My Fiance Just Left Me Due To Genotype Issues

I just lost my relationship due to genotype issues..he is AS and I’m AS.

We knew about our genotype incompatibility from the very first day..we were cool with it or so i thought.

We were together for a year and some months before we switched to long distance relationship because of his job. I’m a medical student, he is a doctor, so we both knew what it meant.

I was cool with it cos the signs were there that God put us together..everybody knows it, his parents, my parents..we ourselves knew it that our paths were ordained by God..

Then suddenly, from nowhere, he comes up with dangers of having sickler kids, the diseases they face, their pain and all.

he suddenly stopped talking about the fact that we may be lucky not to have any of our kids as sicklers, or medical methods we could use like IVF and all..

our parents are both aware of the genotype issues mine are very okay with it. He said he’s not sure his parents are okay with it and yet they call me EVERYDAY to assure me nothing will go wrong and to cheer me up and all.

i questioned him cos it made me feel he was looking for an opportunity to leave..and he didnt give me any reply, just stopped talking to me.
Our introduction was slated for next year, he is my first love, I’ve been so loyal and i pray for him..

I feel so used and instincts tell me something is wrong..I’m back to square 1,

where would i start from?

He was my best friend, my everything..

now, it’s just me.

It hurts you know


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