growing private university. The university recently won a competition amongst 15 prestigious African University to host a centre of excellence on Infectious disease control. RUN, Ede campus is more than twice the size of Unilag’s main campus.

Landmark University (1,400 acres)

Landmark University is an Agrarian university in an Agrarian community. The university is situated in Dr. David Oyedepo’s hometown of Omu-Aran, Kwara and poised to herald a revolution in Agriculture through intense Research and Teaching. And it is clearly paying off as a researcher in the university was given prominence and celebrated by the American society of chemist for an outstanding research fuel which converted chicken poop into biofuel. According to Oyedepo “food would forever be relevant as no advancement in science would ever render food useless”. In addition to the 1,400 acres of land Landmark also owns a farm of about 320 hectares(746 acres). The farm was established in year 2010 as a Commercial Farm unit of the University.

The farm currently operates with 82.3 hectares cultivated with maize, 50 hectares with soya beans, 10 hectares for variety of vegetables in the year 2016, others include 5 hectares occupied by the fish ponds, while about 30 hectares in divided places contain the poultry pens, 3 hectares for the tractor shed, etc.

Poultry production involves both broiler birds and layers production. A fortnight cycle of minimum 7000 day old broiler chick reared to table size within six weeks is practiced and eggs of average daily production of 270 crates. The farm operates an automated cage system, housing over twelve thousand five hundred (12,500) laying birds. The farm is also into fish farming in earthen ponds which occupies about 5 hectares, with plans for expansion within the year. The ponds are stocked with over 55,000 pieces of fish, mainly Clarias spp. and about 5000 of Tilapia spps.

Bowen University (1,300 acres)

Bowen is a private Nigerian university owned and operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention. Bowen University is located at Iwo in Osun State, Nigeria, and is housed in the old 1,300-acre (6 km²) campus of the Baptist College, a teacher-training institution on a hill just outside the city.

Bingham University (641 acres)

Bingham University is owned by the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA). Its founding fathers were visionaries of ECWA extraction who looked back to the golden age of Christian mission education in Nigeria, which was noted for its moral and spiritual content, high quality, purposefulness, service oriented values that was much cherished by all. In recent years.
Covenant University (560 acres)

Covenant university is Nigeria’s best private university and Africa’s second best private university. Covenant university, though young is currently the fourth Nigerian university with the highest cumulative research output(SCOPUS) in the whole of Nigeria and is the only Nigerian private university amongst a list of three to be profiled by Times Higher Education. CU is expected to be Nigeria’s first private university to be accessed for Times Higher top 1000 universities on September 5, 2017. Covenant university alongside AUN has never had its accreditation for any course it offers denied in her 15 years history. In 2012 the Living faith church instructed CU to transform into a reseach based university. This birthed the creation of Center for Research and discovery(with a 5 billion naira grant from Living faith) modelled after the university of Wisconsin-madison Center for discovery. The CU research center has about 24 labs which is fitted with offices for research professors. The center has about 21 research clusters which include reverse engineering & kaizen, software development, built environment, public health , biotechnology, eGovernance, Internet of things, bioinformatics. In addition to her 560 acres CU, has a 400 acre farm which serves the entire university and church community.
Afe babalola university (321 acres) 

The university has one main campus which is located in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. The campus is situated in the hilly part of the town directly opposite the Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti. The campuses houses 5 undergraduate colleges, a post graduate school,conference halls, a teaching hospital for medical students which is currently under construction, student and staff accommodation, sporting facility and other auxiliary services such as cafeteria for staff and students, a laundry, a bakery and a water processing plant. The Afe Babalola University holds a reputation for being one of the few Nigerian universities to begin academic works in the campus permanent site. ABUAD is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing universities in Nigeria with and additional farmland size of 2,400 acres.

Credit Education explore site 

WHO IS A SLAY QUEEN? Qualities all ladies must possess

A slay queen is a girl with brains & not the one with heavy make up on. She is not the one who seeks for attention on social media. She is the one who uses tenses correctly and appropriately. Not the one that has to shorten every word because she doesn’t know how to spell.

She is a girl with a skill…

She is the girl who respects her relationship or marriage. She is never heard but seen . You know her from what she does and not what she says.

She is not the most expensively dressed but she is the most decently dressed. A slay queen respects the sanity of womanhood. She carries herself with much dignity.

Having so many likes on your pictures doesnt make you a slay queen, wearing heavy makeups doesn’t make you a slay queen, looking like a flower girl, a dog or a polio victim doesn’t make you a slay queen either. Most of these so called Snapchat/IG girls are empty inside. They keep on regretting a lot about their past but pretend to be happy outside their home.

Stop boasting about the number of men that want you, stop boasting about the number of likes/ reactions you get on your pictures, stop boasting about the number of followers you have on IG, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat et al. Remember that cheap articles have more buyers. Build yourself into the woman that people will always respect and admire.

Never follow the crowd but be yourself. Be bold but humble, be Godly, be hard working, respect

your relationship or marriage, be ambitious

but contented, dont make men your priority

in life but build yourself into the woman that

men will always want to take home to their

mama , not the one they only want to take to

hotels and clubs. Don’t allow the number of likes, reactions and followers on your social media platform validate your existence.

Trust me, if you just trap a man with your body, he will go one day because more pretty girls are becoming adults on a daily basis. Let men fall for your personality and not your bedmatics.

No, I’m not saying being trendy is trashy, but do you also slay in your academics? Did your boobs get you grades or your brains? Having a selling point is good, but let that selling point be that which can never go out of fashion. Let it be something that will always attract the right kind of people with corresponding attitudes to you.
»»Keep on slaying««

Drama as Pastor Adeboye gushes, kisses his wife at a public forum

Pastor Adeboye

•We consulted him on political decisions — Obasanjo, Osinbajo
The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, created a scene at the Youth Centre of the Redemption Camp, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, on Tuesday, when he kissed his wife, Folu Adeboye, on the stage during a book presentation in his honour.

Adeboye, who expressed surprise at the occasion, said he would have stopped the project if he knew about it, adding that he was undeserving of the honour.


Present on the occasion were Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo; former President Olusegun Obasanjo; Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church, Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo; and the General Overseer, Trinity House, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo.
 Folu told the audience that she hid information about the book from her husband for one year, adding that she planned it to coincide with his 75th birthday.
While standing with Adeboye on the stage, together with their four children, she said her hubby was only informed about the event a day before.
The Master of Ceremonies teased Folu to tell the audience the pet names she gave her husband, demanding an expression of love since the occasion also marked 50 years of their marriage.
“Pastor ID, why are you fast? This is just presentation of a book, not marriage anniversary. Whatever you want, I will do it…,” she replied, as she hugged the husband and went on to kiss him as the audience erupted in excitement.
Adeboye, in his remark, expressed surprise at the book presentation, which was written by 40 people.
He said, “The event of today, without any doubt, has been a great surprise to me. This is because my wife hid it from me, and we don’t normally hide anything from each other, because we have been married for 50 years and we are still on honeymoon.
“Why the event is a surprise to me is that God also hid it for me. I had no inkling at all from my Daddy that something like this is happening. If God hid it from me, it must mean that He approved of it. My wife knows that if I had any idea about what is happening today, it will never happen. I would have stopped it long ago because who am I without Jesus Christ? If there is anyone to be celebrated, it should be Him.
“People say I am humble, but people need to know where I am coming from. I cannot say I have any ability or wisdom. Everything has been the Lord Himself. When I was about 40 and I saw grey hairs on my head, I wondered why and God said I was carrying a burden that was not mine.
“God said, ‘I am just using you as camouflage. People need to see someone. So, I am putting you forward so that I can do the work from behind.’ So, everything that is happening in RCCG, nothing is of Adeboye at all; it is all about God. So, for you to say you are writing a book about somebody that is nothing, someone who has almost zero beginning, from a poor family and passed through secondary school by God’s grace. For God to allow today to happen without telling me, it can only be that He wants to draw your attention to Himself that if you allow Him, He will do great things, using you as camouflage.”
Adeboye said it was a miracle he was at the occasion as he had slept one hour a night during the seven-day convention of the church which ended on Sunday.
While appreciating people who wished he lived long, he said he would die when his assignment was over.
“All those who prayed for me to be 80, I said amen. Those who said 90, I said amen to them, but those who said I would be 100, I did not answer them. Then someone said I would live to 120 and I said what would God say I did wrong to keep me for another 50 years? I will go as soon as I finish my assignment,” he added.
The cleric lauded his wife for always standing by him, saying she was the greatest gift he had aside from the Holy Spirit.
While recounting a year when they both fasted for 40 days three times over an issue, Adeboye said his wife refused to back out when he asked her to stop.
“If you can find a woman that can stand by you with 40 days of prayer and fasting, first, second, third time and willing to go with you as long as possible, then I will classify your wife as second to mine. Without my wife, I cannot be doing what I am doing today,” he said.
The cleric later presented his four children to the gathering, describing them as God’s gifts to his family.
Earlier, former President Obasanjo had narrated how he consulted Adeboye before accepting to run for President in 1999.
He said after meeting Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu in South Africa, who encouraged him to go ahead, he sought counsel from Adeboye.
He said, “For doing nothing, I was sent to prison. I came out of prison, and some people came running after me to contest to be President of Nigeria. I wondered that the one I did before, what did I get out of it? Prison! And now, you want me to do another one, that will be double prison.
“And when you are at crossroads, you need the direction of God to know which way to follow. I prayed and fasted and wasn’t satisfied. I decided to go to South Africa to meet people I had high regard for: Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. Mandela said I should follow my instinct. Tutu said I should not be tired of serving my people.
“I came back home to see pastor. And I told my story. We prayed and he said you can go, when God tells me what I should tell you, I will call for you. I was surprised that Mandela and Tutu gave me answers on the spot, but he said I should go. When will God tell him?
“A couple of weeks or thereabouts, I was sent for and he said God had said I should go ahead. If there was any doubt in my mind, all were gone.
“I picked my Bible to read while returning home and it was the Book of Esther that I opened. I saw where Esther was told that maybe it is because of this that God has brought you here.”
 Obasanjo, who noted that politicians were supposed to influence the lives of the masses positively, said Pastor Adeboye had done more than politicians in this regard.
He said, “As politicians, we are supposed to touch lives, but, for Pastor Adeboye, he has touched more lives than politicians. He has been a man of God with a difference, whom I benefited from personally when I was consulting to contest the 1999 election.”
He added that it was the wife of the General Overseer that invited him, without the knowledge of the husband, asking that Adeboye should forgive them for this.
Obasanjo said, “I was told not to reveal my coming here by Mummy (Adeboye’s wife). How can I come to you without calling you? But, that was the instruction. Until I am in this hall, I never see anything about this programme. That means we have committed sins by keeping this secret from you and we seek for forgiveness from you and I am sure we have been forgiven.
“While I was in prison, Abacha had said three of us–myself, Shehu Yar’Adua, MKO Abiola, none of us will come out alive. Two of them did not come out of prison alive, but I came out. Not because I was clever, good and upright. It was all because of the grace of God. Sir, I thank you for helping me to make the right decision at that crucial time of my life. He, who does not respect this man, does not respect God.”
The Acting President, Osinbajo, who was Adeboye’s protocol officer, said he accepted to run as the Vice-President after the cleric asked him not to reject the nomination.
Osinbajo, who also defended Adeboye’s use of private jet because the RCCG was in more than 180 countries of the world, second to Coca-Cola with branches in 200 countries, cited three different instances when the pastor influenced his life positively.
He said his passport had been stolen in South Africa for about three months when Adeboye prayed for him and the thief returned it when he had lost all hope.
 The Acting President said about a month later, his second daughter, who was ill and at the point of death was healed after a prayer by the cleric.
“Of course, many know that I am not a politician and I was not a politician when I was nominated to be the vice-president. What I told those who approached me was that I would speak with two people-my wife and daddy (Adeboye). People around me said he would say no. I was also quite certain that he would say ‘Don’t bother or let us just think about it’. But I was surprised when he told me that if I was nominated, I must accept it. He was categorical about it,” he added.

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Ladies Who Don’t Want Sex Should Stay Off Romantic Affairs 

A couple in a relationship

First, I am not using this post to say that ladies who desire a no-sex relationship are wrong or are committing a crime. Everyone has the right to decide what idea they feel is right for them or not. Morally and spiritually speaking, any girl who feels that she doesn’t want to have sex till she’s married has not committed a crime; it’s not out of place. The foundation on which this idea is mostly built on by many young women is where the problem lies. 
Romantic affairs are nothing but romantic affairs! They involve romance and I believe everyone reading this post knows what romance is. What romance is, is what romantic relationships entail. Let it not be as if we are still in primary school, learning life basics. 
Romantic relationships are not just for kneeling down to pray together, playing ten-ten, ludo, kalokalo or suwe. It involves things that are done behind closed doors. If a girl doesn’t want sex in a relationship, she should ask herself first what type of relationship she’s into. If it’s not a platonic or brother/sister relationship, then she better stay off romantic affairs until she’s ready to marry!!! 
You own your body as a girl but don’t try to turn a full grown sexually active man to a celibate or eunuch because that is what you desire in a ROMANTIC AFFAIR! If he wants sex and you don’t, kindly tell him your principle and move on. As a young woman, you don’t need to cry while trying hard to convince him that he should not ‘touch’ you. If he doesn’t ‘touch’ you, who will he touch? Won’t he touch somebody outside? Will that not make rubbish of your relationship?
Young ladies who don’t want sex in romantic affairs should stay off or look for a celibate who can dance to their tune. After all, most girls have made it a culture not to give anything else in a relationship other than sex. Being that the average African man gives virtually everything, his time, resources, energy including his soul in relationships, what do you, as young women expect him to gain when most of you cannot offer anything other than sex? He won’t take that gladly knowing fully well that you are trying to withhold the only thing he knows he can gain from you! If I meet a girl who says she wants a no-sex affair, I should be able to see tangible things I can gain from the relationship. Being a demanding girl in a no-sex affair should be a suicide attempt in relationship.
I might not be too kind with idealism; romantic affairs involve SEX! Even if you go to Madagascar, Norway, Bolivia or Czech Republic, it’s the same thing. If you cannot withstand the hotness of the kitchen, stay off the kitchen!


I Don’t Know Who Is Paying For Buhari’s Treatment – Adesina

Pres. Buhari (l)Femi Adeshina (r)

Two days after paying a visit to President Muhammadu Buhari in London, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina, has said he does not know who is paying for the President’s treatment.
Mr Adesina said this on Monday when he made an appearance on Channels Television’s Politics Today, during which he shared his thoughts and feelings about meeting his boss for the first time in more than three months.
“I do not know who is paying (for his treatment), but as a President, he has a right to be treated by the country,” he said when asked who was footing the President’s bill.
He added that even though he doesn’t know for sure, the country was most likely paying for his treatment.
Mr Adesina and members of the President’s media team along with the Special Adviser on the Diaspora, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, had visited their boss in London on Saturday.
Photos and a video footage from the visit, which went viral have not ended the controversy over the President’s long absence with some people insisting that many questions are still unanswered about his health status and his ability to assume his duties.
While the President’s spokesman was unsure of his return date, he said the President was “like his old self”.
“The President I saw was sharp, he was smart, he was lucid. The President I saw was like his old self, almost completely mended. But then, like we said in the statement we issued which is what he said to us in the first place, he would come when his doctors say it’s time to go,” he said.

Asked if he felt the President appeared fit enough to travel back to Nigeria, Adesina said, “If you know the President, at the peak of his performance – when he first assumed the Presidency and we went to different parts of the world, you will know that he is a man of tremendous energy and tremendous ability.
“If a man was ill and he has mended, that means he is restored. He can do what he used to do and possibly even more.”
Some have said that since the President is strong enough to receive visitors, his doctors should follow him back to Nigeria and monitor his progress, but Adesina disagrees.
He said those wondering why the President’s doctors haven’t done that are only expressing their opinion.
“Their opinions do not necessarily translate to the gospel truth. It’s just an opinion,” he said.
One other aspect of the President’s medical vacation that has generated controversy is the decision to keep the Presidential Aircraft, NAF 001, in London since May 7 when the President flew there.
The controversy had emanated from the realisation that taxpayers’ funds will be spent on parking fees.
The Presidency had in a statement late June defended the move, saying the country was expected to get a discount on the payments.
Adesina, who confirmed that the aircraft was still in London, maintained the same position on Monday.
“That is still the position. When the President of a country is away, his plane should be there,” he said, adding that he didn’t know how much the country is paying as parking fees.
Concerning the national convention held by the Peoples Democratic Party and its boast that it would displace the ruling All Progressives Congress in 2019, Adesina said the President was not bothered.
He said, “When the PDP was at its strength, they were defeated; they were given a bloody nose at the polls, not to talk of when they are holding the shorter end of the stick. So, it should not bother anybody.”
He also dismissed talks about low ratings for the APC, saying, “Ratings change; it can be low today and, tomorrow, it can go up. So, it is not something that should worry anybody. All I know is that this government is on course and before the mandate terminates in 2019, the rating will be very high.”